Black Spirituality Religion : The Negative Impact of Cursing

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    Courtesy of Olokuntogun Ifasehun:

    I can't say that I don't curse. Maybe a foul word or two every couple of days. They usually come while I am driving, and YOU have just cut me off, or "made me" miss a light. lol more often than not, it becomes a part of the arsenal I use in conveying social injustice or my frustration with social injustice.

    But I have always know the greater truth- curse words birth, cultivate and perpetuate negative energy. Even casual use.

    What's the golden rule? Nothing is destroyed, it simply changes forms. This is what guides our understanding of Ancestorship. No one goes away, they just change form. Well, the same goes for words, both verbal or mentally projected. Those words add to the existing climate of things for better or worse.

    As spiritualists, and more importantly as traditionalists, we should be cognizant and respectful for the power of word. We should not make excuses or prestend that the power of words begins or ends at some moment that is convenient for us. All our words matter. Every last one. All our words affect change. Every last one.

    Some words are more obviously sacred than others. They contain key sounds and have been borne specifically to work above and beyond what other words do. These words find their way into prayers, incantations, ritual space and secret conversations. Some of these words will never be heard by the masses. Yes, there are words that no matter who you are, you will not gain access to them. They are that powerful, that their caretakers pass them on to a limited group of people in their cultural group each generation.

    No matter what grade of "sacred word" you have access to, you benefit from the energy or vibrational content of not only uttering that word, but also all the energy cultivated by former users before you. Words literally collect and grow in power over time.

    But mundane social language has power too. Words like "wow" and "sh*t" have vibrational energy that is the result of all their prior uses by their prior users. When we say them, we INVOKE the energy of those prior occurrences into our life, and into our present. We invite them into our space.

    For those of you that study some form of "aura" based spiritual science you are aware that everything emits energy and that energy can be catalogued by the color associated with it. we know as rational spiritualists that "wow" and "sh*t" do not, could not, would not and can not emit the same aura, cultivate the same energy, invoke the same spiritual vibration as one another. Using common sense, we can assume that curse words can only bring negative energy into the world, as they are not true exclamations of joy, happiness or peace. They are sarcastic, antagonistic, depressing, enraging, offensive, ambivalent and cynical. They are at their core words that represent everything that we don't like about ourselves and life in general. They are anti-thesis to the spiritual philosophy of Iwa-Pele and any other indigenous view of spiritual progress.

    A curse word is not uttered in spiritual communion, it is uttered aa a sign of disconnect from Self, Community, life and or/spirit. While these words express frustrations, they do ont help us solve those frustrations. In fact, I am sure spiritual evidence would show that they make the spiritual climate worst.

    It is for these reasons, that we should do more than just be selective in when and how we use curse words, but we should be determined to wipe them from our mouths and psyche.

    After all, every curse word you ever uttered is out there in the world, seeking and strengthening itself with like energy. It will not dissipate, it will not be destroyed, it will only change form. It will exist until you retract it or transform it. In light of the sheer difficulty of such a task, perhaps the best we can ask is that we just won't invoke any more negative vibrations through cursing in the future.

    Perhaps the roots of cursing has already been uncovered. I am always reminded of the smug debutante what would relay to all the other kids what she learned in etiquette class. "People that curse are people with trouble expressing themselves". But maybe she was on point with her observation. I have never finish an Orisa ritual and felt like cursing afterwards. I don't get up from a meditation session with a curse word on my tongue. When fully engaged and connected to Spirit, I choose not only less offensive words to express myself, I do so with great ease. So what's this mean? As spiritualist, and more importantly as traditionalist, each of us should be finding a way to bring our spiritual space into the other aspects of our lives. We should be seeing every aspect of our life, whether it be ou time behind the steering wheel, or at the job, or on the softball diamond at the family reunion as a spiritual experience, and routinely breathing, praying and invoking the right energy into our lives. Maybe when we do this, we naturally turn away from language that can only serve to contribute all of the counter-productive enery and reality created by people
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    This is wisdom brother Sekhemu and I KNOW I needed to read it.

    Thank you for posting this.

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    Appreciated the read. Must strive to keep myself like the sun at Midday.
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    the negative impact...

    excellent post,i try not to curse also but being human and weak i fail sometimes as alot of us do,so what i try to do is find a word to use instead,sometime it works sometimes it doesn't.
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    You're so very right. I still cuss here and there, especially when I get excited, or irritated. At my level of development I really should know better. I will give this much thought. Thank you for this brother. Peace.

    Love Unknown
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    Brother Blackbird,

    Do you have any further thoughts on this? The only thing I can say about cursing is that people underestimate the power of spiritual baths in minimising the effects of curses. Especially those which have been mentally projected by other people unbeknown to you.