Black People : The Moment of Truth Is Near

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    (Posted the Comments of a Friend, Fellow Radio Host and Writer w/ his permission)

    The Moment of Truth is Near
    By Frank Garrett, Jr.

    There are many crossroads in life, and the longer you live the more of them you encounter. Some are minor in lasting impact if you don't expect every road to lead to a destination offering a great reward. I have followed a few roads that lead to a dead end, but having turn around room enabled me to correct my course. I am optimistic today as I look at choices we have as voters, tax payers, citizens, and caretakers of the earth, for the presidency of our nation. On the one hand we have a seventy-two year old republican relic to war like for my taste; and his second in command choice is an inexperienced ditzy brunette without a clue when it comes to running a nations government.

    On the other hand I have a younger man with all the skills a nation needs as its CEO, but because he is a black man many Americans are reluctant to do the right thing. The backdrop to my choices is one of foreboding consequences if voters allow their prejudices to outweigh the nations needs. We need change. Not change just for the sake of change, but change for the survival of the nation. We are in two wars we are losing, a recession we are losing, and a divided country we are losing. We are a debtors nation with enemies on all sides and within. A financial deficit awaits our children and theirs that will surely impact their quality of life for perhaps a lifetime. I will spare you the details of what the Old Testament tells us about these times, but it was prophesied and now it is coming to pass. Having a party in congress that supported a presidents insane decision to wage war in Mesopotamia (Iraq) was an affront to God.

    The impotence of the democrats that went along to get along coupled with right-wing evangelical nuts created a majority of enablers offensive to God.I have noticed the change in nature since we invaded Iraq, and it is obvious the wrath of God has been let loose on us big time. Hurricanes, wild fires, random mass murders, have escalated to a point of not knowing from day to day what might happen next. We are now facing an economic tsunami that could sweep us into personal financial ruin at a very expensive time in our lives. To think there are Americans prepared to vote against Barack Obama because of his color rather than vote for needed change is sickening. There is no bonafide reason not to kick the republican party out of the White House, the state house, and the courts. They have caused a train wreck that has severely injured the American dream.

    I can afford a house, which I need now in order to retire to my own abode, but I don't want to finance it with a lender owned by China. We need at least twelve years of democratic policies to right our ship.As of today we are less than five weeks from election day and counting. Anyone with a voters registration card is a potential deal maker or breaker depending on how you vote. Anyone with a voters registration card that fails to vote should be ashamed of themselves. We are the United States of America, perhaps the most blessed nation on the planet Earth, it is our stewardship of responsibility to show the world we are not stupid. A vote for McCain-Palin is an act of stupidity that cannot be justified or blessed by God. If the racist of this nation out votes the sane citizens of the nation we don't deserve to be blessed.

    A vote for Obama-Biden is an act of patriotism and common sense. I have not seen a more capable CEO for our nation at this time in history since Clinton in '92. To have a president we can trust to be honest with us, and love his wife too much to embarrass us, is possible if we meet this moment of truth with our vote for Barack Obama. Peace and Prayers - RevG

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