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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, the first step in a healing process is to first be qualified to acknowledge your Illness and to know what is the cause for such Illness, not until then, will you be able to step upon the path that will lead to you doing what is neccessary to receave Healing from the Illness you be experiencing, so when it come to the Afrikan, there can not be a healing process until the Afrikan is Afrikan enough to acknowledge that the Afrikan People have gotten a Mind Behind Whooping and the cause of the Mind behind Whooping is for being the Divine so call Black Being that you have no knowledge of ever had been today, and the people who have done the Mind Whooping is the people that have logged a History of Oppressing the so call Black Afrikan, they being the people that the Afrikan now Love today without Question nor do you have the need for revenge.

    In the annal of Life, there has always been a responsibility that came with Life and that responsibility serve as the Divine Law Of Life, which is, that which is living that Life, has the responsibility to protect that Life, first and fore most above and beyond all else that might confront that Life and when Evil has come to Mistreat that Life Unjustly and without Divine Reason to do so, then it is that Life that is obligated to be revengeful against that Evil that has violated your Divine Right to Live your Life without being vengencefully attacked, as the Life of the Afrikan has been and the end result being that the Afrikan has received a Mind Behind Whooping to the point of defeat, coming from those without being provoked, yet did come into the presence of the Afrikan with intent to Mind behind Whoop the Afrikan People, which they were successful in doing and the evidence of that success, is the present day condition of the place once was Afrika and the today Afrikan, we being the people of the Walking Dead upon this Planet Earth.

    When something has happen to a people and those people find themselves in a condition that is not common to them in the way that they once Lived their Lives without restraints and now find themselves not being the people of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom about The First Time Upon This Planet, the Afrikan today now made to be the Servant to all others upon this Planet, that beloved, is a sign of a once Divine Peole that has received a Mind Behind Whooping and not until that fact is acknowledged by the people who are victims of such a beating, the victim will continue to live a Life of servitude pretending all is well with the victimatized Afrikan today.

    I have come and I have shared information about ourselves and about those that has given us a Mind Behind Whooping, yet you make claim that you do not understand that which I share with you about you and / or you have developed a great disdain for the Divine Truth to be told to you about our Afrikan Selves, about the way we act and behave today and because it is not what you have been conditioned to Want to Hear, you then conjure up excuse claiming that you can not properly interpret that which I share with you and you Lie because what I share with you is self condemning of you so call Black Afrikans, because when it come to that book referred to as the Bible, the most crypted, jumble, and symbolic book today, that is before the world to study and contemplate over the Lying and Deceiving things it convey to you, I hear not one whimper coming from the faithful Afrikan as you struggle to make sense out of a nonsensical deceitful Book, as you refer to that book as being the word of God, a sign that the Afrikan who believ in that book has been Mind Behind Whooped, because in general, the Afrikan is a Mind Behind Whooped Afrikan, today.

    So beloved, it make no different how many conferences , Meetings, Seminars or get together in the name of concern for Afrika and the Afrikan People that you might convene, because not until you become willing to take care of what is needed to be taken care of first, will you not be able to solve the problems that have caused there to be no more Afrika and have the so call Afrikans, walking this Earth as Dead People.

    So the First Thing the Afrikan need to acknowledge, is that we Afrikans have experienced a Mind Behind Whooping and the Whip Wounds are way much deeper on your Mind Behind than the wounds that our Enslaved Ancestors physical Back Wounds did show, which was caused by the Leather / rope Whip used by those that did Enslaved our Ancestors, an event that the Mind Whooped Afrikan will not confront today with dedication and interest.

    We the Mind Behind Whooped Afrikans, now is conditioned to live a Life of content, exposed with Lies and Deceit coming from the so call Black Afrikan People, about the state of condition of Afrika and the Afrikan People, as the so call Afrikan refuse to confront what caused the Illness to be of Afrika and the Afrikan People, which we now are experiencing from the World, as we now are not being with a Spirit to become Revengeful, because the Bible told you not to be, and it teach you that only GOD is to be Vengeful and because of out Faithfulness in the Bible book, I call your attention to the condition of Afrika and the Divided Afrikan People, today.

    You call out with a Question, What About Afrika, or Whar are We To do About Afrika, well, First we must be qualified to acknowledge that today, there is no Afrika and the Afrikan People are the Dead People Walking upon this Earth, that beloved, is the equilivent to acknowledging that you have a Sickness and that there is a need to acknowledge the cause of the Sickness, because not until then, we are like the Dead attempting to attend to the Dead, never to get a desired result, in healing the sickness that is causing the Illnessof the Afrikan People and Afrika, today.

    Today, the so call Black Afrikan is obsessed with not dealing with the Divine Truth of our Matter, that which have us to be a Mind Whopped Afrikan People today, we rather run all around the Core of our Sickness, having no desire to examine our Illness, so that we will be able to come up with a Divine Diagnosis and and Fight to ge a Divine prognosis concerning the Sickness and Illness that now Cause the Afrikan to be getting continuously, a Mind Behind Whooping, as we Gleefully remain in our Life state of Denial.

    The Number One Virus That Infect The Afrikans today happen to be Jesus of the Christian Religion and you have been informed of My Book, Lies About God, the book That goes to the very Nerve Center of the Christain Religion, which you do not care to know about, coming from a Divine so call Black Afrikan Mind, it being a Divine Approach in Revealing that Jesus is a Lie, Never Was, and never will be.

    So what happens when the Most Feared Book about the Jesus Lie is mention to you, well someone came to challenge the stated Lies About god, without ever having read the Book that present a Ration and Logical Thesis about Jesus being a Lie, so what you Afrikan believing Jesus fairhful do, you lay your Claim to prove Jesus is real by attempting to prove about Jesus being real by sighiting the Revelation Scripture of the Oppressors giving you a description of Jesus, and because of the Fact when it come to Religion, Black folks are conditioned not to Think, therefore you will not Know that which you need to Know about Life on all Levels of our Life Living, so because the Devil Writers of the Bible tell you that Jesus wore Locks and his feet was as Burning Brass, you ummediately jump to a desired conclusion that the Roman, Graeco were describing the so call Black Afrikan, when doing that time the Afrikan as today, were given no respect and is always looked upon as the Human Beings Oxen, made to carry Heavy Burden, I guess you know what I am insinuating here in regard to the claim of Jesus, but allow me to get back to the Jesus description in the Revelation book of the Devil Symbols.

    Beloved do you not know that the Middle Eastern man wear a very intense Tan, as Brazen Brass and that Their Long Curly Hair was referred to as Locks, so the Writers of that book of Revelation were Symbolizing the Middle Eastern man whom they had decided to present to you as the Jesus Jewish Enemy to Rome.

    Beloved, As I have shared with you, when you do not Know you set yourselves up to believe anything, you Afrikans being in such a hurry to place importance of you in the Midst of your Oppressors, when in fact, you do not need to assume a Fantasy identity, when in fact you so call Black Afrikans are the Divine Beings that came to this Planet out from the Cosmos and you can not bring yourselves to do what you need to do in order to come to Know Thyself, and not the Self of those that have given us a Mind Behind Whooping in the Fantasy personage of a Fictitious Character by the name of Jesus..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To yourselves, Beloved

    Chief Elder