Black Relationships : The Moral Minority-Who's Comin' Wit Me!!!

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by HerukhuMaat, Dec 13, 2003.

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    Recent news of the 11-year old male that killed, and raped a 3-year old brought both anger and sadness to my heart. Disturbing events like these are taking place more and more everyday as we who consider ourselves the culturally and socially conscious, sit stoicly and just react to the bad news.

    We (myself included at times) may listen to our public radio programs, maybe even call in, and express our disdain for the current climate of politics and social deviancy in our communities and country. Seldom do we proactively take charge of our own communities or even our own families. We are all getting older by the day. Our children are growing up before our eyes and the minds of masses continue to be poisoned. We even let things slide in our own families, with teenage pregnancies, single-parent households, absentee fathers, school truancy, couples shacking up, physical abuse and sexual abuse just to name a few.

    America is in a sad shape. We as Africans in America being at the lowest class are in even worse shape. Most of the country dosen't see this. They may not even care to see it, because it might further depress them. We now live in an anything goes society, where if you speak out against immorality you're labeled as someone who dosen't appreciate American freedoms. They recalled the governor of California, however no one cares to recall the President.

    Often I feel like I'm in the Moral Minority. I know I'm not insane. I know I'm not the only one who sees what's going on. This forum is a prime example of those of us who can actually stand up and make a difference. I think the universe demands that we do. We all know what's wrong and what's right. We're not even being fair to ourselves to allow society to keep burning out of control.
    What's Wrong Now:
    -Single Parent Households/Fatherlessness
    -Drug proliferation
    -Dropout rate in schools
    -Teenage pregnancies
    -Sexual abuse
    -Physical abuse
    -Poor Nutrition/Healthcare
    -Lack of effective spiritual system

    What's Right and what's needed
    -Traditional Family Values
    -Proper Healthcare/Nutrition
    -Men taking charge of their community once again
    -Effective spiritual system

    These are just a few of my thoughts, however I would like everyone to contribute to it if you can. It is my understanding that life is a giant Spiral. It starts with one small circle and spiral outwards, therefore I would like us to all start with ourselves. Weekly I will start posting a list of things that we can all do to affect change, within ourselves, family, and community. At first it seems like a lot to do, but the most difficult part is actually just starting it.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry for the slow response

    I didn't catch this thread until now. It's unfortunate that no one else has responded yet because I think your appeal is very important, HerukhuMaat. However, I don't agree with all the things you view as wrong/right with our society, but I see many of your points. But in a way, I think you're only skimming the surface of this topic because the problem goes much deeper than what we see people doing. Granted I can sense your frustration and agree with your horror brought on by the news headlines. Corrupt behavior is among us and something needs to be done soon to curb it before it destroys us all.

    What illness is this that is manifesting in the minds and hearts of our people such that some of us are behaving in ways that are out of character? Many of us possess a low level of respect for the integrity and morals of white people. Seldom is there anything that they can do to shock us. But when it comes to how we see ourselves, we take a completely different view. What has caused so many of us to become desensitized to behavior that is judged as criminally insane and worthy of serious punishment?

    More questions....What are the proper morals of our people and how are they taught, learned and enforced? Are moral standards religious based or humanity based? Are criminal laws sufficient enough to handle a breakdown in moral ethics among a society's citizens or do some cultures need to take matters into their own hands? Is there a universal law of human moral nature that governs everyone, regardless of race, gender, etc.?