Black Authors : The "Mother" of ALL Reads in 2006: Don't Miss Out!

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    The Wages of Sin: Excerpt From Chapter 1
    Author: Audrey Forrest Carter
    Web site:

    “Where did this filthy- looking red G-string come from Robert? Who in the hell do you think you’re fooling?”

    “What? Regina you’ve really lost your mind this time! If it weren’t for my children, I would have left your crazy *** a long time ago! You know **** well your lying eyes didn’t see any red G-string in my suitcase! And you better get your fat butt out of my face! I bet that G-string belongs to Kimberly, our little Ms. Beyonce wannabe, who’s probably experimenting with who knows what! Right before I left to go to Houston, I walked by her room and heard Missy Elliot or somebody’s sinful music blasting. It was so loud, it almost burst my eardrums. That girl was gyrating her butt like those unsaved gals on that “Girls Gone Wild” commercial. I couldn’t believe it! She was moving her body like the devil had a hold of her. Lord have mercy, Regina! Why you let her buy that music? Why don’t you keep better watch over that girl? I’ll tell you what your problem is; if you weren’t so busy snooping around in my business, Kimberly wouldn’t be acting like a little floozy!”

    “You’re a lying hypocrite Robert! You make me sick with your mightier-than-God self.” Robert scowled at Regina, raised his right hand, and aimed it at her face.

    “So you think you’re gonna hit me like you always do when you think that I’ve stepped out of line? I don’t think so, you low-life dog; not this time and never again! Do you hear me?”

    Like a mad woman, Regina launched into Robert’s 6"2" buffed frame, head first. The next thing I knew, she pulled the iron from the top shelf and began to swing the chord at his head. Trying to grab her and the iron at the same time, Robert slipped and fell on the laundry room floor. Regina took advantage of the situation, and beat his butt like there was no tomorrow. Angry as a pit-bull, she wildly flailed her arms delivering forceful blows to his torso.
    “You’re a scathing liar! Don’t you ever speak to me in that tone again! How dare you suggest that your whore’s G-string belongs to Kimberly! I’m tired of helping to maintain your playboy lifestyle and your perfect little family man image. And don’t you ever speak so disrespectfully about Kimberly or any of our children again! Do you understand me? Believe me, Mr. Drop Drawers; this ain’t over!”
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    seen like a hot read thankz for sharing and the link