Black Poetry : The name is ALLAH, ADon, ELOHIM, JEHOVAH, JAH, EL, ELOAH, SHADDAI,


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.

Supreme ruler of the universe which is everything,
sun, moon, and stars (God) is the sun in the solar
system, woman is moon,
child is star. Knowledge is the foundation
of all in existence, for it must be "known"
in order to make it manifest. Knowledge is
the "light" given off by the SUN, which is the foundation
of the Solar system. The legacy of the black
man; Jesus the king and all and the sons of the son..

Cry not for my salvation, the
world has lived by there own rules,
and tribulation. I the father of all,
the creator of thy universe, thy words
of proclamation needs no validation from
those who I have created, thy children
of Satan cry not for my protection,
oh how thou lean on me with the troubles;
and tribulation, cursed the man who lives
through another mans eyes, Blinded by
the curse of satan, disobedience to thy rules,
proclamations, innocents no more, as the devil
rise within humanity, stands at thou door step.
In the fires, unity stands no more, death becomes
a challenge to the children of darkness, jealousy,
hate, murder, thy killed his brother.

Those who followed in righteousness’ a rose
by any other name still smells sweet. The
battleground of conformity, the treasons of the wicked
Army, the blasphemy in the name of the heavenly father;
The beast of angels who wear the muddy crown of waters;

Within the actions of the beast, hell who claims the souls of men.
Many sea’s cannot embrace love, oceans cannot
wash it away, oh what a bitter taste, to look at
through another mans eyes. The opposite
of knowledge is not listening of tomorrow, one without
loyalty to thy word, one without promises of tomorrow,
your freedom a mind cannot be separated. God hear
no more than the heart speaks.
The army of the devil controls the prisons of the land.

The conformity of evil is accepted, within the darkness
Of Satan plan, treasons of a people who turn there
Heads to the spoken words, treason by the people
Who break all the laws of God?
Killed, treason of the prophets who stood at the door
Of Satan plans, Judas who be trade Jesus and
The devil had lost; he then hanged his own self
Trader of the sons of sons.

Thy children blind within the obstacles
of there own destruction, I thy God,
of one thy children come not as creations,
but a defile smell of hell.
Wear not the cloth of thy holiness when
thou live through the eyes of satan, the
eye of the world, false prophets shall
not enter the holy grounds. Cry not for me,
cry for the master of your world,
I thy God has no openings in thy house,
for treason of those who cry thy name.

Beware the children of Satan, that thou will close
thy eyes, when thou call, cry not for your lost,
when you have killed my children, of faith an
still the treasures which I have ordained, I turn
my head to thee in shame, I the creator God,
shall not hear the cries of the lost.
The curse of the earth they shall be no peace.
The man and the son we live the same opposition
Of then and know, betrayal of self, denial of seeds,
Responsibilities, that only honor self.
The cycle has return.

It is not honor of a man to take a life,
for the notarization he is better than the next.
Through the history of legacies,
the division of a people,
and the hero is the marksman,
of a devise mind who has no loyalty of life.
To kill a hero who gives his honor to God,
as the devil claims his life,
and the serpent who pretends,
that the warriors of change,
shall be killed in honor of hypocrisies,
ideology of a man made devil.

A man with riches have the chance of entering
my kingdom, as a needle threaded with a camel
back, greed the seventh deadly sin, satan shall
not win. Oh thy God shall not turn his back to
man disgrace. The history shall not be disregarded,
God is God, and man is foul living within
a hypocorism of his own masquerading
as the source of disbelief.
The riches of an ebony king atheistic black man,
the original black genes is documented within
the secrete source of hidden stories, Kings of Kings.

I sit upon the heavens, as my sons sit before me,
I shall not blessed the wicked and the disgrace,
You have slain my sons of thy missions, they shall
return, cursed be the fourth generation, your seeds
shall find no peace, I sit upon the heavens, thy
tears flood the earth, cry not for me. I turned a deaf ear.

I the eye of the world, Satan have no claim
of those who follow in my way. There is no
bargaining with Satan, keep your eyes towards
the east. Love thy brother, your heart is judged
by the quantity of its love.

Holy City Of Mecca

Holy City of Mecca sacred upon thy solid grounds.
Soft and delicate, flavors of just love,
I cry war upon those who trample on thy creations.
There is no excuse for murder,
those who kill my creations.
Oh thou thousand voices that screams,
give me back thy honor upon thy land,
tears that cries from the heaven
Oh thy great God of creations,
I sit upon the lands of sacred psalms,
Disasters of vital morality, reality,
spirituality life on my back, suppression,
manhood of inhibited,
songs of rotten death,
intellectuality without common sense.

A civilization cries my children for man to see,
acceptance of oppressions.
Holy Cities of World, Holy Cities of Villages,
Holy Cities of all thy creations,
has been tarnished by hate and destructions.

Thy feet that centers the universe,
thy heart that cries for conformity,
thy eyes blinded by tears.
Oh thy holy city of Mecca;
My children have turned a deaf ear
to my want and dreams.

All that symbolize, the holy grounds,
that I have ordained. I love creations,
I forgiveness of thy sins,
I the death of thy son.
I the universe of all man.
Thy grounds of Holy Cities,
that center around my Universe,
Oh where is thou loyalty to thy father of creations.

Satin who has changed my forbidden laws,
loyalty of my children no more,
false prophets who come in my name.
Oh thy children of the earth
shall no longer be the disgrace of my children,
who sets upon the cross.
I no longer shall be the forgiveness,
of forbidden laws.

Universal, destruction, by the right hand,
I the image of man, I the father of sacred words,
I thy Sacred grounds of the earth,
Let not my words be forgotten, each man shall pay.

Come not in the cloak of trickery,
come not in the cloak of war,
come not in the image of satin,
come not in the image of grace ties,
come not in the name of thy the father.
Your wick ness shall not be forgiven ,
in the land you swear to up hold.

Murder, Greed, Deception, Blaspheme,
Hatred, Jealousy, Adultery,
Slavery of thy sons hanged to the cross.
I reclaim my sacred grounds of earth,
your children shall feel the disobedience of your pain.
Sing not the songs of thee,
sing not the glory of greed,
sing not the glory of death,

sing not the glory of hate,
sing not the glory of transgression,
thou shall see the anthology,
of trickery to deceive my children,
of the holy grounds that I have ordained.

I cry the words of revolution my war shall be won,
Only I thy God will have the last words.
Trampling on thy creations,
man shall no longer live within thy heavens.
All who come in war. I love, I creations, I father,
I only one God.
Come not in the tongue of thy words, I am love,
I am creation, I am one.

Let not your victory be by the sword ,
of the murder of my children,
Let not your dreams be the destruction of thy world,
Let not your reasoning by un just.
Those who come in the cloak ,
shall feel the pain of those who he in just.

Oh I rise that the devil shall not rejoice,
in the creations of my heart,
Oh thy rise that Satan shall not claim victory,
on my holy grounds.
All of his followers and leaders shall be no more,
I shall have t he last word.
World order is mine I say thy God.
World order is my sacred grounds.
Oh I say thy God. World order is mind;
I cry the blood of betrayal of my sons.

I the image of man,
I the father of sacred words,
I thy Sacred grounds of the earth.
Let not my words be forgotten,
each man shall pay.

all rights reserved
noumi collections 2001


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
another great write poetess .....ya pen speaking in tongue i see.


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Oct 21, 2005

That script was definately Holy. Yes he is worthy of praise.:bowdown: Keep the faith, and flow on poet. Deep scribe.:welldone:
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