Black People : The most Vital and Essential Life-Saving-Living Attributes of a True Divine Leader

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
1. Tell the people who they truly are.

2. What Happen to them.

3. What we must do to regain our Once Divine Soul-Mind-set.

4. Teach the people the ingredients/attributes of what It means to be Divine Truth and Reality, and how to once again be One with the Cosmic Ethereal Divine Spiritual Universe and Nature, Knowing and Being Thy Divine Souls.

5. Teach the people that they too can be Free Thinkers, Masters or Lien-holders of their Own Temple Domain (conscious/subconscious), and how to be a non-conformist to lies and deception, concepts and ideas of what is that is not.

6. Teach the people about the Human Being, who make the claim that they are Born In Sin, the workers of Iniquities (evil), who is anti-nature, anti-Truth.

7. Teach the people that their physical roots began in Afrika/Akkebulan, and their conscious/subconscious roots began in the Cosmic Ethereal Divine Spiritual Universe.

8. Teach the people to Become Lovers of Words with Truth, Reality and Power in them, vice Idle words which is powerless, which no one profits (is Innerlighten) from, and a total waste of Energy, Power, Spirit (ALL One).

9. Teach the people to Be Slow to speak, Quick to hear, and Slow to wrath when interacting with each other.

The Divine way is not by way of Plane Way, Air Way, Boat way, Train Way, Car Way. It is through The Cosmic Ethereal Divine Spiritual Conscious, Subconscious Way, the Plains that never crashes because Truth and Reality (one) is the Pilot/co-pilot.

I do not Know It All, Over stand It All. I Am the first Student. I Am still learning:baby:

Doors in my conscious/subconscious is Harmony:SuN030:
Corridors in my conscious/subconscious is Order:SuN030:
Halls in my conscious/subconscious is Balance:SuN030:
Bells in my conscious/subconscious Rings Humble:qqb023:

Harmony:SuN030:Order:SuN030:Balance:SuN030: Take ALL of me.

Harmony:SuN030:Order:SuN030:Balance:SuN030: Have your way in me.

Harmony:SuN030:Order:SuN030:Balance:SuN030:I Am yours.

Sweet,:angel1: sweet, :hearts4:sweet glistening nectar of Peace, :SuN030:pleasssssssssssssssssssssssse BE Still in Me:qqb023:
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