Chief Elder Osiris : The Nat Turner Rebellion

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Concerning the active reactionary, Nat Turner, the one Truth that can not be denied and that is his Ancestors was a part of the Africans who was injected into one of the most brutal institution, created by white Men and it is known as Chattel Slavery.

    To allow ourselves to be continue indoctrinated into thinking that Non Violent Social Change is natural is to forever remain in a Social degenerate State of mind, which is only good to secure our place as a people in bondage.

    Why should we allow those of us, be we Black or White, to pass a judgment on the quality of a Nat Turner, based on his action or reaction to a brutal institution such as Chattel Slavery.

    The perpetrators and beneficiaries of Chattel Slavery will indeed question the Moral imperative of a Nat Turner, as well as the Black assimilationist, but the fact is,a freedom fighter see and feel only one thing and that is freedom and any means necessary used to demonstrate that burning desire become an appropriate one.

    We have permitted the oppressors to draw their crippled Religion on us for to long and to try and analyze the action and motive of a Nat Turner, using either their Religion or their Blond Blue Eyed Woman or any criteria formulated along the line of History and not the Truth is only Elevating the Lie and Condemning the Truth about our Enslaved Ancestors and their immediate children during those immediate Times.

    For us to get an objective accounting of the behavior and action taken by Chattel Enslaves and their children during those evil and brutal Times, will require not western scholars, back by such institutions but require an independent African scholarly approach.

    When engaged in a war of Liberation, the rule of Law does not apply, only freedom for the oppressed, will justify such action.

    The Racist crippling Religion is not appropriate to use as a guide line for moral behavior in regard to Chattel Slavery, only the facts of Chattel Slavery will render a just and accurate accounting of that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery and the attitude and behavior it caused to be revealed in opposition to it.

    Nat Turner reacted to the Time, Place and Environment that served to treat him as an animal and his action was a reaction to the condition Chattel Slavery Spawned so well in order to capture the Heart and Spirit of a once great and godly people, the Black African I speak of.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth