Black People : The Narcissist as Sadist

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    Narcissism, Pathological Narcissism, The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the Narcissist, and Relationships with Abusive Narcissists and Psychopaths


    You mention three different types of victims of the narcissist. What things would cause a narcissist to victimise a significant other sadistically versus just discarding them when no longer useful?


    The narcissist simply discards people when he becomes convinced that they can no longer provide him with Narcissistic Supply. This conviction, subjective and emotionally charged, does not have to be grounded in reality. Suddenly – because of boredom, disagreement, disillusion, a fight, an act, inaction, or a mood – the narcissist wildly swings from idealisation to devaluation.

    The narcissist then detaches immediately. He needs all the energy he can muster to obtain new Sources of Narcissistic Supply and would rather not spend these scarce resources over what he regards as human refuse, the waste left after the extraction of Narcissistic Supply.

    A narcissist would tend to display the sadistic aspect of his personality in one of two cases:
    The Narcissist as Sadist