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    By Chief Elder

    I serve as the Mirror of Black folks Reflection, and the Divine truth about Black People, must be reflected in all that I share, if I am to remain the Divine mirror that accurately reflect the Spirit ( attitudinal behavior ) of a people with many descriptions and prefer them all but the One description that depict them the most accurate of all, the Black Divine Being.

    The mirror Black folks look at, is one that reflect objectively the image you are looking at, and for Black People to claim to be on a mission of finding out whom we are and attempt to look for ourselves being objectively, is what prevent Black people from Seeing ourselves Subjectively.

    So I serve as the subjectively Divine Mirror that reflect the Black Spirit Divinely Truthfully, and to be able to do so, I must not take in forethought what the Black people in the Mirror will believe of me, because my revelation does not come from the Human Beings of this evil world, but come from the Divine Energy of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, whose World I am made of, and with such Divine Knowledge concerning the Divine Black self, I must remain obedient not to the Evil Black Human Beings of this world, now victims of Lucifer Human Being Spirit, but I must remain obedient to the Divine world that is in Me, our Divine First Way Ancient Ancestors, whose World I am made of, and I am in today.

    Not until Black folks are qualified to answer the probing question, To Be, Or not To be, and answer Divinely Honestly, not until such has been accomplished by Black People, will Black People become qualified to know Thyself.

    Let those of you who Wisely understand that which has just been stated to be your challenge, know then, that you are on the Divine Rise to know Thyself.

    The Mirror of your Reflection, reflect only that which is exposed to the Mirror and the Mirror has no hidden agenda of distortion what so ever, so what I share with you is what you Black People bring before the Divine Mirror, the Mirror that reflect only the Divine Truth and Reality of your Black Reflection.

    Contrary to what you black People have been conditioned to believe, there are no your Divine Truth, and My Divine Truth, and to deal with anything less than it being the Divine Truth, it become a Lie skating on the Evil skin of Deception, because you See, and you do have to be qualified to see, if it is the Divine Truth you seek after, the Divine truth is not reflected in objectivity but is completely revealed subjectively, because the Divine Mind reveal only that which is Divinely True and Real and there is no difference between the Divine Truth and Divine Reality, they are in all Practical Divine Purpose, one and The same.

    So the Mirror of your reflection does both, it reflect the Divine Truth and verify to you that which is Divinely Real.

    So the question become, how do you determine what is Divinely True and Real, well in the act of processing your Thoughts, THEY MUST BE IN HARMONY, ORDER, AND BALANCE, MEANING THE PROFOUND REASONING DOES NOT CONFLICT WITH THE FACT OF WHAT ACTUALLY IS, and you do need to be a Divine Thinker, if it is the Divine truth you Seek after to know.

    So, all that you profoundly reason to be Divinely Logical in your summation that you have reached about that you have profoundly Reasoned about, all of your Thought Processes must have been in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the Empirical Facts as been so verified to be the actuality of the action in question, with even when the circumstance become the fact of the matter, it must reflect to verify the actuality of the situation in question, or sought after to be proved to be the Divine Truth and Reality of the Matter.

    Such Mental action must not waver from being verified by the Divine Scale of Harmony, Order, and Balance, in your reasoning, declaring such physical and / or Esoteric evidence is the Divine truth and Reality of the Matter under investigative exploration, usung the Divine Scale to check and balance that which be claiming to be the Divine Truth and Reality, that is causing the Action to be Divinely verified.

    So, when I share with you the Divine truth stating that Black People love to Hold Conferences, claiming that such Meetings are about planning how to perform in such a way that it will benefit Black People, and I share with you that those conferences are gathered not for the purpose of planning to solve the problems of Black People, but is served as a Social Meeting place, so Afrikan Americans can stroke each other and slap each other on the back, play to be a Revolutionary, claiming to be Black Nationalist Garveyites, or what ever else they claim to be, as they indicate their social, economic success, or self imposed struggle, which suppose to qualify them to believe that they best can solve the problems of Social, Economic Inequality, that which plague Black people and those conferences end up lying about what they believe, ( no thought ) to be the solution for Black People, not in the Diaspora, not in Europe, not in Asia, and most certainly not in Afrika, but only in America USA, and even such a narrow of vision of interest is based upon a Lie, in the conclusion they reach.

    Such is a Mirror Subjective reflection of Black People Human Being Spirit, a Spirit that is not qualified to solve the Problems that now abuse the Lives of Black People in the World today.

    Tell me beloved, do you believe that China became the Nation she is today by being objective in viewing themselves and the problems that was facing China, at the Time China chose to go into seclusion ?

    The Mirror of Black People Reflection reveal a people prone to Lie about Whom we are, because we know nothing about such People.

    We Black People love to fantasize about our Life predicament in the World, we clang to an acquired Spirit of Individualism, a Social Construct designed by the Human Being, designed to tear up and confuse a once Unified Black Nation, whose central resting place was at the Eastern Equatorial fault Line of the Earth circumference, verifying that is the Place that is most Dense with Black People, serving as Evidence Empirically, that is the Land where Black People First Resided, and you tell me that Black People no longer carry any clout in their own House and because of that Fact, I am to accept that Black People are functioning in their Ancient First way Ancestors Mind, and as the saying goes, with a full deck, when the Mirror of Black People reflect something entirely different ?

    Tell me Black people, how can you come to terms with yourselves when you can not even See yourself, You in America Black People, you have been using a Flawed Mirror to look at yourselves for over Four Hundred Years, not to mention the amount of Time we in Afrika have been saddled with such a Lying and deceiving mirror, and now today Time, I have been allowed by our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors to serve as a Divine Mirror to you, so that I must have you to be exposed to the Divine Mirror of your Profane Reflection and you counterfeit Afrikans, you in your Modern Sophistication, drunk off of your Human Being arrogance, Clothed in the Trinity Of Evil, they being, Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy of each other, all wrapped in self destructive Malice, been made to believe that you are do nothing, believing that our sorry behind is all that, when you can not Hear the Scream of your Children for Help, don't give a **** about your own House that is now under occupation by Thieves and Robbers of your Divine Spirit, so quick to condemn President Mugabe, when we should get up off of our sorry behind and stand next to that well seasoned Warrior, No, you can not SEE such a Need of us Black people, Why ?

    Because the Black World is no more, we have been made to become Blind to our own Selves, to busy Looking until we can not See the Divine Reflection coming out to you from the Divine Mirror of your Reflection, and as long as the Black World is made not to return to once again Live in our Blackness, the Black World will remain not to be, as we have taken on a Brand New Identity, the Black Human being, we been made to look to Lucifer Politics to be our Messiah, following After Obama, he that does not Know what it Mean to be Living In Black, telling you that your blackness is insignificant, as you use to be Black People, March Willingly to the Melting Pot of Race Transformation, as you now watch without objection, but wit pleasurable acceptance, as everybody now claiming to be Black.

    What foolish Black People we have become, now claiming to be Of the People calling themselves White, making statements to your Black Behind, that there is no Difference between Black People and all of those None Black People.

    Yet it is Black people that reside today at the bottom of Humanity Ladder, a Classification you Black folks who are ignorant of self, now willingly make claim to be, all because you do not Know Thyself, a disease of the Mind that now have Black People despising the Divine Truth and no longer can See our Black Selves, waiting on Lucifer Politics to save us , as we embrace the Religion of our Oppressors.

    Here you so call Black Afrikans are, claiming to be of all sorts of Religion, some of us claiming to be followers of Muhammad, yet holding fast to Jesus, yet will not wear the symbol of Persecution and Murder, the Cross, a sign of complete confusion of the Religious Believers of all Faith, and Hope, and the Belief in a God you know nothing about.

    Here you brand New confused Religious Afrikans of all sorts, some of you wearing the Cross of Lies and Deceit, calling yourselves Human Beings, while our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors carried the Symbol of Life, the Former symbol, the Cross representing Religion Profaneness and the latter Representing Ankh of Divinity, the First Way Ancestors being Divine Beings.

    To Be What You Are, Is Not To Be Whom you Have Become, And To Be Whom You Have Become, And Not To Be Whom you Need To Be, make you to Be, What You Are Not to Be, And What You Are Not To Be, Is What You Are Today, Black Human Being People !!!


    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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    So Who is inside of Us?
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