Black Short Stories : THE MISSION

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    By Andre Austin

    Why do you long for the day of the lord?
    That day will be darkness, not light
    It will be as though a man fled from a lion
    Only to meet a bear
    As through he entered his house

    The funeral is over Ramen’s soul is now on ice until the angel Net comes to the chapel house to have a conversation with him. Before she is able to speak to him she takes a cross and places it under Ramen’s nose for temporary air.

    I’m an Angel baby
    I’m glad I got a second life
    A second chance
    But my wings do not do the dance
    Either will they take a flight
    Until I can bring in the light
    Save somebody
    Before I get out of the body

    Net: Be not afraid Ramen I come with good news and bad news.

    Ramen: This is all crazy here I’am dead at 39 couldn’t even make it to that magical number of reaching 40. What possible good news do you have for me.

    Net: You have the freedom to choose to try for a second time in another body or to have your soul put on scales of truth. You have been found guilty in the secular courts of murder but you have not be tried in god’s halls of justice.

    Ramen: I thought I could only die once and that the second death was forever.

    Net: You neglected your spiritual studies. The soul is immortal like the stars in the sky. The soul only needs a host body. Look at Lazarus he died three times. Its up to you do you want to be born again or not?

    Ramen: I don’t know what my fate will be with my soul on truth. I think I might take my chances with another body to see if I can get my mind right with god. I always thought reincarnation (rebirth) was changed into animals.

    Net: The holy texts were written in allegory and mythology not meaning it was fiction. We gave nothing holy to dogs or pearls to swine because parables are for general public but inner meanings for those who are ready and in the light.

    Ramen: So will I have any special powers?

    Net: yes and no. Your memory of this conversation will be faint and limited. After we are finished talking I will dip you in a pool of forgetfulness. You may recall bits and pieces if its in accordance with the mission. Your powers will be limited. You will have a touch of clairvoyance, mind reading telepathy, eye hypnosis. You will talk to people on the phone and see their emotions or have advance knowledge of tragedies like spaceships blowing up in the sky. But we will keep it limited to make sure you don’t join a pack with the goats and snakes and to keep you turning into a dog. No dogs are allowed through the gates of the heaven.

    Ramen: So just what is my mission.

    Net: To bring light to receptacle souls. You used to carry a gun a weapon to kill. Now you will carry a flashlight to tap into the minds of young people and give them hearts of love and take away their hate which is darkness. When you bring a good amount of unity of love you will get a second chance of a new trial of your soul on truth scales. Find some of the allegory and gives it true meaning to a chosen few who will in return pass it on to others. This is a circle of love that will continue like spring, summer and winter with triumphs and pit falls along the way. Avoid the sons of darkness for when they see success they will use the magic of their media to manipulate you and others to harm you from the inside and out. So be very careful.

    Ramen: When I was in high school I’d always dream about being a writer to prove I was worthy of stardom but didn’t have anything to say. Now being an angel incognito of a human body maybe I can take some of the world’s best poetry and convert the past into the future. Hybrid some music too. My mission can use culture and religion for the rebroadcasting of love. Bring pride to those who have been crushed by white supremacy an ancestor of darkness.

    Net: Teach those to always keep their candles and lamps on the on switch so that darkness can’t enter to their bodies and souls. See if you can bridge the gap between the Elephants and Mules. People think mules are big dummies but their brains a very much advanced. You can use your writing to effect the Criminal justice system, Education, politics, Psychology and interpersonal relationships. Leaving written records can last for a 1,000 plus years if kept properly and stored correctly. Back in the day The Library of Alexandra in Egypt was the envy of the world. Now we can walk around with all of the books from that library in our pockets with a couple of flash drives.

    Ramen: So when do I start.

    Net: After I baptized you and the sun rises again. You have to start out in light and finish in light.

    Ramen: I feel like the new movie star trek where I come from the past to the future for change to fight the darkness.

    Net: We must stop the literal interpretation of the madness. Start out with color conflict.

    Ramen: Cool. First I should teach the Blackman married to white woman that they don’t have to defend white racism and try to make it what it is not to appease peace and harmony in his own household. Then crucify three black characters:

    1. Sambo Young Blackman a Big Baby, childlike, musical
    2. Black mammy takes care of white folks and neglect her own children
    3. Uncle Tom (older Blackman) too extremely conciliatory, political eunuch

    Net: You must confront all Black teachers and black ministers who are upholding white supremacy too.

    Ramen: Yes because they are the guardians of the minds of Black youth. If it wasn’t for slavery Sambo would have died a long time ago. When blacks were fighting in the Civil War recruitment posters title


    Excerpts of the flyer stated” Let us die freeman than live to be slaves. What is life without liberty. We say we have manhood-now is the time to prove it”. inside this poster also said: “Vindicate our manhood”. This proves to me that slavery was a weapon against the Blackman’s manhood.

    Violence to kill off the sons and daughters of darkness is a sign of righteousness. Some of those carrying real guns were like flashlights driving out the darkness.

    Net: Recall the 1960’s episode of Star Trek where a half black, half white man fought another who was just like him. The argument was A was black on the right side but B was white on his right side. This was an allegory of racism spreading like cancer eating your own souls away.

    Ramen: I will teach history as long as it is useful for the future. We put the past of Satan behind you. “Forgetting what is behind and moving on toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize” that was Paul. I like Paul but he may of made two errors.

    Net: Don’t get into it anymore. People know about the debate on faith and works and the inner light true source, and if death was love.

    Ramen: The history of color

    Net: Yes tell it.

    Ramen. Yes Set was a red man with red hair. Some people took it literally and killed people with red hair. What about Samson hair rays of the sun battling darkness or the sun disk of Aton or Re fighting Amen the unseen sunset. All allegories but sometimes talking about actually people fighting each other.

    Net: Also tell them about Plato’s Cave and Socrates.

    Ramen: Socrates was in error for killing himself. He didn’t follow his own logic. Wrong is wrong doesn’t matter if it comes from the State or individual. Socrates felt if the State was wrong it was still right to kill. He shouldn’t of let a comic poet joke down his meteorological assessment of the gods of the elements. Socrates was talking about The Egyptian God Shu and the original Amen (Zeus). He was giving the different attributes of Amen’s power where he use Shu, a god of air and Clouds to bring about thunder. Real stupid for dying talking about the weather, geology and astronomy.

    Net: You must also remind the college professors to bring pride to students.

    Ramen: Yes indeed. When the whites produce their great works of literature they include science. When the whites spit out their Norton Anthologies they include Sir Isaac Newton theory about light and colors and John Newman Idea of a University. Henry “Skip” gates comes out with his anthology virtually devoid of the real black history writers or science inspiration. We blackmen must get it together.

    Net: Those treated like dogs will act like dogs.

    Ramen: Well its time we reverse the Dog into a God. Reverse evil into live. Live for the truth and eternal life which is the Olympic prize. Well when you go to the horse race we do not leave the Stallion at the stable. Didn’t James write: “When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal”. And those newly born (baptized) we give milk until they can handle the tough meat of the inner meanings of the parables which are the mysteries taught from ancient times of old.

    Net: Are you ready

    Ramen: I’ve been ready to unite The male & female together As one. You know family is the foundation of a civilized society. I went to school to learn it but they were in error. I didn’t like one of my white teachers she only asked me two questions on gay equality for civil unions and racism. She was trapped in her own box. Most women fail in relationships because they have their own self-interest in mind you see and so do men. Paul was a wise man who once said: “For everyone looks out for his own interest, not those of Jesus Christ”. Many women subconsciously alienate men from the family by thinking their role is just that of a work horse for her and her kids.

    Net: What did you think about Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

    Ramen: He didn’t have the childhood he wanted so he created it in adulthood not for himself but for the kids who visited his ranch. You can take a man who didn’t succeed in being picked for the squad on his high school basketball league but lives it out with a son he brings into the world.

    Net: of course he takes into account the child isn’t forced into the game but his own freewill enjoys it and enjoys the game.

    Ramen: Yes and we can teach sports like an analogy to real life to. Gold medals around the neck for those who kept true to their game just like pleaders in court in ancient Egypt. Those who were true in pleading got a gold necklace they wore around their necks.
    Net: So what is the message for Judges

    Ramen: respect all even the law breakers

    Net: Why?

    Ramen: Law breakers can be used down the road. It’s criminals who know about other criminals. Look at the movie Catch me if you can. They convert a convict to work for the FBI to be on their side. They fight crime intelligently and truly reformed a crooked soul straight.

    Net: Will you visit those in prison?

    Ramen: Now Jesus visited those in prison. And it may have been allegory of individuals souls still trapped inside the body as its tomb or prison. These are those who have rage, anger management and not able to have self-control. Self control leads to perseverance and godliness. You know those in sports like to call themselves prevaliers. Those that loose their cool from trash talkers on the court get psyche out of the game and loose their cool. Self-control is about the mind controlling the body. The body is the slave the mind the master. Stay on this course and your soul will be let free from your body and not have to go through this rebirth like I’m going through. But I’m on a mission to help those fight the second death and win this game and win their prize.

    Net: You have already been in prison right

    Ramen: I went their to work. I didn’t teach anything, but the inmates their black and white taught me a whole hell of a lot. They were wise but they made mistakes linked with greed, cravings and lack of self-control. Many of them can’t read and that is an indicator that they will not be able to provide for themselves or teach themselves how to love self and their village.

    Net: So with this invisible Olympic torch I give to you is very much part of The Mission.

    Ramen: If I’m correct this torch is part of the light I give to others who will have this torch on the most important day of the universe. If they are smart they will go high up top on the roof of their house to avoid the sulfur fire down below. Angels will use the transportation of clouds, ships to pick up those making SOS signs with their torches and give the body distress sign of Shu and Joshua did in his battle against darkness.

    Net: I wish I could have been around to teach Socrates of the one who appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. The Cross that I put at your nose was pure air for your lungs again Ramen. But this cross also is linked up with the great one to symbolically kill darkness just like those in the book Dracula held up against the Count of darkness. You see Dracula can’t live when the sun is out he must be in his coffin. Its something like Horus, the sun duking it out with Set/Satan who is sunset.

    Ramen: So if I drop the torch I loose?

    Net: if you run a 4x 400 meter dash race if you drop the baton you forfeit the race.

    Ramen: So if I drop the torch I forfeit eternal life for the second death?

    Net: Allegorically you failed the Mission to stay in the light and pass the light on and you loose. And you know I’m playing for keeps don’t you.

    Ramen: I do now. I will win just like Samson, David and Joshua won. I will keep fighting until my heart stop ticking. And tell the big guy up there that I’m godly sorry for the other guy that I was and I’am no more. That old man is dead. Thanks for the new body.

    Net: Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret.

    Ramen: My mission to help get souls out of secular and spiritual slavery. Get them my freedom and myself freedom to be in the body in peace and leave the body in peace. I will need no weapons but a flashlight. I’m no longer a caveman living in the wilderness of North America. I’m a universal citizen that makes the world flat with the internet. Truth is love and love is truth. I will combine the liberal with science. My poems will not destroy people like it did Socrates.

    Net: When I leave you will be on your own. You know the mission. Be true to the game. I will cover myself up in a cloud so that no prayer can get through. You must figure out how to beat the sons of darkness like a gladiator fights in Rome for the Emperor.

    Ramen: wait a minute now. Would it be apporpriate to take on a political issue like health care?

    Net: Any means necessary you can use to advance the mission.

    Ramen: I was just curious because I thought the Angels used The presidents mothers condition and fight with the insurance companies far in advance to give him the sentiment to help others he do not know.

    Net: How do you link health care with your mission

    Ramen: If people die before their time they might be cheated out of eternal life.

    Net: Some could and some not. A lot of people die before the time and still get their ticket and gold

    Ramen: but I’m talking about the other ones who didn’t get to live out their allotted time to have their faith and deeds outweigh the darkness in their life.

    Net: Okay its sound and logical and it doesn’t apply to the unborn but it affects those involved in the killing just like Molech burnt children with fire. Your fire handed to you can stop some of them. Stay away from the honey of the dead lion and stay out of the bear house. Stay in your own house because that great day will be in darkness and you need a candle or lamp to be seen. To be seen is to be healed and saved.

    Ramen: Amen


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