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    The Donkey Christ & The MULE DRIVER
    By Andre Austin

    Evidence have already been documented by historians like Joe Atwill linking the Gospels as a parody of Josephus writings after the Jewish Temple was razed in 70AD. With that said I will jump immediately into my argument.

    In Josephus essay: “Against Apion Book 2.7 he states:
    Assess (Donkeys) are the same with us which they are with other wise men creatures that bear the burdens that we lay upon them; but if they come to our threshing floors and eat our corn, or do not perform what we impose upon them, we beat them with a great many stripes; because it is their business to minister to us in our husbandry affairs”.

    Josephus notes that the Romans beat their ***** with stripes , like the flogging of Jesus in the gospels. One important clue to recall from Josephus is calling Jesus a wise man in his other book The Antiquites of the Jews Book 18 chapter 3.3:
    “Now, there was about this time Jesus, a wise man”.

    We know that Jesus was flogged with many stripes and :
    “As soon as they led him away, they laid hold on one Simon (Peter/Rock), a Cyrenaean (Blackman), who was coming in from the country and on his shoulders they put the cross, for him to carry it behind Jesus” (Luke 23:26) this quote comes from Joe Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah p.95. I don’t know what translation he uses that renders the word shoulders. I failed in my attempts to get an answer out of him.

    We know from past events that Judas Isscariot last name was a pun on Issachar a rawboned donkey lying between two saddle bags…he will bend his shoulder to the burden (Genesis 49). We know Judas kiss of death to Jesus was both a scorpion kiss and rawbone (frame of the mouth) of the donkey just like Samson killing with the rawbone donkey (Judges 15:16).

    Vespasian and Titus march Peter, Lazarus, & Jesus back to Rome in their Triumphal entry just like Jesus enters the gates of Jerusalem on donkeys in John chapter 12. And Jesus predicts his death by talking about the kernel of corn falling and dropping its seed. Recall the Romans and Egyptians used Donkeys threshing corn which Josephus alludes to. Only Peter goes to Rome in human form the others as Donkey heads. The Koran following the Gnostic doctrines of basilides (a contemporary with Titus), said one in the likeness of Jesus was crucified (Koran 4:157). Thus proving Christ was in part a composite of black mythological gods of Egypt and the white impostors of Vespassian, Titus & Domitian=the Catholic Trinity.

    To top it all off Suetonius, a Roman historian calls Vespasian by the nickname “Mule driver”. So when Jesus tells Simon Peter to get behind him Satan and follow with the cross (Matthew 16:22-25) its Vespasian using the alias of Christ. Vespasian other cameo appearance in the Gospel is the spiting in the eyes of a blind man and the seeing Vespasian as a grafted messianic false Tree.
    The ritual of riding on a mule and being anointed as king is based on Solomon going through this ceremony (1 Kings 1:28-52). Themes from Zechariah 9:9 came hundreds of years later. John 12 does a little bit of reversal. The ceremony in Solomon was about the King living long in Jesus it was about his life and death and Hair not falling to the ground symbolizing death was transferred to Corn falling to death. The palm tree associated with Phoenicia/Phoenix bird living long (Job 29:18 My age continue/ age can mean a different house of the Zodiac) was applied to Jesus marching in with crowds waving palms (John 12:13). Palm branch also symbolic of Astronomy see (Stolen Legacy by George GM James p.131) This is cool because Job 38:32 use of the Phoenician word Mazzaroth signs of the zodiac. The Koran embraces the zodiac 15:16. If zodiac is evil then why God uses it to help create heavens or Jesus tells you to follow a water man to a new house/age of Pisces to Aquarius (Luke 22:10). Recall in Jesus time only women went about to fetch water not men so we know its symbolic of something else. The palm leaf was symbolic of military victory (Vespasian/Titus victory over the Jews). Which was then turned into Gospel (Greek/Euaggelion=Good news of military victory. Who won? Rome over Jerusalem
    The head and feet of Lazarus was anointed with perfume used for the deceased. Follow the money with Mark 14 and the famine price of a donkeys head in (2 Kings 6:25) which is more than 300 denarii and we have a match. Lazarus/Elezar is another name for Christ who is made a supper (John 12:2-3) due famine of the War of the Jews 6,3,209-212) which becomes a mockery of the Eucharist which cannibalism of children was punishment for sin on the Jews Lev 26:29
    It gets complicated but you should read three books:
    Caesar messiah by Joe Atwill
    The Twelve Caesars By Suetonius
    Shakespeare’s secret messiah By Joe Atwill