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    By Andre Austin



    Before reading this essay readers should consult with four books. Familiarizing yourself with these four books would make comprehension of this article more bearable. Grab up and absorb Stolen Legacy By George G.M. James. A college counselor told me about this book n the late 1980’s but it took me a dozen or so years to realize its significagance when I lined it up with 101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg; Black Athena by Martin Bernal and Black White Fire By Richard Poe. Let it be known that I’m an admirer of the Egyptian religion so when I make similitude cross comparisons to other religions it’s purely without any malice, not even a gram or a small mustard seed of ill will.


    The purpose of this essay is similar to the aims of James writing his book which is establishing better race relations. Bernal pointed out in his book that before slavery white scholars looked favorably towards blacks contributions to Greek philosophy and to similar Biblical teachings found in the Old Testament and in ancient Egypt. But during and after slavery blacks would lose their ranks, souls and humanity. For two and a half centuries blacks were held in slavery, were regarded as nonhuman or subhuman. As Martin Luther King pointed out, racism has its logical extension in genocide. Case in point would be Hitler. Be vigilant because another Hitler could rise again. When a group irrationally feels that another group is condemned by nature to hereditary inferiority, when there is acceptance of the notion that one race has carried progress throughout human history and can alone ensure future progress, then the ultimate logic is to assume that the hope of civilization depends upon eliminating some races and keeping others pure. When people feel other ethnic groups aren’t good enough to have jobs equal to them, or attend school together or live next door to them these groups are really saying you don’t have a right to exist because your corrupt and defective or we don’t have a soul.(Where Do We Go From Here By MLK p.198) Well believe it or not but it was the ancient Egyptians who passed on to Plato his doctrine of four virtues he reduce from the Egyptian Ten. Moses and his Ten commandments reduced down from the 42 negative confessions of Maat/Truth. And The New Testament three virtues of Faith, hope and Charity were known in Egypt before the Book of Genesis was written down. Slavery was condoned by the church because they said white civilization was civilizing black savages and heathens. If the whites were educated and had known about black peoples contributions to moral doctrines and ethics slavery might have been a little different. The Octopus of exploitation has many tentacles and people are mislead by mass media that the total sum of a persons soul is capital. Or in other words how can you make a profit for self or others and everything else is secondary. Slaves were soulless property and Bible verses were used to exploit it. How else did religion play a role in slavery?

    1 Pope Nicholas V issued a document legalizing the enslavement of heathens and atheists paving the way for the Portuguese to operate slave stations all over west Africa. Now lets also point out that Arabs enslaved us and other Africans sold their POW’s into slavery too.

    2. To be fair and balanced I must report the Quintuple treaty of 1839-1842. “In 183 Pope Gregory stigmatized the slave-trade as utterly unworthy of the Christian name” see The Suppression of the Slave-Trade By W.E.B. Dubois p.143

    3. In the early 1990’s Pope John acknowledged Catholics role in slavery and offered an apology for it.

    4. The Catholic church was involved with dividing the world between Spain and Portugal during the 15th century. It was involved with the first Africans enslaved in Europe; when pope martinV accepted a present of 5 slaves from prince Henry of Portugal. The church was once the biggest slave owner in the world. One of their bishops introduced African slaves in the western hemisphere. Would the Roman Catholics have done this to us if they had known what James wrote in Stolen Legacy that:

    The Curriculum of the Egyptian Mysteries

    (1) Holy Catholic Orders, together with a priesthood divided into ranks to training.

    (2) Holy Catholic worship, consisting of rituals, ceremonies including processions and appropriate vestments of priests.

    George G.M. James isn’t a fan at my local library where I can find no copies of his books. James also blames the Roman Catholic empire for closing down the mystery schools in Egypt and legalizing Christianity. James says that Black religion of the ancient Egyptians are despised because they are offspring of their version of it.


    One day I was thinking in my room about the doctrine of the Trinity. I knew that this doctrine was a pillar in their church and I thought if the Trinity can be shown to have roots and origin in ancient Egyptian theosophy and religion would this have changed the history of slavery and race relations? I then said probably no. Why? Because even today they do not accept their true origins. When I was taking classes at Spring Arbor University a Catholic woman asserted that those who reject their faith are defected mentally or spiritually. Recall what I said about ethic groups who think others are defected they try to marginalize and dehumanize them. James said they tried to make a caricature of Black culture and religion its own mother. This woman at my college hated me to the point where she didn’t want to walk the stage behind me. The town where I live in Jackson, Michigan Catholics weld power to the point that Abortions aren’t performed in Jackson County which may contribute to the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the State. I don’t believe in abortion either but if its lawful no religious organizations should weld this type of power over peoples lives. If you don’t agree with Catholic doctrines and you let it be known they will harass you out of their jurisdiction, character assassinate you with personal attacks. They don’t want to respect your opinions and be civil with you they want to destroy you first mentally, emotionally and then psychologically and ultimately physically. Now that I know that better race relations between ethic groups are limited I must include Martin Bernal’s purpose of writing Black Athena. His purpose “The political purpose of Black Athena is, of course, to lessen European cultural arrogance”. Now that I got that off of my chest allow me to proceed with this essay.

    Contrary to popular belief you can be a Christian and not believe in the Trinity. Anthony Buzzard wrote a book called The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity’s Self-Inflicted Wound. Buzzard is a Christian and teaches at Atlanta Bible College. Basically Buzzard crushes the notion that Jesus is God by refuting:

    1. Genesis account of let us make man in our image isn’t talking about two deities?

    2. John’s Gospel talking about The Word being God didn’t mean Jesus was God.

    3. Matthew saying that Isaiah called Jesus Immanuel =“God is with us” didn’t mean Jesus was God. Then Isaiah says he is born of a young woman not Virgin from a spirit/wind.

    Buzzard argues more than theses three against the trinity. I’m just brushing through the highlights. You will have to dig deeper by reading all of the books I’m citing. When talking about the Trinity Edward Gibbon wrote the awesome The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In this masterpiece Gibbon said that Plato got his trinity doctrine from Egyptian priests. James wrote in Stolen Legacy “the function of Atum as demiurge and of his creation are found in the Memphite Theology of the Egyptians. Here I would like to suggest that students who are interested in tracing the influence of Egyptian philosophy upon Christian thought, should read this portion of my book together with the first chapter of St John’s gospel”.

    The Memphite Theology teaches that the Egyptian deity Ptah used his Heart, mind (reason or Logos) and his tongue/Word to create the world. The Hebrew writers copied several creation stories from several different Egyptian cities to make theirs:

    A. Memphis. Ptah used divine commands of speech to create (see John Chapter 1).Trinitarians main support comes from John.A group from Egypt called the Mandaeans were associated with John and they called their creator Ptahil (ptah)

    B. Heliopolis. the first deity was Atum (light) and Nun (Nile water) (Genesis 2:7) Moses was a priest in this Egyptian city and he was a disciple of Atum/Aton in which the name Adon comes from which the Hebrews took. Moses was against Thebes and their god Amen.

    C. Hermpolis. It was the solar deity Re or RA producing eight gods four male four females from the Nile which is the origin of the Noah family of eight. Sometimes the Noah family consisted of the family of Osiris, Isis and Horus, etal where we get the trinity from.

    D. Thebes. The Egyptian God Amen, the hidden spirit or wind which is the Holy Ghost, the Egyptian priest say was a mixture of all of the above gods. See (Revelations 3:14). In Genesis Elohim is the equivalent of Amen. The God Amen was linked to a trinity of Gods too in Egypt.

    So lets look at the Trinity and make comparisons to its elemental equivalents.

    The Father Atum/Light, Re & Ptah or Amen
    The Son A mixture of Air, water, fire and earth under Amen
    The Holy Spirit Amen without a doubt

    If the Trinity was true then Mary would be Nun/water the incubator of the Holy spirit.

    Another example of the Memphite Theology found in the Bible says: “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made. Their starry host by the breath (Wind/Spirit) of his mouth” Psalm 33:6.The Egyptian Amen was the original breath of life.

    The Nile played an important role in Egyptian mythology. The Egyptians saw the world being created by a flood at the beginning of creation and a mountain of black soil emerged out from images of the Nile. As the annual flood produced life, the Egyptians saw a world flood. The Egyptians, according to Herodotus thought a good flood was 15 cubits high the same as the Genesis flood with Noah family (see letter C above). As the floodwaters retreated back to the Nile basin, leaving large mounds (Bible’s firmament) of fertile black soil (Korans Black mud and Bibles Dust of Adam) in its departure leaving a mound. Atum and Adam are pronounced almost identical with the D and T being interchangeable phonetically. Atum was formed out of the first land/mound from the waters of Nun just like Adam see letter B. The Egyptian Amen was the honorable hidden spirit that created truth/Maat the first divine matter that subsequent matter was built on. You can see Amen moving on the face of the waters of Nun in Genesis. Also Paul sees Jesus has a second Adam/Atum being now in heaven as a living spirit in which we can take on his image as a spirit only (1 Cor 15). Paul also defines Faith (Aman) and hope in the unseen creative powers of God as Amen or Aman which is the precise definition of the Egyptian Amen. Socrates knew of the Egyptian Amen as Zeus. Socrates said the soul was unseen part of Hades. Hades was darkness after the sun was set just like the Egyptian Amen. Socrates suffered from a wish to die, in which he saw as “the separation of the soul from the body” St Paul wanted to die too to get out of his flesh so that his spirit would be with God in heaven.((Philippians 1:23)The Catholics think your spirit will unite with a body, in which they can’t prove one way or the other.


    “The belief that the ka (spirit) lived in heaven is supported by the testimony of the Memphite theologians who declared that their god Ptah was the creator of the Ka” (spirit) From Fetish To God In Ancient Egypt By E.A. Wallis Budge p.328. Budge also believed there was a similarity between St Paul writings and the Memphites (p.263). Budge wasn’t detailed but Hebrews 11 has some similitude’s.


    A couple of years ago I wrote a poem called Egypt, Egypt. This was well before I knew how to link up the trinity with Egyptian Gods in sequence with their natural phenomena of the 4 elements. Some poems are subconscious revelations of facts or fictions or a combination of the two. I shared the poem with my Doctor and she warned me to edit out the word Trinity and she was alert I named the four elements. I will cite the poem:

    Egypt, Egypt

    If I ever have a daughter
    I will name her Egypt
    Which was once the name of the Nile
    For the water gave life to my people
    For thousand miles

    They called their country
    Mud of the black island
    If it wasn’t for them
    Christianity you just wouldn’t understand

    Homer’s Helen went there too
    Instead of the city of troy
    Cause she wanted men to protect her
    Not those Trojan boys

    They even gave Helen a potion
    So she could be at ease
    So give us some historical credit
    Why don’t you please?

    Plato transferred doctrines
    Based on the trinity
    A concept known first to the Egyptians
    Because they were witty

    Egypt was the first
    To have an empire
    The elements were known as earth,air,water,fire

    The pharaoh’s chariot
    Were pulled by the foreign kings
    Egypt Egypt are five words
    I proudly sing

    Why should an innocuous poem like this bring alarm from a Doctor on my behalf? This shouldn’t have provoked such an extraordinary alarm but in the past people were killed over the trinity.


    Buzzard makes another interesting point to say “It is not obvious that Jesus did not think he was the creator, when he referred to God who “made them male and female” Mark 10:6? P.289. The Bible editors confused the birth of Atum (the Heliopolitan creator deity) in Egyptian mythology with the birth of the first human Adam (Atum).Now we can find scripture to prove and disprove of a trinity and this reveals there were at least two versions of Christianity just like we have four creation stories in Egypt in which the Hebrews drew their picture of God from. It should be plain as the sun shines that Jesus was an historical person who was placed the mythological shadows. And some of the Catholics are to blamed like Pope Julius I for fixing the birth of Christ on December 25th.Out of all the 365 days to choose from they had to pick the birthday of pagan gods like Mithra and Osiris. Like Bogart said out of all the juke-joints in the world she had to pick his. Can’t a reasonable person assume that an organization picking the birth of Christ on the birth of Osiris also picked the Trinity in accordance with Osiris, Isis and Horus?


    Both Egyptian and Christian Judgment is according to truth/Maat. In Egypt you have to be true of voice/word. In Matthew your words on the holy spirit will condemn or acquit you. Also your heart is put on trial and it can’t be more weight than a feather of truth on its scale. It would seem that the same things that created us judges us.

    “Does not he who weighs the heart perceive it…Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?” Proverbs 24:12

    I hope in the future religious tolerance can prevail instead of arrogance and hatred of those who have unpopular opinions that are in conflict with the majority in local communities. Toleration and peace is a must if freedom of speech is to prevail.
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    The Holy Trinity is no Mystery except we have Forgotten*


    The ancestors knew well what the "Holy Trinity" is and for ever will be. Just as all things pertaining to any thing good, pure and holy have been taken away from us...first by the slave masters and now today...the slave masters children who continue to preserve what their wicked ancestors set up for only them to enjoy at our collective expence and ignorance.

    We will never learn any thing remotely "Spiritual" form the people who have stolen our legacy and gave us their false images of divine and fabricated concoctions about every thing else concerning this "life"...among all else is the "Holy Trinity" that no one can explain including the "Pope" himself. But we still think that they must know what they are talking about!

    It is a historical fact that the so-called white man not only is insecure and perverted by nature...but also has a 'big' problem with the female and her rightful role as mother and in the case of the 'Black Woman'...he has eliminated her all together from history out of her proper place. And in that place of "Divine Mother"...she is replaced with a big question (?) mark and a ugly "Spook" called the so-called "Holy Ghost"?!! No wonder we are all soo Crazy and Foolish following their lead. This is part of the root to our "Spiritual-Death".

    Know now and for ever that you (Black Woman) are the "Mother" of civilization and you have been knocked off of your proper thrown as the most important of the real "Holy-Trinity"! You...Black Woman have been replaced by the crazy, racist so-called white man...with a ghost...a spook and now they have you worshiping that spook that they gave to you in place of your sanity.:ghost:

    The holy trinity is...(1.) Mother...(2.) Father and (3.) Sun. This is the "Original Trinity" and the only real trinity on this "Planet"! The other foolishness is a lie and there is no truth in it except for the "Perversion" that it suggest to your ignorant "Mind". And you donot know your self to know better than this...false "Fabrication" that is a total "Lie". Corruption only leads to corruption.

    It is unnatural to think that you can divide 3 into 1 and get something as this false trinity suggest to us. Any one who thinks...knows that this makes no since to the sane mind. But we have been lost in this as well as all of the other foolishness we have been forced under by the Slave Masters and now...their Children with the same...Concocted Religions...that don't make any since at all. But we force and twist our minds to except every thing they give to us...hook, line and sinker...that causes us to "Hate" our selves. We Must Know Self We must recapture our MA`AT and live! - africawithin Resources and Information. is your first and best source for information about africawithin . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for!