Brother AACOOLDRE : The muslim Koran & Gnostic Basilides

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    By Andre Austin

    My religious journey around the world through books was inspired in part by Malcolm X who was a follower of Islam. I took his advice and read everything because ideas can flourish anywhere. He was given a metaphor from a white freemason which gave him the idea and tool to read with strategy and methods instead of shooting aimlessly in the air. Experience of sticking my nose through many books revealed that many people, places and things can fit together interestingly.

    I was a teenager at MSU and just bought Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Koran. The NOI didn’t care for this Koranic version because Ali had took many westernized footnotes. I ignored this claim because it was contrary to Malcolm’s advice plus the Koran’s formation is multi-dimensional and cultural. The fourth chapter of the Koran “apparently” running in a direct collision course with the New Testament stated:

    They said in boast,

    We killed Christ Jesus

    The son of Mary, the Apostle of God

    But they killed him not,

    Nor crucified him

    But so it was made to appear to them

    Nay, god raised him up

    (Koran 4:157)

    Reading Ali’s footnotes below he stated in his commentary “But some of the early Christians sects did not believe that Christ was killed on the Cross. The Basilidans believed that someone else was substituted for him”. Who were the Basilidans? They were followers of Basilides who was originally from Syria but hung out in Egypt and at Mt Carmel. Prophet Muhammad didn’t like the Roman Empire because they were abusing the Arians who shared many views with Basilides. The Arians had adherents in Egypt, Turkey and Syria. Syria at that time was cosmopolitan and Muhammad advised in the Hadith told followers to read Syrian writings. Basilides taught that Simon from Cyrene (Libyan/Black) took the cross and got behind Jesus and was taken to Rome to be emasculated and crucified. Around the same time there is what appears to be another Simon who is taken from Judea and taken to Rome by Titus, Vespasian and Domitian for the triumph circus. The Catholics have a mocking image of Peter with a penis attached to the peak of a rooster symbolic of castration and denying Titus/Jesus peace in War of the Jews written by Josephus Bar Matthias.

    How did the Koran have this insider information 600 years after the fact? Muhammad didn’t preach until 610AD and Peter was killed sometime in the 60’s AD just before Titus and his father Vespasian encircled Jerusalem with a wall and destroyed its temple in 70AD in exact prediction of the NT Jesus. Jesus told his followers that his generation (40 years) of Jews wouldn’t die until the Temple was razed by Titus in 70AD. So the NT writings were backdated 40 years into the 30’s AD to predict Titus as the Son of Man. How did the Koran know that the Christians changed the time/place (Koran 5:44/2:59) and words of the New Testament and old. I believe they got their inside information from Basilides and similar followers like Mani, Arian, Valentines all offshoots of Basilides.

    Then the light came to me at 4am in the morning doing some light reading bumped into Suetonius biography of Vespasian. Basilides was a former slave of Vespasian. Suetonius writes that Basilides had a long term alignment and nearly crippled from rheumatism. Now this is important because it links Basilides with the same person early church theologian Irenaeus (130-200AD) wrote his famous Against Heresies:

    Bishop Irenaeus verbally attacked Basilides and his blasphemous doctrine and labeled him a heretic. A “freedman and high priest heretic” who had the ability to be in two distant locations at the same time.

    Two Roman historians, Tacitus (c. 56 - 117) and Suetonius (c. 69 - 130), named Basilides as two people from whom Vespasian sought counseling just prior to becoming Emperor of Rome in 69 ACE. According to these historians’ combined texts, Vespasian first sought out his former “freedman” Basilides at the temple on Mount Carmel where he was serving as High Priest. He found an elderly, crippled, and frail High Priest and asked him to predict his chance of success as Rome’s fourth Emperor in less than a year.

    Vespasian departed Mount Carmel and sailed to Alexandria. He docked his ship and went to the Temple of Serapis, where he was astounded to find Basilides. Surely, he reasoned, it was just a vision of the High Priest whom he knew to be at a distant location and in ill health.

    The Basilides relied only on the Testament of Matthias from which you know as Matthew. This Matthias is the same distinguished former Jewish prisoner of Vespasian known as Josephus Bar Matthias. In the NT you know him as Josephus of Arimathea who both take down people from a cross and they are revived back to life. We are not to get caught up in Names because of the use of puns do not give exact names but puns of them so Arimathea is Bar-Matthia. The Christians have been brainwashed and they will contest that the two Simons taken to Rome to be crucified are the same. Simon/Peter of Cyrene and Simon/Peter Bar-Giora are the same person. Why? Because when Josephus Bar Matthiias wrote War of the Jews Titus military campaign is actually a parody of Jesus ministry. Just please go and read Joseph Atwill book Caesar’s Messiah and see his movie on Youtube also. Matthias also has 12 or 13 Jesus mentioned in War of the Jews that serve as a composite figure for the Jesus in the NT. I know of one Jesus Matthias talks about as wanting dead, the person is executed them Matthias goes on to have supper. We know of a Judas who plots Jesus death at a dinner table then he himself dies. Matthias inserts himself as the replacement apostle for this Judas in the book of Acts. What we have is a lot of puns and reversing of things like reverse engineering of creating lampoons on Jews who rebelled against Vespasian and Titus in the War of the Jews.

    If you can read the circumstantial evidence that builds up you can see Peter of Cyrene and Peter bar Giora as one and the same.

    1. Satan has obtained peter to go to prison and death (Luke 22: 31-33), Jesus tells Peter to get behind me Satan (Matthew 16: 22-25), then Simon Cyrenaean told to put on the cross and get behind Jesus (Luke 23:26). You can reason with the Christians and ask why the mystified passage Jesus appears to say on the cross of “My god, my god why have you forsaken me” ??? (Matthew 27: 46). The Christians along with Matthew Henry’s commentary will answer God had to flee from Jesus because he was representing Sin. Well I say Sin is Satan. Who was the person who took his cross who was called Satan? It wasn’t Judas he committed suicide before the crucifixion. Nobody but the substitute for Jesus Peter who was called Satan.

    2. Now why was Peter called Satan? Because he was offered peace three times to Titus but refused it. What a coincidence of Peter denying Jesus three times. This is to be understood in the context that Titus military campaign is a parody of Jesus ministry. “In retrospect, it seems hard to understand why, with the exception of Robert Eisenman, scholars have not commented on the parallels between the Christian Simon/Peter and his Jewish counterpart, because they are obvious. Both Simons were leaders of a Judean messianic movement engaged in missionary activity who suffered a martyr’s death at Rome in approximately the same year. How many such individuals could there have been. Before Simon/Peter was killed he ordained Titus cousin Clement and he took the Mithra keys of gold and silver and became Pope right after Peter was killed in Rome. The other two popes were fictional smoke screens to deceive people that Titus was creating a new religion for mind control and to pacify rebel Jews. Later, the insane Domitian, known as the red dragon who makes women suffer in his bed in Revelations kills Clement in 95AD. Poetic justice comes to Domitian when one of his slaves steals a knife under his bed and stabs him to death in his groin.

    3. Let’s turn to Mark 15:21-23 has Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross and they include his so-called sons Alexander and Rufus going to Golgotha (place of the skull). This is nothing but a clue for intelligent readers who have read War of the Jews who know that it was a military official by the name of Rufus (Egyptian) who captures Simon/Peter. And there is an Alexander from Egypt who gives Titus troops from Egypt in support. And if we read the life of Josephus, which introduces himself before The War of the Jews we see: “And when I (Josephus Bar Matthias), was sent by Titus Caesar with Cerealins, and a thousand horsemen, to a certain village called Thecoa= (inquiring Minds/hill of skulls Matthew 27/Mark 15:21-23), in order to know whether it were a place fit for a camp, as I came back, I saw many captives crucified, and remembered three of them as my former acquaintance.I was very sorry at this in my mind, and went with tears in my eyes to Titus, and told him of them; so he immediately commanded them to be taken down, and to have the greatest care taken of them, in order to their recovery; yet two of them died under the physician's hands, while the third recovered (maybe John of Gischala?). (Foundation of the story of Jesus so called Crucifixion). Once you see things in their full context you can see the puns, lampoons, satires and parodies that were going on.

    4. Basilides who is linked with Vespasian and Titus and who writes the true victim of the cross is no strange coincidence. Just go and read the Gospel of Basilides. This is the most likely source the Koran based its substitution of Jesus on the cross and Time/Places were changed.

    5. One of the best clues of linking NT Simon Peter with the Simon/Peter in War of the Jews are details of his nickname Rocky and how he was captured lines precisely up. In War of the Jews going into Book 7 chapter 2. They found Simon/Peter in an underground subterraneous cavern (cave of stone) that wasn’t visible above ground. Simon’s entourage in that stone cave were stone cutters. Rufus captured Simon and put him in bonds. Simon was nicknamed the rock because of the circumstances of his capture and he was a savage tyrant. He was also given the nickname of Satan because he was accused of barbarity of “wicked practices” of drinking human blood and dividing up dead bodies (War of Jews book 5 chapter 10. Were any of these stone cutters in use to cut up dead bodies for the famine. The context of this story matches right up with the so-called jesus (Titus) saying: “And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church…get behind me satan” (Matthew 16:17-23). So Peter is taken to Rome and ordained Clement as pope who happens to be Titus cousin. So the Catholic church was originaly the church of Titus. Tradition also states Peter wanted to be crucified upside to the ground which matches him up with being a head or corner stone of the Catholic church (see Apocrypha Acts of Peter).

    6. According to the Roman historian Tacitus (56-117AD) during an auspicious occasion on Mt Carmel the priest Basilides scarified an animal and, after examing its entrails, told Vespasian: “What are your design, whether to build a house, to enlarge the boundaries of your lands, or increase your slaves, a mighty seat, immense borders, a multitude of men, are given to you”. This was a prophecy of good fortune . When I read the Gospel of Basilides it touched the same theme: “ (Jesus was thought to be crucified and was sent by the father, so that by means of this divine plan he might destroy the works of the world makers. If anyone confesses the crucified, he is still a slave and is under the power of those who made bodies. He who denies has been freed from them”. Basilides was a freed slave. Was he talking of himself saying he was freed because he told the truth about Titus real slaying. Atwill ends his movie “Caesar’s Messiah” also stating the truth sets you free.

    So now you see how interesting things fit so well so interestingly. And I would have never got through this without having the curiosity to read just about everything my time and money could take me.