Black People : The Metu Neter & The Hermetica

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    Just got hold of a copy of The Hermetica - a collection of the writings of Thoth, written in basic English.
    Has anyone else read this?
    How do you think it ties in with the Metu Neter?
    Does it count as a genuine piece of Egyptian spiritul writing?
    Sorry for so many questions, but I'm still new at studying Egyptian religion.
    Here is an excerpt of some of the text in the book....

    Atum is the Whole
    which contains everything
    He is One, not two.
    He is All, not many.
    The All is not many separate things,
    but the Oneness that subsumes the parts.
    The All and the One are identical.
    You think that things are many
    when you view them as separate,
    but when you see they all hang on the One,
    and flow from the One,
    you will realise they are united -
    linked together,
    and connected by a chain of Being
    from the highest to the lowest,
    all subject to the will of Atum.