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Mar 19, 2001
Some celebrated the day after the
third of the seventh month
by cooking bar be que, drinking
cold ones, and pledging ALLegience

Some forgot that in 1776
America celebrated by cooking
us under the hot *** sun
while we built this MONOPOLY
of a CONtry, skinny dipped many
of us in the cold Atlantic permanently,
and pledged to kill us if we
wanted to be FREE....just like
this CONtry

And some black folks still
celebrate the day after the third
of the seventh month...

this "helliday"

And some black folks still
pledge ALLiegience to that
"rag" that flows against the
grain of morality....and for
which it is SUPPOSED to stand

And some black folks are
happier than horses grazing
in the green pastures of
a glue factory...

And some kcalb folks are
just *** backwards...

And love to sellabrate

(c)2001 blakverb
Da Street So'ja

has so much respect for you brotha
it would be my pleasure having you by my side in the struggle

once again you lay the science
and i like it

Peace for Blakverb
ya heard


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