Black Christians : THE MONKEY TRIBE!? Black African Americans in the American Revolution

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May 7, 2009
THE MONKEY TRIBE!? Black African Americans in the American Revolution
Slavery in New England part 5


Nero Hawley’s house, a slave in New England freed after serving in war

In Connecticut the institution of slavery had full social recognition and approval. Many prominent men owned slaves, but they were designated as Negro men or women, …


James Forten, 1766-1843, captured by British in American Revolutionary War

Young James Forten expected to be sold into slavery in the West Indies, as was British custom with their black prisoners of war. ..
*Note--Is this not the same as what they did with the Natives in the eastern Colonial States in America, they sold many of them into slavery in the West Indies!?--Black Natives...​


Fort Griswold Battlefield Park and Groton Monument, Groton, CT
Park and obelisk memorial on the site of a Revolutionary War skirmish in 1781, …During the battle, many African-Americans fought with noticed bravery.

Glasgo, Griswold, CT, ~This entire section of Griswold was named after an African-American and Native American blacksmith who lived in the 19th century. [1800s]

In studying my Hawley history I came across Nero Hawley, a black man who was slave to Daniel Hawley, … The facts about Nero's life were not known until the 1960's when one of his descendants decided to investigate further…E. Merrill Beach, wrote a book about it called 'From Valley Forge to Freedom A Story of a Black Patriot.

The Revolutionary War had been going on for two years when Nero joined the Continental Army on April 20, 1777.…Nero was buried at Riverside Burial Ground located beside the house and the land that he had worked so hard. Daniel Hawley's house which still stand today…

I stumbled across this amazing account of the Black African American presence during the time of the Revolutionary Period! I was actually doing research on a recent find about a little Black African slave girl named Nancy Toney and as I was reading some information about the White people who had enslaved her. As I was scrolling downward, to my surprise--There it was! I read actual names and vivid descriptions of the Black American presence right there in the New England country during a period that has virtually been wiped out of our educational system! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The method in which their presence was captured in script though, of course, was from a White European American perspective therefore it should be expected that the format and point-of view of the author would be extremely racist and supremacist. Nevertheless the record of this account becomes priceless because it captures the whole aspect of our very foundation of which includes the mindset and attitudes of White Supremacist as well as the predicament of Black African people during that time period. It makes me also wonder if some of these ridiculous accounts of how the White man viewed us became the foundation of their early television sitcoms [situational comedies]. And although the early radio shows that were presented before the invention of the television were before my time, I’ve heard about Black satires such as ‘Amos and Andy’ and I wonder if this kind of show and perhaps others of those time periods stem from the kind of mindset that the Whites exhibited in these follow records. The kinds of Minstrel shows of the past seems to be of Whites of whom got a kick out of ‘acting Black’ in what they perceived us all to be like. These written accounts helps me see that obviously many White people have a preconceived belief that Black African people are sub-standard to the point where our only goal is to amuse and seek approval from them. But in reality, they have chosen to ignore their part in the exploitation of innocence especially in regards to little Black children that they had enslaved at an alarming rate during those times.

Based upon history and these following records, it becomes apparent that many White people viewed us as enemies [competitors] and hindsight shows us that in this mode, it justified their actions of rape, therefore here we are today, many of us that obviously manifest traits, which are the evidence of those acts. But specific records of how we came to have some obvious traits of our oppressors are not present. And when you search their record books of their proud family lineages and see the portraits of their progeny and their pride, the evidence of the inheritors of their fortunes gained in America, show the absence of any interaction with Black Africa. Even though history also shows an overwhelming truth that ancient Black African people embraced and bonded with White people and caused themselves to become vulnerable to become exploited, it has become difficult to separate their past actions and determine how to correct behaviors that caused us to become suppressed due to the involvement of the kind of Whites that have exploited our presence.

After these early captives became suppressed, they became continually divided, pitted against each other and encouraged to stay in that mode of disrespect. And after the White world had gained the advantage, one obvious and effective tactic used against Black freedom to keep us down has always been dealt out of which has been ‘to always reward bad behavior’, by doing so, any Black person who ever showed any sign of discontent in regards to their lot of depravity and subjugation was immediately identified and put down by the selected Blacks put in charge who would not dare give up their hard earned position of which they made sacrifices to gain. They would not dare give up their status to be with the likes of those Blacks they were elevated to be above. Once they became put in that position, their own very survival depended upon maintaining that level of superiority. It was a delicate position upon which, if they fell from grace or lost face, the negative repercussions could have caused them to become desolate. Today, we might refer to this lot as being ‘sell outs’ and one major account would be that of Judas Iscariot. As Jesus warned him before he informed against Jesus, it would have been better that he was not even born than to have done what he did, and almost immediately afterwards and after the Roman soldiers mocked him, he proved his desolation. But in regards to many other circumstances, that is not always the reality when it comes to certain Black people being placed in that position to suppress their own kind. Historically, some Black people were simply deceived during a vulnerable time of their lives and when it came to a point of choice, they proved to defy the will of the adversary and ended up becoming the most pivotal person to change history. And one example of that would be Paul-the-Apostle. Therefore, based upon our lot today, it becomes difficult to decipher our history until we can understand how our ancestors have been exploited and how they responded to it.

Black African slaves were given titles of respect and therefore, were some of these early titles the kind of terms used to erase true history? Were many of these suppressed Black Africans in early Colonial America during the 1700s actually Native Americans [Black Indians] of whom had been captured or enticed to join the army and then pressed down under other Blacks to rob them of their inheritance? Were some of these early Black Africans captured slaves imported from Africa, Jamaica, or even Europe? Or were some of these Black Africans, Celts, of whom had been apart of the British military, or captured Privateers? These records do show that they were there in America, in New England at a very early time in history when even the Natives had a strong presence in the country. Were these Black men somehow enticed into being apart of a system that eventually exploited them, encouraged them to fight against each other? Obviously, they had been blinded to the process that caused them to be probably all lumped into one category, suppressed by and by and then erased from history. That’s what disrespect towards each other does. It is the ill fruits of human rights violations. Self Hatred. There has to be a higher power to overthrow self hate, because once White Supremacy has been allowed to set up over it, then it becomes the very foundation upon which it exist. If Self Hate is removed then, so is White Supremacy. It is a cycle that cannot be broken unless there happens to be some kind of outside help. The system of White Supremacy thrives off of constantly rewarding ‘Bad Behavior’ and amazingly, this is what seems to become evident in these records that I stumbled upon.

What happened to these Black African men!? These records even offer names! There are names of actual men in the military and names of others mentioned of whom lived in these northern parts of America. In fact, they even reveal that the Black presence in these very times was incredibly significant in numbers! This account speaks of Black communities!--And so many Black people that they had their own parades. I am stunned. What happened to these Black people in New England? Where are their stories, the personal accounts of their lives? I have never heard of Black people, at all, being apart of Colonial American history during a time when the Iroquois Natives were up in arms. I’ve never heard of Black Africans during a time when the Pequot, the Uncas and the Narragansett Natives were up in arms in Connecticut during the times before and up to the American Revolution, but I was surprised when I saw a documentary a few years back called, the 500 Nations, produced by Kevin Costner, and he presented a number of images of African Natives some even up north. But the information is scattered. Like the portraits of a famous European Pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, I have seen a few portraits of Pirates but, the images produced are deceptive and do not even match the names. But the written accounts of their lives along with the portraits are very revealing nonetheless.

How many Black African-typed men were covered up under titles, terms and even wigs that caused us to not recognize their African traits? How many Celts or Pirates are there that were supported by Europe to come to places like Jamaica and be apart of their history? Were there any Jamaicans or European Pirates that also came to Colonial America or Canada? In respect to this new found history, it would seem obvious that they did. There is a gap between the heavy concentrations of Black people who have come to live in northern New England country in places like Connecticut and the early Black African American presence that called that land home at an early time in history. After more research, I also found other amazing accounts that do show that there was a strong presence of Black people living way up there even during our modern times! I have found accounts of slavery times even before the Underground Railroad Movement began, and there were specific Black Communities and famous Black towns with popular street names that signifies the Black presence. Amazing. Why has this history been suppressed? And records show that Black African Americans remained apart of New England up until our modern times and the Civil Rights times! During the Civil Rights Movement too, there was a significant change but nevertheless, the Black presence still remained. According to research and after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Black African Americans of at least one area in Connecticut, became enraged and major sections of the area was set ablaze. Afterwards, it was said that many Black and White people moved out of the area and eventually, a great concentration of people from the West Indies migrated into this country. And in a strange way, they seem to be an amazing presence that helps to bridge the gap of past and present. They could easily be apart of the missing piece themselves, the descendants of displaced Black Natives, or Pirates or etc. Who knows!? Somebody Knows. At any rate, following are a few quotes from the records that I stumbled upon when I was in search of references.

Again, the quotes are from the perspective of White people who mock and ridicule these early Black Africans at their unawares. Because this sort of writing and comic relief was common in early times and tolerated by some early Black Americans, it became categorized by some as being ‘satire’ or ‘Minstrel shows’ and etc. But although, I don’t find some of it amusing at all, it must be noted that White people did, and they thrived off of ridiculing Black people, sometimes at their ignorance and sometimes at their approval. For some Black people, they were just suppressed into a position of captivity but later, some even became so desperate they even submitted to it in order to live. Because of the method of ridicule the author attempts to transfer to his audience, some words may make it difficult to follow, but nonetheless he earlier explains that it is based on mockery. The author explains that White people actually make it a point to attend yearly annual all Black military gatherings and such, ‘to enjoy the show’ of what he basically describes as being ‘ignorant, uneducated Blacks…’. He describes how Black men are selected to suppress the others and he gives several accounts of how ‘dumb’ these select leaders are and how they do their bidding. In some instances, certain Black men are oblivious to the fact that while they mock their own kind, they are also mocked all the more in the very process.

In one account, the author describes how they secretly mock a selected general, General Ti, and how they award him with large, gaudy medals [seals], decorate him in pomp and ceremony then secretly laughed at him as he rides through the streets with his medallions, his ‘bling blings’ on looking so proud. Man! The author goes on to mock how this ‘Sable’ man comes into their presence and acts as if he is one of them. He explains how an important White government official secretly spawns this Black man by asking him what time it was, knowing that he can’t tell time. He goes into detail of how this certain Black man was given this watch as a gift and then when he was asked ‘what time it was’, the author paints a picture of how the Black man handles the watch and then responds and this man becomes further mocked. This author gives another account and writes, amusingly, about a Black man who badgers the Black community on paying their tithes. In short, this author makes a point of writing that White people saw these Black Africans who lived around them up north in that early time as being slaves, or if free, they were subhuman, Monkeys. And in his end conclusion, he basically writes that no matter what, all those Black people were ignorant and no matter what, their lives amounted to nothing. Following are some quotes about my findings:

The Slaves of Windsor~ Page 435-437.
[The history and genealogies of ancient Windsor, Connecticut: Including East…]

The first record of negro slavery in Connecticut appeared in the inventory of Henry Wocott, Jr., in 1680. Old Nance, perhaps, closes the record within half a mile of the spot where the first one lived.
For many years previous to the American Revolution, and as late as 1820, or thereabouts, it was the custom of the Connecticut negroes--in that spirit of emulation and imitation which is peculiar to their race and the monkey tribe--to elect a governor for themselves; and not a governor only, but a deputy staff officers, sheriff, and squires or justices of the peace, who were all elected with much discretion, pomp, and ceremony, and exerted the same functions among those of their own color as their more lordly prototypes of the white race.”

“Negro election and parade generally came off on the Saturday succeeding the election day of the whites, as was participated in those who came up to the capital with their masters, …the person selected for the office in question was usually much one of much note among themselves, of imposing presence, … ready to command, and able to flog.”

“ ‘His parade days were marked by much that was showy, and by some things that were ludicrous. A troop of blacks, sometimes a hundred in number, marching sometimes two and two on foot, sometimes mounted in true military style and dress on horseback, ….7 His ebony excellency would pass through the files of his procession, …”

“At one time subsequent to the Revolution, training was held at Pickett’s Tavern, about half a mile above Hayden’s Station. General Ti, a slave belonging to Capt. Jona. Ellsworth, commanded on that occasion. His master, being a captain of the calvary, furnished him with his own uniform, accoutrements, and watch, to the chain of which he added several huge seals, and set him upon his own war steed. So General Ti rode forth that day, …. Such exhibitions were a source of no little amusement to the whites, who often visited them to witness the evolutions and performances of their sable competitors.”… [Bissell]

“When the attempt was made to form the regiment, there was no little difficulty in arranging the soldiers so as to make the best appearance--for most had some bit of uniform, but no two alike. The general, anxious to put the best foot forward, hit upon a plan, and issued his orders accordingly. Rising in his stirrups, he shouted, ‘All you what got white stocca, and rocker shoe, stand in de front.” This order was readily understood, and the front rank was soon formed with whom were equipped with shoes and stockings. Then came another order from the chief, ‘All you what got rocker shoe, and no white stocca, stand in de rear’; and then, with the self-satisfied air of one who felt that he had ‘gone and done it,’ the general exclaimed, ‘Now you ******* what got no white stocca, and no rocker shoe, stand out of de way.’

During some of the evolutions of the day, which were badly performed, the general’s got the better of his dignity, and he exclaimed, with heartfelt bitterness, ‘A ***** allus will be a *****, don’t know nuthin, and allus did.’ [dead]
“CATO, also, is remembered by some of our oldest citizens as a self-appointed tythingman, who exerted himself on the Sabbath to keep the boys in order, and attended to the ringing of the bell. He was accustomed to go around the town regularly to collect his remuneration for his services as bell-ringer, and when one refused his or her mite to the voluntary contribution, he would say, “Well, no pay, shan’t hear um bell.

At the commencement of the present century, and for some time after, there were many negroes in Windsor; but they all seem to have been, or to have ultimately become, a poor shiftless, lazy set of free negroes.” bradley chaffee&f=false


Venture Smith--1728-1805, stolen from Africa at 6 years old, enslaved in Rhode Island & Connecticut…

Amos 'n' Andy is a situation comedy set in the African-American community. It was very popular in the United States from the 1920s through the 1950s on both radio and television….Amos 'n' Andy creators Gosden and Correll were white actors familiar with minstrel traditions. They met in Durham, North Carolina,[4][5] in 1920.…

For the program's entire run as a nightly serial, Gosden and Correll portrayed all the male roles, performing over 170 distinct voice characterizations in the show's first decade… Of the three central characters, Correll voiced Andy Brown while Gosden voiced both Amos and the Kingfish…. Madame Queen (then voiced by Gosden)…in 1943 other actors were recruited for some of the male supporting parts.[2][7] However, Correll and Gosden continued to voice the three central characters on radio until the series ended in 1960.

Amos, Andy and George "The Kingfish" Stevens—relocated from Chicago to New York City's Harlem. The program was so popular by 1930, that NBC's orders were to interrupt the broadcast of it only for matters of national importance and SOS calls. Correll and Gosden were making a total of $100,000 a year as the stars of the show,…More outside actors, including many African-American comedy professionals, were brought in to fill out the cast.[28]

The first sustained protest against the program found its inspiration in the December 1930 issue of Abbott's Monthly, when Bishop W.J. Walls of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church wrote an article sharply denouncing Amos 'n' Andy,

Adapted to television, The Amos 'n Andy Show was produced from June 1951 to April 1953 with 78 filmed episodes, sponsored by the Blatz Brewing Company.[32] The television series used African-American actors in the main roles…This time, the NAACP mounted a formal protest almost as soon as the television version began,[32] …'n'_Andy

The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born. ST MATTHEW 26:24.​

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