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    Book review
    By Andre Austin

    “The N word” By Jabari Asim takes us on a traveling odyssey to explore “******.ology” that’s all of the adjectives used to express the word ****** from 1619-2007. It’s self evident that God made man and man has made ****** as we see through the writings of former president Thomas Jefferson, (and others), who thought blacks were inferior and should be permanent slaves despite the fact he sexually craved black women.

    Nobody and no thing is safe from Asim criticism. He’s digging deep into American culture of literature, pseudo-science, music, theater, film, legislative polices and judicial decisions to explore how whites attempted marginalized blacks is the subject of the book. The book is objective and he doesn’t want the N word to totally die out. Asim claims if the N word wasn’t used that one of our famous writers like Ralph Ellison’s “The Invisible Man” couldn’t have been written. It’s probably true, but, “The Invisible Man” starts out with blind folded black youths in a boxing ring being screamed at by the word ****** by rich white folks smoking cigars and drinking gin. It was Richard Wright (who originally urged Ellison to become a writer), masterfully replaced the word nig.ger for Bigger Thomas in his universally acclaimed “Native Son”. Can we do likewise in 2007 and beyond?

    I would like to see a time and place where the N word is rarely used for purposes like historical analysis. I want the word dead but not totally dead. For example if I wanted to explain to Abraham Lincoln lovers that he was a racist I should be able to quote Lincoln saying: “ I will be damned if I don’t feel almost sorry for being elected ,(president), when nig.gers is the first thing I have to attend to”. You can’t explain the operation of an automobile without talking about car parts. Likewise, the “******olo-gy” can’t have light unless replaced with Bigger or the letter N which must be capitalized.

    The N word has polarized our society of Whites against Blacks and Blacks within Blacks. Some of us give it too much of a cult mystique assigning it supernatural powers while others play in it in their music like a pig having fun in a lake of mud. Lets not give this little word too much power because as stated from the beginning God made man and man made nig.ger. And let us not forget why this word was introduced into the English dictionary as far back in 1555. The N word played its part in the subversion of humanity and democracy. Nobody on the planet earth can make a CD using racial slurs except against black people. If you speak out against it you will receive a tongue lashing from a Rapper in one of his songs. So Black leaders run in fear of confronting the hip hop culture of individual deviants.

    I think its time for the N word to have a funeral. Get a priest, a casket and lets do the N word its last rites to the grave-R.I.P. Just how bad is this word? Some whites going to heaven would make an about face to heaven if they had to pass St. Peter if he was black. Some blacks don’t want to learn because they think education is being white.

    Asim book is a timely, necessary book exploring the negative and self-destructive effects of the N word used to mock, ridicule and disrespect an entire nation of people. Lets make the N word and all of its adjectives a rarely, embarrassing word used. Lets replace nigg.a, nig.guh, and all the other defaming labels following them up with endearing words of love like brothers and sisters
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    The word is long overdue for its burial and very true that we need more endearing words.
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    Beloved Ones:

    My, my, my how far we have yet to Grow and know.

    If only our people knew the origin of the N (NHEGARS) word at ITS true definition this would not be happening, and we would be elevating the N word vice burying it.

    To bury the N word and not know the Original meaning is to bury self because many of our people do not know their origin, and a people who do not know their Root origin are dead ghost/Zombies and that include those who have Master, PhD's/Doctrine degrees. If we do not have the Universal and Nature degrees, we are still lost.

    Dr. Frances Welsing: Black people are suppose to be the most serious people on Planet earth.

    What does she mean we are suppose to be serious some ask? well come with me and lets travel down some of the serious lanes.

    Lets challenge these N Word banning people with the below and see if they know the answers.

    a) VENUS
    b) JUPITER
    c) SATURN
    d) MARS

    b) SIRIUS
    c) HYADES
    d) ORION

    The answer is 15-D and 23-B. Go tell the N word banning people that they originated from MARS or Sirus Star System, and yes beloved they with their european degrees will declare you/we are crazy. That is a Compliment. For those of use who subscribe to the fact that we originated from other than Space Ship Planet earth, does this also mean that our ROOTS is not in Afrika? Um! Just doing some SUN-RA/RAYS thinking that can not be found in the european dictionaries, libraries, GOOGLE Searched.

    You see beloved ones, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and ALL those who worked towards banning the N Word, can not tell me and other Divine Thinkers nothing, unless it is something I/we do not know, and I am the first student, and I do not know and, Overstand everything, but I do know and oversatnd what these so called leaders do not know, and that is Divine thinking.

    One writer wrote: IGNORANCE is NOT by any means a Disease; however, when we become too close-minded to allow some Education or knowledge to sieve thru, then, we may become too daft, for the ignorance to metamorphase into a Disease.

    Please take Note of this Analogy/Parable:

    The Worm, which lives in our various Stomach or Bowels, that fights bacteria for our healthy existence, does not know about Bicycles or infact about us, for it thinks that its whole world revolves, begins, and ends, in the Human Stomach. Also, the fish that lives in the water, does not know about cars we drive, for it also, thinks that its whole world begins and ends in the water. Same is true of the organisims that live in the air, which most of cannot see, either.

    You can now fill the rest of the blanks, up to Human Beings. We think that our whole existence starts and ends on this earth, as we perceive it, from our limited Minds, just like the Worm and the Fish in the above examples. There is so much we do not know about Life, and when we close our minds to them, then our Big Ignorance becomes a Disease. Just Speaking in Parables, for the average and open-minded to understand

    To KNOW, is to Know and Be Thy Divine self, be a lien-holder of our own conscious, non-conformist to the european interpretation of what is that Is Not, and go within our Divine Mind-Thought, in the Abyss of Infinity, over stand what we see when we are there, where it is real.

    When we do not know Truth a lie will appear as truth. (osiris)

    Who killed Martin. Malcolm, Garvey...and the likes of? Ignorance of our ancestors then Divine self. The generations before us did. Having forms of european ways and denying the Divine Power within them that should have been passed onto us, so we can continue to Divinely (NHEGARS) near gods, Divine Deities we once were and still can be, as we stand with our True leaders among us today who can show us back into our right Divine mind-set.

    Our people in the box thinkers, always denying that which they need to be embracing, forgetting, not having no memory/remembrance of the once Divine people they once were. Not researching words and their definition so that they too will know the power in words and Be that Word. ASk Elder Chinese what the N WORD NHEGARS means, and they will tell you that it mean Near gods. The pronunciation then and now has changed and of course the meaning the europeans placed on the N word. When will our people BEcome a Asking, Seeking and Knocking for Divine Information people?

    What should be banned is the Disease that causes Ignorance, failing to even desire to know life substaining Divine Information, makes one a DE-NI-AL-GRO, Negro in denial, and I am using Negro to make a point, and because that is what many of us are familiar with.

    Do we really hate ourselves that much to go this far to work on banning a word, those who spent so much energy on, do not even comprehend the true definition of the word. When we do not make the effort to over stand that which we need to know, is that a mental illness disease that leads into Ignorance?

    To deny anything without first knowing its root meaning is a closed mind-set, and that is brain damage. We Divine black deities are the original Explorers, scientist, researchers...and the likes of and we have lost that we once were, our Divine right mind-set. Many of us do not even want to say we are Divine. Call a Drug on the street Divine, and watch how many people will say the word Divine. So is it right to say we have banned the D Word (Divine)?

    If we are not using the Power of the Mind, seeking that which can not be found in no libraries, dictionaries, or GOOGLE searched we are not seeking Divine self, and we become backwards and left behind people, DE-NI-AL-Gros, Negros in Denial.

    These same people who speak so mi=much energy on banning this word will never subscribe to the fact that there is extraterrestrial found in people DNA.
    http://www.davidick view/5117/ 46/

    Thursday, 11 January 2007
    Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
    'A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms ...
    ... Non-coding sequences, originally known as "junk DNA", were discovered years ago, and their function remained a mystery. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is “Off-world†in origin.'
    Just as 'crazy' David Icke has been saying all

    Another writer response to the above is: Greetings All,
    "Scientists" are now trying to confirm what Ogotemmeli and the Dogon have known for countless years.
    Let US imagine if the premises of the Dogon and other indigenous people throughout the world was explored more thoroughly using "modern scientific methods" say a hundred years ago and made available to the public, where do you think OUR evolution on this planet would be now?

    Oh no, the N word banning people will say. We are no Extraterrestrials and I do not have that in my DNA. Denial.

    See, they do not over stand what Extraterrestrial is and yet they are ready to deny having it in their DNA.

    Poll these N word banning people, and watch their reaction and listen to heir statements. Denial leads to Death of knowledge, Over standing and Wisdom, that Drug of Choice so many of our unconscious people love to inject.

    So lets rejoice when the News Media and all those presently in denial announce that 'I' word Ignorance has been banned.

    Beloved Ones, know that I am fully aware that many of our people aren't ready to receive what is being shared, and I over stand your Mind position, for it was much for me to when I first learn of this. Being that Truth is in me, It was not difficult for me to receive this information, because when Truth and reality is on the scene, we are not to wrestle and box with Truth and Reality because we will lose. We must become One, embrace and make Truth a part of us.

    What we do not receive as Truth and reality now, there is as King Marley said, A Natural Mystic blowing in the Air (Truth and Realty), and if you listen carefully you will hear. A time will come when the Flood of Truth will enter our mind-set and wipe the Slate of Ignorance from our minds, and if we prepare now (open minds) we will have no problem receiving our true love (Truth). For those who refuse now to keep a closed mind to all that is yet to come that eyes haven't seen and ears haven't would have wrote the ticket today to the price you will pay when the Divine Change arrives.

    If one year is liken unto a thousand years, how soon will this Change occur? If we think we have time, we do not understand/overstand
    Time and Motion. I will represent Truth as I know Truth in my life time where ever I can get Truth and appearance, and I will continue to be the blanket Condemnation that will destroy lies and deception, and when we are not that, we are guilty by association lovers of (lies and deception).

    Ready to live, Open up the doors to your Mansions, conscious and subconscious. No planes can travel as far as they do if the Sky was not as wide as it is. No boats/ships can travel as far as they do if the sea/ocean is not as wide as it is. Allow our minds to be like the Sea, Ocean and the Sky so our conscious and subconscious can fly into the Abyss of Infinity, where (IT) Intelligent Information Is real. If we do not allow this to happen, we will continue to speak with a tongue from a mind-set, that is still in captivity/slavery. We will not know this I, and other Truth speakers say if we continue to operate in our 3,4,5, dimensions of life (evil), jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusion, lacking knowledge, of Divine self.

    Of All the languages that are spoken world wide, there is only One true language and that is the Language of Truth. May we all collectively Over stand Understanding.

    It is my desire that none of our people perish because a lack of Knowledge/over standing. The nanosecond we are told the Truth, that is the same nanosecond we become responsible and obligated to BE that we have been told (Truth). Wake Up My people :qqb017: Truth and reality Bell is Ringing. It is time to get off our sick brain damaged mental bed :injured: exercise our two realities (physical and Divine Spiritual) minds :cardio:and allow Truth and reality to massage :massage: our conscious and subconscious so we can climb higher:climb: heights consciously we have never known.

    Tell me Beloved Ones, what type of a person do not desire such a Divine Journey Truth and Reality is, the Plains that never crash?

    What we all must do Divinely collectively will require :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:, and for those of us who do not desire to think, please sit on the sidelines and be a Cheerleaders for us who are thinking.

    We are clueless as to what True loving is when we lack the Knowledge, Over standing of Truth and reality.

    I come. I share. One rejects or accepts. I will continue to keep striving towards the cutting edges of that which is Divinely Truthful.

    Divine thinkers is welcome to critique what I have shared.

    Here is loving you/Afrika :ilu:

    The Human Being mind-set can not over stand the Divine Mind-set Thinkers.