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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Has Racism been toying with the mind of the so call Black African American, regarding the coming of a Black President in America ?

    Yet it is not only Obama Naivete when it come to Race in America, but the Naivete of the Children Of the Middle Passage, who is not only Naive about Racial Racism, but is down right Blind, lost in an Illusion of Wishful Wanting, in our believing about Race in America.

    I from the start of this Obama minstrel show, have shared with you that I have misgivings about the way those white folks were falling over themselves over Obama, I do not take my cue from the opinion poll when white folks politics are concerned, I pay attention to the vestiges of Racism that be at work and in the Obama instance, they being the Racist News Media, the instrument of hypocrisy, when it come to reflecting an attitude toward Black people, and in this case Obama.

    Let me ask you Black so call intellectual Afrikans Americans something, do you believe there will ever be a Black Queen or King of England, if you answer yes, then your answer serve to show how out of touch with Divine Reality that you are, and yet you salivate at the belief that a Black Person will become President of the Daughter of England Corporation, the United states.

    Are you Afrikan Americans witnessing the attitude and behavior of the racist News Media in how they are saturating the Homes of the Prejudice elements in America with Obama Pastor comments, has Obama speech completed its 15 Minutes of fame and now the Prejudice Element of America is beginning to rise and yet you wishful Negroes, you who are so Blind to Race, are witnessing the slippage of Obama support for President, and the Racist News Media is using as an excuse being because Obama would not dissociate himself and condemn the Man, Reverend Wright.

    So what is happening to Racial Blind America and its Race Blind Naive Black Candidate, yet I remain desirous that Obama can survive to become America Black candidate, but not for the reason Naive Black so call Afrikan Americans want him to be.

    When I saw Obama making that speech about Race in a America, I said to myself that is a strategy and tactical Mistake that could cause that young man a Run for President, meaning making it to the general election and I had that energy surge because I do Know that America is controlled not by political election, but by fraternal selection and even though OBAMA CARRY THE BLOODLINE OF THOSE RACIST ELEMENTS, HE BEGIN TO SHOW TO FAR A LEANING TOWARD HIS BLACK SIDE, EVEN THOUGH HE IS SAYING THAT RACE DOES NOT MATTER AND WE NEED TO GET BEYOND IT, WHICH IS LIKE TELLING A FISH THAT IS OUT OF WATER THAT WATER DOES NOT MATTER TO THE FISH AND RACISM IS AS AN OCEAN TO AMERICA SURVIVAL AS A CONTROLLING WHITE NATION.

    The biggest error Obama made was to get into the fray of the America Race issue, he should have stayed above the Racial Fray, but he did not, because he is so naive about America Racism and who orchestrate it in America and the World in general.

    I know you Delusional Wishful believing so call Afrikan Americans do not want to read this Divine Truth concerning Obama, he who is a eloquent speaker, but with words without substance that do not guide you to change the condition of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan Life in this evil America and Deceiving world.

    I am not sitting here making a prediction that Obama will not make it to the General Election as the Democratic nominee, but what I am sitting here doing, is reading the tea Leaves of Lies and Deception that is now beginning to show a surge in the True identity of America, which is a Racist and unjustified Prejudice Country, one that even though it has hoodwinked Black People to not See themselves for who we are, while they most certainly see Black People for who we are, and that is why America is a Racist Unjustified Prejudice Lying and Deceiving Society, controlled by White Folks.

    Any so call Black Afrikan American that can not See the True Identity of America, serve to be a Naive Blind Afrikan, which a lost of sight is what have Afrika and Black People in the condition we now are in, here in this Evil World.

    The Divine Question I have for you so call black Afrikan Americans is, will Obama survive his Movement defection, can he stop the Racist hemorrhage enough to become the Democratic Nominee?

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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