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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, I Am Going To Stay Upon You Concerning Our Need Of A Black Spiritual Retreat, Until Your Enlightenment Come, Concerning This Need And Why !!!

    If You are Grounded In Religion, Then I know Why You Are Oppose But If You Are Black Nationalist Proud Of Living In Black, Then Prove It By Knowing Why This Gathering Would Be Self Enlightening To You Black People.

    Because I share with you what I have been given to See to be the Need of Black People, does not almost mean by you rejecting your Life raft, it will cause me to sink into the sea of ignorance as well, in other word, because you might have problem with Chief Elder Osiris Teachings, you end up in effort to spite me, in such an effort you be spiting your selves, choosing a Mind that cause you to choose ignorance over Knowing, simple because I have come and now share unshakable evidence that all of us Black Folks have been made a Fool of, in this evil world and the institution used to convert us Black Folks to become a Fool, is the oppressors Religion and because I have been given the Knowledge to condemn all Religions, you Black Folks now attempt to retaliate by indicating to me that you choose to remain ignorant about whom you are.

    Beloved, when I make mention of our need for a Black Spiritual Retreat, in translation it mean that it is Time for us to gather and Divinely explore our Mind, meaning the way we have been made to believe about everything that affect our Lives.

    So not until that happen, we will not be able to correct our Mind present condition, and as long as the Black Human Being Mind, remain the guide of your Black body, it does not matter how many conferences you attend or what type of plans you present to be the answer to our problem, none will ever be suffice, not until we Black people opt to take care of what come first in our Lives, which is our Mind.

    Such as that beloved, is a Fact of Life that is not even up for debate and anybody who attempt to do so, only verify the fool we Black Folks have been made to be.

    Black People ! the participation in a Divine Black spiritual Retreat serve to be your Life Line to your Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors, have you not learned that the people you Black folks now have all of your Trust in, they have now discovered what you Divine Black Beings long since Knew, which is, that the way the Body is Formed and is made up of, which is Millions of Cells, that the Core of your Being, meaning what you have been religiously taught to be the Soul and it being a Central aspect of the Body Life, meaning that is what cause your Life to be, and is what keep it in Motion, which is no more than an Electric Divine Current, over which uncountable information flow, to create within your body life, what you refer to as your Mind, and the Mind is what decipher, interpret the information, flowing from your soul to its Mind for interpretation.

    So Beloved, does it not stand to reason that the most important aspect of Life, is your Soul - Mind, and everything about the way you are to act and behave is depended upon the Quality of your Life Mind, which is interconnected to every Cell of your Life Body ?

    Do you not See where I am going with this Divine Information, yet I will not go any further at this Time, because I know that I am dealing mainly with a Religious body of Afrkans, made to be Human Beings, you that have been made to become Foolishly Religious.

    So, why do I share such information about Religion with you, well it is because it is the Weapon Lucifer used and now use to bring into submission unto them a Black World that once understood the Power of their Divinity, meaning that you once knew what it meant to have all of your thoughts calibrate to flow in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the Energy Flow that come from the action of the Universe, which get its Divine Reality from the Infinite Divine Essence of All Things.

    So yes Black People, you can when functioning on all current of your Soul - mind, you can communicate with your Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, Genetically, they that did live and act and behave Divinely upon this Planet and throughout the Universe from such a Galaxy they did arrive from, causing them to be the Soul of the gods, out of which your Black Behind did flow, and now I beseech you to behold a Black People who do not know whom we are any more, all because we have been made to be a fool for a Religion that is not of a Divine Revelation, getting you to believe in Lies, acts of deception and illusions, believing in a White Man call Jesus, they claiming him to be Born of a virgin Woman, and God is the Father of that Physical act, causing you Black People to believe that the Divine Essence has not the Power to be and act without the Dictate of Time.

    Here we are today, and at this moment, the Forces of Divine Time, our Ancient First Way Ancestors are showing us through the action of the Human Being, people with a History of abusing us, showing us that they the Human Being, a born confessed liar, they now determine who it is to be the physical standard bearer, leaders to act in behalf of Justice for Black people in this world.

    Here is a Confused Black Man running to be president, he being made to disavow who is to be his friend and leader, having his life decisions to be dictated by racist elements that has proved that they carry and display the Spirit of superiority over Black People, they are the people we now allow to pick and choose our Black Leaders and you have the audacity to flip your nose at such Divine advice to you, informing you that you Black People are in Need of a Mind over haul, and your reaction is of a people with a Foolish Mind, and you expect Divine Forces to intervene in your behalf while you adhere to those that have seared your Divine Mind, with the Human Being Mind, you expect our Divine Ancestors whom you ignore today, to hear your foolish cry, which is all about your Vain Wants and not for Liberation of our Divine Mind, not Knowing That We Are What We THINK !!!.

    Tell me black People, Why is Afrika under siege today ?

    Why is the Black World made to become Divided into Tribes of Murders Of Each Other, While Practicing Foolishness About Each Other ?

    Why is Individuality more appealing to you than Black Collectivism, when it come to the Spirit of Black People ?

    Yet, here you are, full of all of your Self Ignorance, not knowing who in the Hell you are, and you have the Gall to ignore that which Black Folks need, and it is all because someone you do not even know, yet has shown nothing but Love for your Black behind asking nothing from you but something for yourselves, and has come and now reveal to you information you have long forgotten, information that defy all that a Liar and deceiver who you now Trust and has been made to appear as they really are, right before you, Yes, the Europeans, Arabs, and so call Hebrews, they are the Liars and Deceivers that they are and by they being such, and has proved themselves to be so, such now require that you Black Folks dismiss everything they have placed in your artificial mind, and put back your Divine Mind, and begin to interact Divinely with your Soul and See The Fall Of An Evil World to Come Tumbling Down, such a sight can be Seen through The Divine Mind Eye, The Mind Of your Divine Ancient Black First Way Ancestors, Those You Have Been Made To Replace With A False God, By The Name Of Jesus, and All Other Sorts Of vain Symbols Of Illusion And Deception of which they represent.

    Beloved, why do you believe I am so emphatic in telling you of that you need to do concerning your Life Mind, and I use believe, because if we were Thinking people, you would be rushing to make such a Black Gathering a Divine Reality for your life.

    So yes, why do you believe I am staying on you about informing you of your need for a Spiritual Gathering, absent of Religious over tone, because beloved, it is our Mind that is in captivity and is in need of being Liberated, and I will stop at that.

    Yet My Love Remain Firm for a People I have Come To Know Again, You Black Could Become goddess and gods again.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]