Chief Elder Osiris : The Need For The Resurgence Of Black Separatism!!!

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    The Need For The Resurgence Of Black Separatism!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep on Sharing The Divine Truth, Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You!!!

    Everything to date, that is the new wave of the Black Life, which is Integrated Assimilation, has failed the Black World, and no sane Divine Thinking Black member of the Black world, should not attempt to Divine Intelligently, deny that fact.

    I do not expect the young Black members of the Black world to be able to know, understand, and embrace this fact I am sharing, which is about what our current need is today, because our young people serve to be the evidence of that which I am sharing with you here, is the undeniable Divine Truth, concerning what our need is today, if the Black Nation is to ever be reunited, and if Afrika is to ever be for the Afrikans again.

    Note, when I share about our need to be in pursuit of Black Separatism, and not white Assimilation, and by making reference to the present state of the Black Nation Divide, and of Afrika Divide, I use the term again, when referring to where we as Black people and Afrika need to be, I use again, which imply, that where we are now today as a Black Nation, and Afrika as a land of ours, again as I use it here, imply that the way the Black Nation now function and the way Afrika is now treated, is not the way Afrika and the Black Nation was in the past.

    It is our past, which verify the experience of Afrika and the Black Nation functioning as one united relationship to each other, there being no confusion of what the two was to each other.

    Not today, Afrika no longer today has a Divine relationship with the Black Afrikan Nation and the Black Afrikan Nation is today divided and is without a Spiritual connection to Afrika, all from the action of Integration Assimilation, the evil that destroyed such a Divine relationship between Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Only the call for Black Separatism has been able to generate a lively response from Black people in America, The Honorable Marcus Garvey became the litmus Test for the Doctrine of Black Separatist Nationalism, the call for Afrika to return to be only for the Afrikans, and for the Black Nation to become reunited again, and the only way such a Divine Union is to take place between Afrika and the Black Nation, is through the act to implement the dynamic of Black Separatism.

    Now I know there are some 21st Black unhyphenated Afrikan Americans, they who will go pissing in their pants over the belief of it being possible for the call for Black Separatism, is capable of catching fire in the Mind of Black people again.

    Because, Black separatism will serve as the drowning out of the fire of integrated multiculturalism assimilation activity, which if is no longer the assigned goal by white people for Black people, then the Black Afrikan unhyphenated American will become obsolete to White Luciferian Authority, and will be looked upon as being insignificance to the cause of Lucifer effort to dominate and control Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, and will become expendable to Lucifer the Human Being, as well as to the Black Nationalist Separatist.

    The Call For Black Separatism In this so call 21st century would be to serve as a warrior ally to the Demand for the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Afrikan Reparation and Separation, one is synonymous to the other, that is if Freedom for Afrika and the Unification of the Black Nation is ever to become a Divine Reality in the experience of such a cohabitation between two entities relationship, which is imperative if Freedom in its Divine majesty, is to ever be resurrected for the sake of the two, Afrika and the Black Nation, divided they have been made to be today.

    No, No beloved, Segregation and Separation is not the same, the two set to be in position on two different pole of the Social economic Nationalist spectrum of the Black White Body life, Segregation being an enforcement by unjust law, Separation being by choice, and the call for Separatism is Divine, while the call for integrated Assimilation is profane, bordering on being down right evil.

    Because you must be able to see, the intent of Lucifer Social engineers are to bring about a brand new ethnic group that only serve to be an insult to the original identity phenotype form, given to you by the producer of us all, the Divine Essence.

    So form and Race of the body, is Divine, when in its natural appearance.

    It is the Mind that is developed in the body form, which verify the character spirit of that body form, and today, the Master Teacher of us all, which is experience, verify to us that it is integration assimilation that is the evil that is working against the Black Nation and Afrika, today.

    It is that evil that move under the edits of profanity and not Divinity, evil ordering for the disorder of Race relationship between Black and white, by socializing the action of Racial integrated assimilation and having Black people to believe that it is a social norm and is ordain by white people religious God.

    Such social manuvering being the disorder created by Lucifer the Human Being, a Mind-Set that has no Divine Relationship to the Divine Black Being and is determine to forever assume the Black world status which we once were respected, which was for such a display of our Divine Mind.

    It is you who has been transformed to become a Lucifer Human Being, and a Luciferian Human Being, operate under a profane and evil Mind.

    Evil is a character personality spirit of the Black Human Being today, operating in pursuit of, not Black separation, Reparation and Divinity, but is in pursuit now, for Black assimilation with the white mentality of Lucifer.

    Lucifer has created for the white world a prejudice of the white world toward Black people that is unjustifiable, so that they may impose such a self inferior Mind-Set upon Black people, using Lucifer Doctrine of Religion.

    So yes beloved, if we as Black people, Divine by Nature design, is to ever recapture our Divine Mind, that which produce within us a character that is a personality displaying a Divine Spirit, then there must be a resurgence for the call of Black Separation.

    Black separatism is the call that brought down the visible curtain of Racial Segregation in America.

    Such is what caused white authority to introduce to you the social acceptance of integration, which served as the prelude to begin your Racial Demise, Assimilation.

    America being the trend setter of social interaction for the European World, Jewish people being the author of it all, that which minimize the character personality spirit of Black people, through the action of Integrated Assimilation.

    Such a Divine Truth is as experience has taught us, and the Time is now for us to show Divine Respect to our Master Teacher regarding the Black Life experience, it revealing the cause and effect that has Afrika as is today and the Black Nation now a confused integrating assimilating divided people, today.

    Reparation and Separation must become the code of arm for Black People in America by way of the middle passage journey, such serve as the avenue we must travel if freedom and self respect is our aim and goal for our Black life.

    Only The Divine Matured Black Minds know exactly the Divine meaning and purpose of this which I share with you today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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