Black Poetry : The Naked Poem


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Jul 26, 2001
The nasty poem

I’m a kleptomaniac, good-looking thief
I desire abundantly to steal your panty draws
Its exciting to my passions to rob the software
By throwing the kit Kat high into the air,
I’m hoping it will turn back into sunshine

Then proceed to shine & light up my life
Rock my world with the heat of the rays
Oh please, please make me warm
As I go down into the face of the deep

In your absence, all silk draws are stuffed & preserved
Their all trophies and hung above my bedroom mirror
To remind me of all the hoochie prey
I smell them from time to time when I’m lonely

And I can’t wait to rub your belly again
By rubbing the belly you become a belly
My tongue loves the pit of the navel
For it reminds me of the deep and you knee deep

I only possess two bronze rocks; wish I had 3
But what I got can bounce all day for play
And if I play them real hard and cool
The force will cause you to rent spring water

Perhaps this water will cool me down
And quench all thy thirst and needs
So that I can relax and rest
And dream of another day to come

By Andre Austin
"By throwing the kit Kat high into the air,
I’m hoping it will turn back into sunshine "

These lines were too precious poet...or maybe it's just that I'm wayyyyy tooooo visual for my own **** good....

Can anybody else see this?? lol

This was my first time sampling your flow poet...and I enjoyed this one very much


:D :D


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