Black Short Stories : The Naked Truth

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    " Winnie get ya stank *** out my **** bed!" yelled my stupid *** sister in-law Yazmine. I pushed the covers from over my head and rubbed my eyes. " YOU shut the hell up Yazmine!" i said back. " Who you think you talkin to girl, i am 21 years old dont be disrespectin me!' she said kicking my clothese toward me. " And what you old enough to boss me around!" I got up and pulled on my jeans. " Hell yeah i own this house you just a vistor!" she walked out of the room and yelled to my brohter who was outside cutting the grass. " Damnit Lamar get ya stank sister outta my crib!" he stopped the mower and came in the bedroom. " Why u causin all this trouble?" he asked. " Me, Lamar i live here too!" i yeled in self defense. " Look Winnie you dont have to live here, you can go stay at aunt Jay's crib!" he said looking for a towel. Yazmine stood in the door way. I rolled my eyes at her. Lamar caught me. " Out f you cant respect Yaz then u gotta get ya **** and leave!' he said thowing my bag at me. He always took up for her after mamma died. And to hell with aunt JAy. " Fine you wanna act all high and mighty now wait till this *** lives you!" i grabbed my bag and picked up my flip flops. " Winnie you need a couple of dollars?" he yelled. " what the hell, no she dont need **** from us boo!" Yazmine said holding his arm. I stuck up my middle finger as i walked down the street. I still gotta wash.
    **********************************************************I arrived at my friend's house (monkey) and took a long hot bath then i got dressed and thanked her. " Where you gonna go Winnie?" she asked getting ready for work. " I'on no yet Monkey" i said diging through my pockett for aunt Jay's number. Aunt JAy really wasn't our aunt she was a close frind to our mother's, she took care of us when mamma was in the hospital. " look we got an opening at the club "young, sexy, exotic dancers wanted" you interested?" Monkey asked locking her door. " Maybe but i gotta go ill be back at 12:30 am iight?" she nodded.
    I picked up the pay phone and dialed Aunt Jay's number.
    it rang and rang finally she picked up.
    " Hello" she said
    " Hey aunt JAy!" i said
    " Whitney?"
    "yeah its me"
    " oh im so happy to hear from ya"
    " me too'
    " so hows my boy?"
    "he kicked me out today cause of his wife"
    "o m g baby are you ok?'
    " Not really.........i uh..."
    "You need to come on up here to New york..... i'll send.. Bobby"
    " Aunt Jay"
    she is still talkin
    " Aunt Jay nothin child where r u?"
    Im going to be at the diner where my mamma worked"
    "ok hell be down there in about a couple of hours stay put!" and she hung up
    Who the hell is Bobby, and NY is a 5 hour drive !
    I got to the diner and sat at a booth. An hour later i had orderd 3 sodas and two hot dogs which i might add was of fthe chain. I took a nap and woke up 30 after the hour, which was 3 . What was i suppose to do sit here and Bobby who ever he was might get lost. He might be one of those old men Aunt Jay play bingo with. I got up and walked over to the park. Every body was there.I changed into my purple bikini and waited beside a tree. (In the park there was a swimming pool). I sat down beside the pool with this girl named Linny. Her boyfrined J got out of the pool and walked over to her.
    " Hey sexy" he said grinning
    " Im ready to go J" she whinned
    " Ok just wait for about 3o more mintues iight" he said
    " No you said we were going to see a movie now lets go!" she got up.
    ' look the movie can wait ok i just wanna hang out here for a while get in the pool" he demaded.
    " J i dont wanna get wet"
    " Why do you have a bikini on if you dont wanna get wet!"
    " Too look sexy!":
    " for who!"
    " i dont have time for this" she said grabbing herbag
    " winnie i'll see you later" she began running toward her house as he followed.
    I sat there looking so good with my light brown skin and my light brown hair lating to the side. Nobody seemed to notice till i got up and weent into the pool. Johnnie and Criag swam my way. ' Hey pretty" Johnnie said. I looked at him and rolled my eyes they were not the ones i would want to be talkin to ther friend Daren is the one i wanted. but he was talkin to this other girl named Shelby. " bye" i said i decided to make my move. I swam over to them go i could get out of the pool i stuck my butt out a little more so he could notice it and it worked as i got out of the pool i switched over to some of my friends. Shelby swam away because he was lookin to hard at my butt. He got out of the pool and walked over to us. I walked away. It was 4:55.. and i needed to go . I picked up my things and began to walk to the bathrooms to changed. " Hey Whitney!" he said
    I turned around.
    " Hey um Deven is that right?" i played
    " Naw its Daren"
    " Oh sorry you can call me Winnie every one else does"i said drying my hair off with a towel. " Oh iight so where you off to i know you saw me coming" he said
    yeah i saw you but it was getting lait ive got somewhere to be" i said
    he looked me up and down.
    " so can i walk you home"
    " If i had one i'll let you walk me there" i went into the bathroom and changed. I left him feeling like he needed more of me i hoped i did.
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    this was a unstoppable read like how it's playing out
    continue to part 2 please
    very nice......................writer.
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    Short, but I can already feel the drama unwrapping. Nice read, I can't wait for more. I'm a definite fan of your work.
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