Chief Elder Osiris : The Mind Is All, All Else Is Mental

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters and brothers:

    Beloved is there a difference between Life and Being and to be able to
    answer that question, will in fact put us in touch with Reality and to know
    that which is Real is to know the True essence of that we refer to as God
    the Creator of All there is, the action that bring to reality what is not.

    The Mind, a product of the THINKING PROCESS and from such thoughts, there is
    brought forth two reality, one that is amenable to the sensual reality,
    which is physical and that which is conceived, which is attached to the
    Mental reality, the power that bring into view all there is to know and be,
    as related to the physical and mental reality.

    So I ask, where does the Spiritual fit into these two dynamics, Sensual and
    Mental, which is the reason why Life and Soul is so complex to those who
    know not of their True essence, the only entity capable of projecting the
    two realities, which encapsulate that which is referred to as Life.

    Is not the Spirit the action of the All and is not the All the essence of
    both realities and is not the projector of the All there is to Life, Mental?

    To master the knowledge of the All, essence, become evidence that the Key to
    the mystery about God and Life, is in the possession of the Knower.

    Is not the Universe reality depended upon the Mental for its reality and is
    not the Mental the projector of the All, and is not included in the All,
    what is called Information, thought, mental and Spirit and do not the All
    include Life and the Spiritual, with each having its own reality, appearing
    on different Mental dimension and yet is projected by the same All that
    reveal what is referred to as reality?

    When one is able to walk the Mental path which provide the protection from
    All confusion about the IT of it All and know clearly what IT represent,
    then one become present in the company it All, God.

    Let Those Of You, Members Of The Black Afrikan Nation, You Who Read This
    Message And do Understand, Then Such Become The sign Of The Beginning Of
    Afrika And The Black Afrikan sensual and Mental resurrection and Freedom,
    Justice, Peace, Joy And Independence and Life sovereignty Will Become The
    reality We will only Accept For Our black life!!!

    It Is Time to Condemn The Lie and Elevate The truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble With The Truth Until Our Liberation!!!

    Up! Up! You Mighty Black Race, You Can Accomplish What you will!!! (
    Garvey )

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    Chief elder Osiris have Now Made himself Available for Lecture and Speaking
    Engagement To All Who are Seeker Of That which Is True and Real To and in
    our life.

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    Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, To Be Held In Arizona, To be sponsored by The
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    Such is needed in Preparation For Our Liberation !!!

    I Come, I Share, You either Accept Or reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan nation.


    Hierophant, Afrikan spiritualist

    Author Of Two controversial Books title:

    1. Lies About God

    2. My God The Creator

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