Chief Elder Osiris : The Misconception Of Spirituality

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well dearly beloved, here again is where I cut across the orthodox of
    religion and its teaching and also the self proclaimed method and purpose of
    African Theology teaching.

    On the one hand we have the profane teaching of western/ Arab religion and
    on the other hand we have the self confessed African Theologians,
    specializing with the Metaphysic, dealing with what we call the different
    phases of extended consciousness, which put us in the realm of what we
    associate as being our Spirituality.

    Spirituality is the base, the foundation upon which we aspire to ascend and
    achieve, whether it be in this Life of on some other plane of existence and
    yet we are confused about what our Spirit is all about and what it entails.

    So I ask, does it make us deeply spiritual if we have mastered the knowledge
    about what our Ancient Ancestors taught and we are able to speak many
    diverse tongues or is able to read the hieroglyphs of our Ancient Carbon

    Spirituality is a way of Life and is a sign of a divinity that we have
    reached in this Life and not some promised Religious Life, that is to come
    in the hereafter.

    Spirituality will not allow our Soul to rest, as we reside in a state of
    bondage, under constant abuse from those who would desire to be gods of
    this earth

    If one confess to be a hierophant , a Master Teacher about the Metaphysical
    and if there is a Divine clearance, the teacher will know the true meaning
    and purpose of Spirituality and the rewards it will render when the
    equilibrium in Life body is obtained.

    Life is for the body and our Spirituality should be a way of Life that will
    secure Life Body, peace of mind, Temperance in ways and action for this Life
    and nothing else and if our thoughtful knowledge of Spiritual essence does
    not require, through our knowledge of God, the Self and the Universe, the
    preservation of the gift from God, our Life, then all that we do and confess
    to, is mere mockery of God.

    I must absorb myself in a Spirituality that will demand my freedom with
    Justice and Happiness, if I have been prohibited from experiencing such
    godly Joy.

    Tell me, what does it profit the Soul to know the ways of our Ancient
    African Ancestors and is lacking in Divine Revelation of what it all mean
    and require we do, that is if we find ourselves in an oppressive state of
    Being, imposed upon us by forces of Evil and selfish ungodly deeds, serving
    as shackles causing mental imprisonment.

    Is it enough to be able to regurgitate the teaching of our Ancient African
    Ancestors and allow ourselves to remain a foolish servant and victim of the
    devil, that old Satan, Lucifer that they are?

    Oh my dear beloved, the Truthfulness of our Spirituality when regained,will
    require as well as demand that we the Children of those Wise Ancient Carbon
    Beings, rest not until the Nation that once provided to the World guidance
    in the knowledge about God, Universe and Being, become in possession of the
    attributes of Spirituality and they are Freedom Justice And Independence,
    culminating with a Peace of Mind and a Happy Soul Body.

    Spirituality is about Freedom and to not be Free is to have a Spirit that is
    in bondage, regardless of how much we might think we know about the teaching
    of our Ancient African Ancestors.

    True Spirituality will not tolerate Lies, abuse and Mental corruption.

    The Spirit is the Mind ability to secure a behavior and attitude that is
    Temperate and locked in moderation and anything less, become a Spirit in
    chaos with a misperception of what meaning and purpose our Spirituality must
    serve to the Body Life.

    Religion attack and suppress the Spirit but True Knowledge will set the
    Spirit free !!!

    Let Those Who Are Wise, Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon African Nation.

    Chief Elder
    African Spiritualist