Black Short Stories : The murder not counted

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    -Jazzy i want you to know that we got your matter what, Tiffany said kneeling down beside meat the alter.
    I got up and walked back to the pew, first row next to David's mother Kathrine Jacobs, who was busy greeving and putting the blame on me. See i was his wife for 4 months, not long till i killed him huh?Well in this story what goes arounds comes around and for him it came.

    After the funeral i walked out of his church crying and saying "why lord why" and them church gowers came runnin over rebuckin me and every thing. So i didnt go tothe graveyard. Instead i went to 'luckies' I needed a drink. The place wasnt packed every one prolly at David's funeral, he was a hot shot here.Always gambaling flirting with the waitresses, starting fights betweenTiny and Smith. He was a fun person to be around,until he started getting a big head about having me for his wife. Theres one thing i hate its black mail, thats something i don't use when i attack.

    -Jazzie can i get youanything? asked Norman the bartender. I wped my eyes and put on a faint smile.
    -Yeah i need someting real strong um that drink we made together how about that? i said. my mascra was running. I wasnt sad i was happy too happy at that.
    -On the house, but why arent you at David's funeral? he asked strinning it up.
    A tear fell on the counter.
    -i um couldnt Norman see him liek that was jsut so unbareble.
    Norman sat the drink onthe tear and faced me.
    -Go clean yourself up pretty lady its ok
    I went into the bathroom and wiped my fac eoff, fixed my hair and made sure my breast were coming out of my black dress.
    When i got back in the bar room. Several men and two woman were ordering drinks. I sat down and sipped my beverage . Come on mr. right its time for fun tonight! Around 5 clock i was tired of waiting for fun so i hoped of the stool and began to walk out when someone bumped into me knocking me to the floor.
    -excuse me miss. A tall light skinned guy with hazel eyes held out hi hand. I rolled my [email protected] Perfect!i didnt take his helping hand.
    -don't you have eyes,maybe if u take out htose contacts you could see better.
    He laughed
    -Rude maybe, my eyes he looked down at my breast.
    -ahem im up here! i coughed
    -and im drewhe held out his hand again.
    i looked at it and smiled.
    -Jazzie ja....Moore. i almost said David;slast name.
    HE looked at me awakwardley.
    -No way too young for that. i lied well i wasnt married.
    -You wanna hang out? He asked.
    I looked back at the bar.
    -not here. i replied biting my lip.
    he knodded and opened the door for me.
    It was nice and cool out, i hope no one saw me so i put on my big black shdes and my hat.
    -are you hiding from someone? he asked keeping his eyes infront of him.
    -ummm no why? i knew why.
    -The shades the hat and ur nearly walking behind me. He took my hand and dragged me beside him.
    -Your sexy you know that? he stopped walking and we were face to face.
    -Yeah i get that alot, im not looking for a relationship im lookin for one night thats it. A white couple looked at me and rolled their blue eyes.
    He laughed then noticed that i was serous.
    -No sorry i dotn do freaky things on 1st dates.
    What the hell!
    -Ok well i guess i picked the wrong guy then huh? i said angrily.
    he touched my cheecks.
    -Your hot and all but defintaly not worth dieing over, he walked away and left me alone in the street. I threw up my middle finger. I took a taxi to my masion and ran up to my room. I had this house to myself finally.Until i heard something downstairs.
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    basicly this was well worthy to read nice story line .......