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    Book review

    By Andre Austin

    “Niggah, git yo’ hand outta my pocket” was said to divert attention to kill Malcolm X.

    Speaking of Malcolm before I get into the book review studied the N words etymology (a words ancestry roots. Negro in French/Spanish for black and Latin for niger or slang “******”. Also having the latin word necro from Greek nekros meaning the dead or a corpse. Adding polis we get necropolis-a city of dead black people. Malcolm said blacks just don’t have crosses at their grave sites but wear them around their necks and verbally degrade themselves as Niggah often times before killing or harming eachother (Remembering Malcolm By Benjamin Karim p.83) Go to any internet Youtube fight scene of youth on the streets calling themselves ******* before striking blows on eachother. Now let us get to Jabari Asim book review:

    “The N word” By Jabari Asim takes us on a traveling odyssey to explore “Niggerology” that’s all of the adjectives used to express the word ****** from 1619-2007. It’s self evident that God made man and man has made ****** as we see through the writings of former president Thomas Jefferson, (and others), who thought blacks were inferior and should be permanent slaves despite the fact he sexually craved black women. Look at Katt Williams, one of our top Sambo/Negro comedians on stage demanding the right to degrade blacks.

    Nobody and no thing is safe from Asim criticism. He’s digging deep into American culture of literature, pseudo-science, music, theater, film, legislative polices and judicial decisions to explore how whites attempted marginalized blacks is the subject of the book. The book is objective and he doesn’t want the N word to totally die out. Asim claims if the N word wasn’t used that one of our famous writers like Ralph Ellison’s “The Invisible Man” couldn’t have been written. It’s probably true, but, “The Invisible Man” starts out with blind folded black youths in a boxing ring being screamed at by the word ****** by rich white folks smoking cigars and drinking gin. It was Richard Wright (who originally urged Ellison to become a writer), masterfully replaced the word ****** for Bigger Thomas in his universally acclaimed “Native Son”. Can we do likewise in 2007 and beyond?

    I would like to see a time and place where the N word is rarely used for purposes like historical analysis. I want the word dead but not totally dead. For example if I wanted to explain to Abraham Lincoln lovers that he was a racist I should be able to quote Lincoln saying: “ I will be damned if I don’t feel almost sorry for being elected ,(president), when ******* is the first thing I have to attend to”. You can’t explain the operation of an automobile without talking about car parts. Likewise, the “Niggerolo-gy” can’t have light unless replaced with Bigger or the letter N which must be capitalized.

    The N word has polarized our society of Whites against Blacks and Blacks within Blacks. Some of us give it too much of a cult mystique assigning it supernatural powers while others play in it in their music like a pig having fun in a lake of mud. Lets not give this little word too much power because as stated from the beginning God made man and man made ******. And let us not forget why this word was introduced into the English dictionary as far back in 1555. The N word played its part in the subversion of humanity and democracy. Nobody on the planet earth can make a CD using racial slurs except against black people. If you speak out against it you will receive a tongue lashing from a Rapper in one of his songs. So Black leaders run in fear of confronting the hip hop culture of individual deviants.

    I think its time for the N word to have a funeral. Asim book is a timely, necessary book exploring the negative and self-destructive effects of the N word used to mock, ridicule and disrespect an entire nation of people. Get a priest, a casket and lets do the N word its last rites to the grave-R.I.P.