Black Poetry : The Moon must be a Lady!


Jul 2, 2003

The Moon must be a lady!

Heart stopping splendor to the world she shows.

Her light reflects what she sees on the other side of me.

Not the facade that appears when I reflect to others.

In me they can only see the surface

Not my deep facets and strength.

What appears on the surface can be subject to change

Call it flowing in life’s stream, going along with the plan.
Adaptation to survive in the dog eat dog
The way this world is constructed
And controlled ways of a man.

She goes deeper.

She brings out my earthshine!

My smile and the rest, she knows me, I know her.
So she gives me her best.

The moon is a lady.
Her velvet kiss on astronomy, the oceans, on me and this
Stirring the vast blue seas.

She helps me reflect
Calming the animal in me.

Kissed by a northwesterly wind
Taking me into her ecstasy.

When she is gone I search and I look
I’m lost and I miss.

She is a lady!

Like a woman she lights the path for me.
Touches me just when I need her
Bringing out the best.

She keeps me staring into the sky at night.
Hoping she will be close again over my horizon in sight.

I look for her many nights
Knowing someone else has her in their sites.

The sweetness, beautiful glow and like a woman
She too has many treasures that sometimes stay hidden
Until she again glows.


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