Chief Elder Osiris : The Misunderstanding Of The Black Behavior In america!!!

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Dearly beloved why is it that we refuse to acknowledge the fact of our life
    in america, Afrika and other parts of the world, which is we are the target
    for oppression?

    But let us deal with Blacks in america, since Blacks in america,here by way
    of the middle passage happen to be the trend setters for the Black World.

    First let me say,my response to Mr. Cosby was not at the man him self but is
    at the mental behavior he is displaying before the world about Black poor
    people and I venture to say he really believe in what he is saying about
    Black poor people, not with animosity or an heir of disdain for Black poor
    people, ( the cause of Black poor people behavior I refer to here ) but out
    of ignorance concerning the true reason and cause he speak of, which seem
    to cause him to not be able to reason racially rational, because if he
    would, it would put him right smack in front of the truth about what he is
    claiming to be concerned about, regarding Black poor people behavior in
    america society.

    First of all my dear beloved the prerequisite to understanding the Black
    attitude and behavior of a certain segment of the Black Society in america,
    be they poor or materially rich is, you must be able to recognize and accept
    that there is a Racial divide in america, between Blacks and Whites and it
    is the cause of that divide, that have a certain portion of Blacks in
    america so mental disoriented to the point they are totally unaware of the
    effect that prejudice Racism is having on Blacks in america, regardless of
    their scio - economic condition.

    america prejudice racism cut both ways and as a two edge sword of deception
    and depression. One way to tell is, it will allow a few Blacks to experience
    the illusion of the upward mobility swing in america society, that illusion
    has more affect and respect in the Black society of america.

    Are you all with me so far? Now I know the True Black Nationalist
    Spiritualist know exactly what I am talking about and I do know the aspiring
    Negro intellectual integration / assimilation will defy what I am talking
    about here but be that as it may, the Truth is the star here.

    So I ask, is it common knowledge that, well let me make an independent
    statement here, I so declare that we are what we Think!!!

    It is the thought processes which determine the attitude and behavior in
    life and it is the environment that is developed to enforce what is thought
    and society receive the affect of the environment it is in.

    Therefore, from Thought, Mind and environment such become effective in
    shaping attitudinal behavior, whose thoughts are reflective of those who
    are in authority and control over society, thus, since white folks,
    represent the dominant force of thought in america, it become revealing
    then, how we think and act in america society, we meaning Black Folks..

    Now, given if all things were equal, such would be an ideal way to live one
    life,because freedom, Justice and life sovereignty would be the prevailing
    order of that society and there would not be two societies in the same

    So beloved, since that is not the case, here in america and since there lay
    at the root of america society, resting as its foundation, is unjust
    prejudice and the evil of Racism, serving as a none healing cancer to the
    mind of Blacks in america, such become the reason the world see Blacks in
    america, acting and behaving as we do.

    Now, the attitude and behavior among Blacks in america, clearly reveal how
    intense the weapon of prejudice racism is used against Blacks in america.

    The enforcers of prejudice racism in america, against Blacks in america,
    they have recruited certain Black Folks in america to serve as an illusion
    role model and deceiver and those chosen to become Black role models in
    america, they had to pass a test and they under went very intense
    indoctrination about the rights Blacks have in america, they also was
    exposed to mind manipulation, creating a false belief about opportunities
    Blacks have in america, as they received their high power degree of

    Let me say this, of course there are exception to the rule.

    The result of such training and education of those Blacks who were chosen,
    produced a new Black belief system, which created the Negro, whose nature
    has been altered.

    Therefore they see not the way of the true Black woman and man in america
    anymore and they are unable to think with the mind of a True Carbon Afrikan
    anymore, such mind has been conditioned to believe that there is no
    difference between white folks and the Carbon Afrikan Being.

    So, what happen with this Negro,well I will tell you, they speak with all
    the eloquent of correct English speaking Negro is expected to speak, they
    are incapable of understanding why it is, that there are way more Black poor
    people than they, they are not able to understand the self destructive
    nature of certain Blacks in america, they are unable to understand what
    drive the poor Blacks in america to want the most expensive material things
    they see in america.

    Yes my beloved they are unable to understand why the Black youth is now
    choosing death in pursuit of that which will give them the illusion of
    looking and acting as their Negro role model, who now sit on their false
    ivory tower, made of sinking sand, looking down on the very one's who look
    up at them, their kit and kin.

    How foolish have we become here in america, to believe ( I use believe
    because a thinking Black person know better ) all we Black folks have to do
    is get a "good education" and all else that is essential to life peace and
    joy, will be added to our life.

    I am here to tell you, they who sow such disease, which is now eating at the
    mind of Blacks in america, you are a lie and the Truth is not associated
    with such misperception about the need of the Black life in america.

    Prison, Death and the desire to be rich, has become the demon that stalk the
    Black Woman And Man in america and the bearer of such stalkers, are the New
    Negro, the sower of lies and deceit to the Carbon Afrikan in america.

    Progress, advancement, affirmative action and good education are the tools
    used by the Negro pimp to infect the Black woman and man in america with
    such a cancerous disease, leaving them with false hope and dreams that
    extend no further than america and is limited in quantity, the Sodom and
    Gomorra society, now in motion in america, feeding off of a hunger for world
    domination and for the complete destruction of the Souls of the Carbon
    Afrikan in america, other parts of the world and mainly Afrika.

    Now come in a new era of Time, the demand by the True Black Nationalist must
    be for the restoration of our Hue - Man Rights and not civil rights,
    Reparation / Repatriation and not Hue - Man degradation, Nation State In
    Africa and not Community Development in america and our Liberation and not

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased Wit This Message.

    Complete Love For The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation !!!