Chief Elder Osiris : The Moment Black Folks Proclaim That Racism Does Not Matter

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
The Moment Black Folks Proclaim That Racism Does Not Matter

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, the moment Black people begin to entertain the belief that Racism does not matter to you, that is the Time Black People need to douse ourselves with gasoline and set ourselves on fire, because you would have declared your life to be worthless to you.

How in the Hell can Black people make sound and profound decisions about ourselves when in fact we do know who in this Hellish World that we are.

Why do Black people seem so appalled when White power do the things that they have always done against Black people, especially those Black people who seem to have a Mind of their own until those Black people attempt to enter the system of white Racism and expect to function without being attacked by systematic Racism.

Van Jone being just one example of Black so call intelligent naivete, when it come to the American system of White Racism, Hell I expect a Racist system to seek out all seemingly Black strong minds who have eased into the system and be purged out, if not selected to be there by white Racist authority.

When I see Black people in attempt to sound and appear to be so intelligent militant aware, making claim about that which is a fact to the Black Life and making claim or having discussion about what is the fact of the Black Life condition and the cause for such a condition, which is Racism, yet is in an attempt to exonerate Racism as being vital in causing the black life condition to be as it is today, then it become evident that Black people are operating with and that is totally out of order and certainly does not have any Harmony and Balance in the process of our Mind belief.

Why do Black people act as if we do not know what the cause is that has brought on the effect that have Black people to be so dumbfound today, is not the Racist Prejudice of White authority, prompting us to present in the form of a proclamation, Black Folks stating that Racism does not matter to the Black World?

With such a none Thinking Mind in our use, then I know that the end of the Black Life has arrived, as we attempt to find reason not to condemn the Racist Prejudice action of White authority in America.

Without knowing the full scope and Mental intensity of Divine Spirituality, and the significance it can have upon the Black Life, such ignorance about the Black Divinity, disqualify Black people from being qualified to make Divine decisions about the Black Life condition today.

So what you do, you hold up the Black life for all the world to look at, and it being the extent that the ignorance of our Black selves goes, with a believing Black religious Mind, making no effort to change our Body life resident.

Lucifer Racism, when it come to Black people, does not have an expiration date, White Authority Racism and prejudice against Black people is open ended, it is perpetually coming from the Racist powerful.

So pretend all you want to, talking about Racism does not matter, and also, you may grow weary over the fact that there is no color blind world for Black people to live in, as long as we are depended upon colored people to define us, and I am not referring to Black people, we who carry a pigment shade that is absent of color, within the color spectrum of the body life.

Why is it that Black people so badly want Race not to matter and why is it that Black people take to the position to be tired of the color difference, as if we are the people who socially stratified Black people in a Racist demeaning category, and identified Black people to be the target to be ridiculed, debased, demeaned, and reduced to be White people property.

In a Racist world, it is popular to target Black people to practice Racist maneuvers against, why, because Racist is in power in the world and the Racist elements in the world have Black people growing weary over the color issue, as Black people are now condition to believe that Race does not matter, regardless of the present condition the Black life is in today.

Black people when Race is the topic, we rather to refute the obvious, no matter how much our Mental deficiency serve as the fact that our present life condition come directly from the practice of Racism against the Black life, and Black people being mentally conditioned to rather pretend that the Black condition did not stem from Racist Prejudice activity against Black people.

Racism having Black People looking for a religious miracle to come from the sky to change the verified deplorable condition of the life of Black people on this Planet Earth.

So what Black folks do to verify the level of our ignorant intelligence, we get into debates over whether or not Racism is real and whether it matter in our lives today, as we become so mental exhausted.

Raising such a question, if not rhetorical in its intention, for the sake of waging deducing discussion, in order to motivate the Mind of Black people to acknowledge the Divine Truth concerning the Black life experience, and what has brought it to the low profane level our life is experiencing today.

Then in no way Black people can expect to experience the Divine Change needed for the Black life, in order to be able to gain our own self respect, and a people with no self respect, is a people rooted in ignorant intelligence, not knowing the importance of our Past and present life action.

It is a defeatist Black profane Human Being Mind, that motivate Black people to question whether Racism Matter, when in fact, it has caused the Destruction Of Afrikan Civilization and for Afrika not being under the Authority of the Black Afrikan.

Do you not know by you not coming into the knowledge of the cause and effect that has the Black Life as is today, that such ignorance put your Black life in jeopardy, causing you not to know what to do to save your Black behind from the coming devastation to be upon this planet?

It is this planet past experienced action, that serve as a fact as to what is to come upon it once again, substantiating the Divine Fact of Action, which is, what has happen before can and will happen again, upon this planet you call Earth.

Can You Understand That, Beloved

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder


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