The Mosquito: Sonic War Machine

Discussion in 'Black Parenting' started by Zulile, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I was surprised to hear they had a few hundred of these 'mosquito' machines scattered in NL - and 3500 more scattered throughout the UK. I havent found much about it in the states. They are hanging up these 'mosquito' machines in areas where they do not want youth to be hanging out - it emits a buzz that only under 25's can hear - irritates them, gives them headaches, makes them ill - until the kids go away. Good, right? :eek:
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    The Mosquito captures adult fears and uncertainties about the next generation. This faceless, hidden device, which doesn’t have to be manned by anyone and which does not involve communicating any words or ideas to young people (just a piercing noise), sums up the authorities’ sense of distance and dislocation from youth. In this sense, the Mosquito could make matters even worse: it is a constant deafening reminder to those within range that they are untrustworthy and have a propensity for Doing Wrong. It treats young people effectively like roaming beasts, shunted from one place to the next by little more than noise. The buzz follows them as they wander around… reminding them they are not yet ‘fit’ for adulthood, or to be out in public.

    I'm thinking playing Vivaldi would have the same effect ;)