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Mar 4, 2008
The United States of America and the Masonic Order

In Search of the Messiah
In Alexandria, Virginia, stands the George Washington Masonic Memorial, which contains some of the historical regalia of the Masonic Order and of the Shriners and particularly commemorates the memory of George Washington who served as a Grand Master in the 22nd Lodge in Alexandria, Virginia.

"A Shriner learns about Islam, the history of Prophet Muhammad and studies the Holy Qur’an. There are many Masons or Moslem Sons who are members of the Congress and the Senate of the United States Government. There are at least 14 Presidents who have been acknowledged as Grand Masters. There are many others in high places who know and recognize the identity of Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Minister Louis Farrakhan and our legitimate claim and demand for a redress of our grievances and a dignified solution to the problems of the Black Nation in America.

"The Great Seal of the United States Government uses the image of a truncated pyramid with a missing capstone. In the open space above the pyramid there is placed the symbol of an eye radiating with rays of light. There are 13 course stones that lead up to the missing capstone over which is the All-Eye Seeing. Master Fard Muhammad made his appearance on the fourth of July, in the year 1930. July the fourth contains 13 letters. The resolution of the numbers in the date 1930 equals 13. He met with President Herbert Hoover, a name which contains 13 letters. The White House contains 13 letters. The Great Pyramid in Egypt lies on a base of 13 acres.

Understanding the five per-cent in today's modern world
This 85% is defined in the Nation of Islam’s little Book of Lessons as, "The uncivilized people; poison animal eaters; (hog or swine eaters), slaves from mental death and power; people who do not know the living God or their origin in this world, and they worship that they know not what-- who are easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction."

The 5% are known as civilized people. Also known as Muslim and Muslim Sons. Within this equation is to be added the 10% who are described as the rich; the slavemakers of the poor, who teach the poor lies-to believe that the Almighty, True and Living God is a spook and cannot be seen by the physical eye. Otherwise known as the blood-sucker of the poor.
Ancient Kemetic teachings....

The All-Eye-Seeing
Above this pyramid appears the All-Eye-Seeing in an open space. What does all of this symbolize and why does it appear on the paper currency we call money? Why do we see the image of the first elected President of the United States, George Washington on the reverse side of the Dollar Bill?

Why do we have opposite to the Great Seal the image of an Eagle with 13 stars, impressed with a center pattern of a six pointed star above the Eagle’s head parallel to the All-Eye-Seeing?

It is in the writings of Master Fard Muhammad and his teachings to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and to others that laid the Foundation of the Nation of Islam in America and established an approach and a dialogue that leads to diplomatic overtures to the United States Government and its people for which it stands. Thus the One Dollar Bill and the Five Dollar Bill exhibit two of this Government’s most significant Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. On each of these monetary units appears the words, In God We Trust. On each of these monetary bills appears another symbol displaying the balancing of the scales of Justice. Behind the Money and its use is factored in its Spiritual Meaning and its application to the works of Divine Truth and Justice. These factors have been denied to the majority of the American People’s Indigenous Population, particularly when it comes to the Black ex-slave population of America, kidnapped from Africa more than four centuries ago.


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