Chief Elder Osiris : The Misrepresentation Of Black Female-Male Relationship!!!

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    The Misrepresentation Of Black Female-Male Relationship!!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    The greatest Master Teacher for the Black World is the Universe, why do you not know, that is why everything our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors took the Time to reference the Universe in all that they taught us about God, Universe, and our Black selves.

    Everything, Everything that has to do with our Ancient Black culture is pattern after the relationship that the Planets have with the Stars and the Elements, Children of the Stars, that which we refer to, as Nature physical World.

    Beloved, there is not one thing that is Divinely associated with the Black World that instruct the goddess of the Black World to have to bow to her opposite, nor does she has a Divine Need to placate to the so call Male gender, serving as the god in the Black World, but whose action and authority does not require masculine dominance over the Life giving source within the Black World.

    The Relationship between the Black Womb gender and her opposite the Staff gender is not about Class it is about Divine interaction between the two of them, establishing a Divine relationship with each other, that will provide and protect the sacredness of Divinity of the two, one having no more vain wants over the other, because the two operate on such a Divine level of interaction where the attributes of vanity and profane morality has no place in such a Divine Relationship between the goddess and gods of the physical Black World, such is the Natural Universal Culture of the Divine Relationship that our Ancient Cosmic First Way Divine Black Ancestors lived upon this Planet call Earth and did in fact taught us to act and behave as Divine Beings.

    The present day so call Afrikan culture is flawed and is tainted with the action and behavior of the Human Being, they that teach such a lie that the goddess of the physical Black Universe came forth out from the Rib of a Man, I have told you beloved, White folks Lie and when you consent to copy your Life after them, you end up believing as they do about God, Universe, and themselves, such a flawed culture of the Human Being, is not the Black Divine Being culture, your culture Black goddess and gods, happen to be the way the Universe act and behave within Its own action, because you Black world, is no more than an extension of the Universe, such was our status on this planet call earth prior to our Fall from our Divine Relationship we were involved in with the Elemental Forces of and with the Universe.

    All, all that Black folks believe and do today is attached to what the Human Being has taught Black People, so there is no Sacred Divine Black culture being practiced on this planet today as I speak, how can it be when here we Black Folks are, a People who do not know who in the hell we are, yet we make claim to a way of Life Living that has been so structured by people with a History of lying and deceiving Black People and here we are attempting to make it sound so Afrikan, as if the Black goddess need to bow to her counter-part and worship him, not so beloved, he, the now Black Man Human Being has proved to be the weaker of the Two, weaker because of how he has allowed the Black world and Queen Mother Land of our origin in coming to this place now referred to as Afrika, how foolish we Black folks have become in our ignorance of whom we Black Divine Beings Are.

    To the goddess of the Black World, I beseech you to not allow a debilitating Black Male Beings, now wearing the coat of a profane Human Being, convince you that you are all the Human Being tell you about your goddess self, you Black Womb gender, you are not required to bow to no Man, Black , White, or Yellow, you Black Womb gender is the daughter of the Stars and your Star Mother, who gave birth first to you and you to your counter part, now calling himself Man, your Mother is the Daughter of the Perfect Night, that which reflect the shadow of the Divine Essence of all there is and ever will be, within the confine of Eternal Infinity.

    Black Womb gender, you are the Strength of the Black World and it is your Glow are we required to revolve around, as you maintain your Rotational Viberation, generating the Godly Energy that come from the Perfect Night, the antithesis of the Eternal Infinite Energy, the Essence of all things that Is And Is Not.

    When You Do Not Know, You Set Yourself Up To Believe Everything The Human Being Tell you About Your Black Selves And It Is All Because We Black People Do Not Know Who In The Hell We Are, And The Black World Suffer From Such Ignorance.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Lends credence to the saying:"live your life by the stars". Can't rememeber if that's a self-concocted phrase, but every now & then it crosses to mind. Is any one familiar with that phrase?