Chief Elder Osiris : The Need For Serious Black Afrikan Unity

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    The Need For Serious Black Afrikan Unity

    Hoteph Beloved:

    Beloved, tell me, whose unity is sought after by Black people here in America, how can there be a comprehensive effort at unity when there is no conscious Black power and Pan Afrikan Garvey advocates and Reparations advocates involved in any so cal Unity conference gathering that has a Garvey appeal ?

    We Afrikan Americans love to hand pick ourselves to be the one to speak in Black People behalf and nothing productive ever come from such familiar face conference organizers, whose reputation precede them, they who have established a paradigm of being full of useless talk that does not ever produce concrete result that will benefit the Black Afrikan Nation.

    The same faces of lies and deceit, always, year in and year out, forming ourselves into conference organizer, using heading for the conference that contradict the demeanor of the organizers, tell me, how in Hell can a religious mind be serious about Black Afrikan Unity, how in Hell can Racial compromise ( assimilationist ) be serious about unifying the Black Afrikan Nation, how in Hell can political correct Black advocates be serious about unifying Black Afrikan People, how in Hell can Black Afrikan capitalist be serious about seeing a UNIFIED AFRIKA AND BLACK AFRIKAN NATION, HOW IN HELL CAN BLACK COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS CLAIMING THAT RACE DOES NOT MATTER BE SERIOUS ABOUT UNIFYING THE RACE OF BLACK PEOPLE?

    Beloved, whenever the talk of Black Afrikan Unity is claimed to be the purpose for Black people gathering and you do not see the staunch uncompromising Black Power Pan Afrikan Garvey style advocates for Black Afrikan Unity in the mix of such organizing effort, then know that such a claim about Black Unity is founded lacking and wanted for the lack of seriousness needed to embrace such a Divine undertaking

    Tell me, what can come from a conference acting under the heading of Black Unity, calling for all of your various and divided Religious advocates, those having political different objective and community leaders who are afraid to even mention Reparation around white folks, tell me, when will Black people put a stop against this hypocrisy and dishonesty in the name and abusive life style of the Black Afrikan?

    When will any conference using the heading of Black Power, Black Unity, and Pan Afrikanism, become a conference that really be about discussing what is needed in order to bring about Black Afrika and Afrikan Unity, with it being obvious that the Garvey Black Power Pan Afrikan advocates are no where to be founded in assisting in organizing a Black Unity conference?

    Tell me, whose Black Unity is being discussed at such a conference where there is a cross section of different religious advocates presence and is in charge of deciding the agenda and there being Black American Patriots advocating community reconstruction instead of Afrika construction, calling for Race assimilation instead of Race identification.

    Beloved, as long as Black People continue to justify mocking Black Liberation instead of verifying Black Freedom, and you have those same Black People misleading you into believing that you Black People can experience Black Unity and Liberation in America by reconstructing the Black Community and by establishing a false economic foundation here in America, telling you that America is just as much your Home as it is to anybody else who are in America differently that the way that you Black Descendant of our Enslaved Ancestors came to America and you tell me that Black people are to take it that the people advocating Black Afrikan Unity for the sake of remaining in America, that such advocates can be trusted to be your leaders with a Liberating interest that is in behalf of Black Afrikan People in the general sense of the claim of Black Afrikan Unity?

    Come on beloved, when are we going to ever stop public profiling around the greatest need of Black Afrikan People, which is Divine Black Afrika and Afrikan Unity, absent of philosophy that help sustain the Division of the Black Afrikan People.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan afrikan Inter'National Movement
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