Chief Elder Osiris : The Myth About The Path we Must Travel To Freedom Independence And Justice

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    The Myth About The Path we Must Travel To Freedom Independence And Justice

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know, Want is a powerful deceiver and it block you from knowing what you need to do when Divinely seeking the path to the safety of freedom, independence, and justice for the Black World, a world in need of knowing the Divine Truth about what it is we must do to save our Mind, the Mind being the captain of your Life.

    When dealing with want, it will have you to believe that it is more than one path that lead to the Divine Truth and it is the Divine Truth and Reality that is only capable of saving our Mind, and when the Mind is Safely Free, then the Body Life is safely free and it is that quality of Divine Freedom that reside on the path that lead to the body life being able to enjoy peace and Divine justice.

    When dealing with the action we must take to secure and free our lives, the octopus approach is the approach that Want will have you to take and it is want that keep the Mind in captivity, feeding it lies and deception about what it is we must do to save Afrika and to unite the Black Afrikan Nation and such a goal can only be accomplished by travelling one Divine Path of Truth and Reality.

    The Life of the Black Nation now, and has been since our last fall from the Divine Truth, is depended upon adhering to the myth of want and that there is all sorts of ways and paths that lead to the Divine goal that secure our Liberation in life, and that octopus approach is what keep Black People from knowing what Black people must and need to do in order to become in possession of our original Mind again and such a Mind was in fact capable of expressing Divine Thoughts.

    So you must come to be able to See and Know that there is no diversion in reaching the Goal of retaining our Divine Mind, the path that lead to our Liberation is not based upon how you want to travel on a path of want that you create and claim that it will lead to the same goal of destination, which will secure our Mind Freedom.

    Divine Thoughts does not conflict with Divine thought and it is Divine Thoughts that reveal what it is that we must do together to change the condition that now confuse the mind of Black Afrikan People and a confused mind will not work together for the Greater Good of us all.

    So there is no your way or my way, your truth and my truth, your reality and my reality, and to expose your life to such a fallacy, and believe it to be the Truth and Reality we all seek, is a trick of the Devil, and for us to make such a claim that it is perfectly alright for us to have conflicting Minds and to imply that those minds activity is qualified to reach the Divine truth together, being in such a conflict of Mind action, is to imply that the Divine Knowledge about the Divine Essence can be learned and understood using lies and action of deception.

    Because you must come to see, the path that lead to the Divine truth and Reality, is not of the octopus approach, but must take the approach that has only one tentacle of Divine Truth and Reality, and just as the planets set their course leading along the same path of direction to reach the Life that cause their action, (the Sun-Star) then so must Black people come to know that it is not how we want to travel if the divine Truth is our goal, it is how we must travel, and that is united together fighting for the prize that will have our lives to be able to enjoy the Greater Divine good for life, and such a goal is reached by having one unified Divine Mind approach that will secure our Freedom and Liberation.

    In want there is the presence of vain selfish ego, envy and jealousy, the attributes of lies and deception, where Divinity does not reside, and such a path that such action of the mind construct, lead only to a condition that can be observed of Afrika and the Divided Afrikans today, and such a sight is not a Divine sight, which prove that Division while in pursuit for Freedom and independence, is a vice that secure the ignorance of a people, and in our case, the Black Afrikan People.

    We Black people love to embrace the fallacy of there being more than one Mind path that lead to our Liberation, claiming the want of there being all sorts of Mental action that can be used to reach a Divine destination, not so beloved, because there are not myriads of Divine Truth, profane Truth yes, and all sorts of way can be used to reach the profane Truth, which is based upon Want, but there is only one approach when dealing with the Divine truth, the only Truth that lead to secure and verify the Freedom of Mind Thoughts.

    There is only only one Divine approach to the Divine truth and that is the Freedom of thought, that which rest upon the Divine pedestal of profound Reasoning and being Rational in the use of your Divine Mind, and knowing what is the logical method to be used to secure the safety and freedom of the Black Afrikan Life, and the possession of Afrika, which is for the use of the Black Afrikans.

    To spread lies as if there is more than one way that lead the children of the middle passage back to Afrika and such ways will have us to be qualified to regain possession of Afrika and to be able to unite the Black Nation, is only a spread of how you want to approach the present condition of Afrika and it is want that now secure the division of Afrika and now have the Afrikans not in possession of Afrika today, proving such wanting ways to go back to Afrika, is not with the motivation to assist in reclaiming Afrika for the Afrikans and to work for a United Afrikan people in Afrika.

    Because you must see, if Afrika is to come back into the possession of the Afrikans, which is the way it was before the invaders came, and if the Black Afrikans are to cease and desist with the Tribal Division, greedy dictators, and the Black Afrikans are to become one Black United Nation again, then Reparation is the only weapon qualified to cause such a goal to be reached in Afrika, all else is based upon the fantasy of what Black folks want, which is a vain selfish place to hide away from what we believe is to come to America and such a reason to leave America and go to Afrika serve not to the safety and Freedom of the Black Afrikan people, nor does it work in any way that will secure Afrika back under the control of the Black Afrikan People, which should be the goal of our Return to Afrika and not dual citizenship, but one natural connection to Afrika, beloved.

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]