Chief Elder Osiris : The Negro And The Black Nationalist

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    The Negro And The Black Nationalist

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    The Negro and the Black Nationalist, the two Mental Extreme coming from the same Body but occupy different poles of the Mind.

    Therefore, one is as different from the other than Night and Day, not necessary having the same meaningful purpose to the Life of the Black Body, because Day is a willing subordinate to Night whereas the Negro is a made to be enemy to the Black Nationalist and the two have never been a quantum Positive Negative with the other, because in actuality, the positive and Negative is a function in Harmony, coming from the same energy.

    So, the two compliment the other and does not compromise with the other when Divine Truth and Reality reside to be the order of the Balance, in the scale of Divine Knowledge.

    The Negro:

    Here you have a Mind occupying a Body that did not come with the body originally, so there is no way that the Negro can have the same view of Life as a True Black Nationalist does.

    The Negro Mind is calibrated to believe, and Lucifer is its creation, so when the Negro speak, it is Lucifer speaking through the body using his/her Mind to define and look at everything the Negro believe.

    Because, it is Divine Knowledge that reside only in the original Mind of the Black Body Life, whose precepts and concepts display an example of a Black Nationalist, something the Negro can not understand, because the Negro operate under the Mind that produce Belief and not Knowing.

    The Negro carry the Mind of compromise and a compromising Mind is set in the mold of belief, and belief is made up of the ingredients of want, faith, hope, the principles of Compromise, and a compromising mind is of and in the institution of religion, and religion have you to look and not see those things that are essential to living a Divine Life.

    All Religion Is Of Lucifer The human Being Devil, Satan.

    The Negro is incapable of defining the Black Nationalist, the Negro look and the Black Nationalist See, and a seeing eye travel far more distance than a looking eye.

    The looking eye is superficial while the seeing eye is beneficial to depth penetration of all that is below the surface of life activity.

    The Negro has been made to look at and want what is not Divinely Real and has a superficial perception of life and can only view things that are on the surface of life when the Black Nationalist see it all, that is pertaining to life.

    The Negro use of terms that is only designed by Lucifer, he who describes the activity of others, in the action of life, thereby living a life that is based upon believing assumption, and never the knowing facts about life.

    The Negro has been mentally conditioned to believe that the world is the Divine Essence (GOD) creation and it is the world that fractionalize life activity, and assign terms of confusion to life action, terms of conservative and liberal, moderate and extremely conservative and liberal, all being a method used by Lucifer Mind to confuse and mislead you to believe that such is all life is about, in the process of living.

    All such terms are supported by the institution of Religion, where they were conceived and brought to birth in the profane Mind of Lucifer the Human Being.

    So, the Negro is without the knowledge required to reclaim the Divine Mind that has been taken away from the Black Body Life, and have been replaced with Lucifer profane Mind.

    So, the Negro look through the lens of Lucifer and not our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, and the picture of life the Negro looks at, is one of Fantasy illusions, the element that is based upon Want and not Need.

    So, it is the Negro Religion that have the Negro believing that all evil is to be forgiven and that there can coexist in peace, Evil and Divinity, because the Negro is not qualified to know the difference in the origin of the two.

    Therefore, not being able to draw a distinction between the two poles that reside in the process of the Mind activity, one is profane and the other is Divine, and the twain can not reside together Divinely, the negro rely on what ever is told by Lucifer the Human Being and treat it as if the gospel is a Truth worthy of worshiping.

    So, take all thought about what the Negro tell you about life and you will be able to know that which is Divinely True and Real, and that which is profanely a lie, with the intention to deceive, and with such Divine knowledge, lies can not impress you, nor can they be an influence upon you, having you to make choices about life, that is not of your choice and thought.

    The Negro will have you to believe that Black folks life is to be compromise when the goal is not Freedom, and the Negro goal is toleration and submission, following a profane path in life that has been designed by Lucifer the Human Being.

    So, Integrated Assimilation is the Negro goal for the Negro life, and America is all that the Negro can identify with, and is profanely spiritually connected to America, and not Afrika.

    So all of the Negro advice to you, will be about how Black people must be willing to reconcile and compromise the Life of the Black Body, so that all can appear to be well with the Black Body life in the environment of Lucifer domain, a world society that is based upon belief and not knowing.

    The Negro will have you to believe that your Black Body life can live under the same life roof with your oppressors and with your oppressors remaining in charge of the house you live in, how insane can that be, after Black people have been taught by the Master Teacher, which is Experience, and it teach us, it is not meant to be.

    Because the History of Lucifer is that of Evil and not Divinity, and Divinity and Evil does not mix Divinely, the magnetic fields are different in frequency.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So no, Hell no, Community Development, Assimilation, Reconciliation, Affirmative Action by America in America for Black people, flawed education, hand me down religion, Freedom, Peace, and Justice for Black People in America, all is an illusion based upon the want of the Negro, and all Wants are not in Harmony with what the Black Body Life Divinely Need, which is to be Free and Joyful in Life.

    The Black Nationalist:

    The Black Nationalist, a term that is Divinely explainable because it is all about the control of Land upon which the Black Body Life is to reside, anything less is a compromising lie to Black People.

    The True Black Nationalist does not deal in term of conservative and Liberal, the only term that ring Divinely True in the Ears of the Black Nationalist is Freedom in Afrika, for Afrika, and for the Black so call Afrikan, and such a goal is not to be compromised, reconcile, only to be verified, in Afrika, by the work of your Divine Mind and physical action.

    The Black Nationalist is all about Divine Creative Thinking, Land use and control, having the authority to govern the Life of the Black so call Afrikan in Afrika, independently, Free, and Sovereign, anything less is a Negro want to be Submissive, so that the Negro can and want to remain in the grips of Lucifer the Human Being, in America or every where else we are suffering, as if we never had the Divine Best things for our Black Body Life, in Afrika.

    The Black Nationalist, from Menes, to Ikhnaton, to Garvey, they all knew the Divinity of Black Nationalism, and there is no Negro qualified to define the Divine Black Nationalist, looking through Wanting believing eyes.

    The Black Nationalist submit only to the Master Teacher, it being Experience, and the Master Teacher has taught us that Afrika is for the Afrikan and there is a need for the Black so call Afrikan to be reunited again.

    Yes, reunited, because the Black Body Life came to this planet a United Black Divine Being and not a Lucifer Human Being, which is what all Negroes are today.

    So, it is the Black Nationalist that is qualified to define the Negro, because experience verifies the Negro identity and they are well known in the alley of total submission to the institution of Lucifer Believing and Wanting Religion, all has an acquaintance with evil, concerning the Black body life, and it is the Black Nationalist that only submit to Experience, the Master Teacher of us all, but a student all is not, to experience.

    The Black Nationalist is not of a compromising, forgiving, and reconciling Mind, when freedom for Afrika and the Black Body Life is the goal of the Black Nationalist.

    There is nothing conservative or liberal to the Black Nationalist action, when in pursuit of Freedom for Afrika, and Unity for the Black Nation.

    Land reclaimed and land regained control of, and unity and freedom for the Black Body Life, now in captivity, with a lost of the Divine Mind, all fall under the commitment to freedom

    So,for a Black Nation who has been made to compromise their land and life Mind away, now only defiance and uncompromising determination must be the symbol of the Black Nationalist, Garvey Style.

    The Black Nationalist must rise again to represent to be the seed of courage in the presence of Black People.

    So Lucifer can see the budding of a New Black Nationalist Nation, such a view will remind Lucifer of the power that reside in a United Black so call Afrikan people, whose goal is Black Nationalist Freedom, meaning Afrika and Black Afrikan People.

    The Arrogance of a Negro attempting to define Black Nationalism, it is liken to Religion attempting to Define the Divine Essence, (GOD) such a qualification is not of the Mind of the Negro.

    Afrika on Earth is our Home, and Afrika we must return, if the Black so call Afrikan is to ever experience the mysteries of the Metaphysical Dimension, as it coincide with the Divine Mind of the True Black Nationalist.

    The one thing I will agree to and that is, there are only a few True Black Nationalist left that is of a Honorable Marcus Garvey style Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist, meaning, Afrika the Land, and Unity of the Black so call Afrikan, to be enjoyed in Afrika, without compromise.

    When The Student Is Ready, The Master Teacher Will Appear, And There Will Be A Coming Together To Plan Afrika And Black So Call Afrikan Freedom.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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    Removing LIES And Spreading The Truth
    Nice write up brother.....

    To me the so-called "Negroe" in the 21st Century is an embodiment of the historical day overseer type house slave created by the slave master, who deep down KNEW he wasn't free, but on the surface felt it was due to the "crumbs" of power and allotments the slave master laid out in order for the "NEGROE" to control the "Field Slave(Black Nationalist) of today.

    The Black Nationalist is the brother and sister that is in the same hostage situation as the "NEGROE", yet KNOWS, and SEEKS to gain TOTAL independence from the slave master and its system, not assimilatory passive re-enslavement.

    And on that note i'll end in saying that that is exactly what happened during the 60's, where re-enslavement virtually was re-enacted in more modern ways than one.
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    "The Black Nationalist submit only to the Master Teacher, it being Experience, and the Master Teacher has taught us that Afrika is for the Afrikan and there is a need for the Black so called Afrikan to be reunited again."

    Chief Elder Osiris = Fire.


    - Ikoro