Black Spirituality Religion : The Metaphysics Behind Suffering.


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Oct 13, 2006
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How often have we wondered about the suffering and the plight of Black people around the world? Why do we have to suffer so much? Does God love us? Are we being punished for something? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Is there a reason for my suffering?

We can examine the concept of "suffering" by using metaphysics or just simple life mathematics.

Suffering is usually associated with some form of pain. You hit your kneecap or toe for example on the sharp edge of the bed rail. The pain you suffer, is due to fact the body isolates that area from the rest of the body, in order to place immediate attention on it, to heal it. While it does hurt, and the pain will be immense, shortly thereafter, everything is back to normal, the blood flow is regular, you are breathing better again.

Separation equals pain, pain equals suffering. Suffering is the result of separation.

Separation is sold to us on a social level as independence. We are more separated today as a Nation than we have ever been because of this concept. Ask the Elders. They will tell us. Today we have so-called Independent Women. Women who boast their single status, and quote Beyonce songs. Yet these same Independent Women, struggle because of Separation. Men suggest, Well- if you're so Independent- here- raise these children by yourself. The same Inde Women suffer from lack of support from Grandma, who back years ago helped to raise the family. Grandma is an Inde Woman too. Grandma doesn't have time for that.

The Inde Men, who had support from the community and Manhood because they were raising their children collectively, find themselves having skills but no jobs. Back in the day, just because a Man had children he would get hired before the Man without children did, it made better sense.

A Man with a Wife and children who worked hard to support them was looked at as a Nobleman. The community loved and adored him. Other Men respected him, and cherished his judgment. But now he is an Inde Man. Its easier to scoop him up off the street and put him in jail, than help him find a job to feed his family. "You on your own Bru-" his own Brothas would say to him.

Suffering is the result of separation. It has nothing to do with God, the Ancestors or even the Universe around us. Because all of these parties have provided us the tools and common sense to unify ourselves. The fact that we decline this action is on us. Separation is an illusion. It's the illusion that tells you, you and the Universe are not connected.

We speak to God and of God as if anything that could hold such a title is limited from being itself and all of us at the same time. Nothing deserving of a title God, or creator of Gods can be bond to limitations, because then, there is nothing supreme about this force at all.

Even when we refer to ourselves as Gods, along with it, we must also suggest that we recognize our own unlimited potential to exist beyond all realities.

A God does not suffer. A God stomps his toe, and hears the music inside the pain. He/She uses this brief moment to experience wholeness. A God also recognizes that the small pains, helps keep us away from the big ones. The Ancestors might reward you with a small bruise, to fulfill the debt that may've caused a big cut. Learn to appreciate the fumbles and scraps, to avoid the lifetime of failed marriages.

In the end, your heart should be lighter than a feather. Look at everything going on the world. Everything is about making the heart as heavy as possible.

Materials mean absolutely nothing if the people aren't unified. We are divided. Cut into sections, as a Mother would cut the meat into smaller and smaller pieces to make it digestible for the babe. The babe is White Supremacy.

For the most part, our subconscious is our biggest oppressor now. Even our subconscious is -in-divide. Therefore we suffer. Therefore nothing goes right. Why does this keep happening to me? What did I do to deserve this punishment? Maybe I need to go to Church and ask God to forgive my Sins. Maybe I need to tithe more.

This Brotha came up to me and said: "I was in suffering until I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became saved! I started going to church more, I started doing the things God wanted me to do instead of what I wanted to do."

I said to him- Jesus Christ had nothing to do with that. Jesus Christ was only your chosen pathway to cosmic (common) sense. You found community through the Church. You started belonging to something, a natural Human need and requirement. Your connection to the Church had you feeling less alone and more involved. The God that you speak of is community. You started fulfilling what the community needed from you, instead what you were doing for yourself as a so-called individual, which there is no such thing, that is the illusion. You started giving money to a collective agenda, or so-called. This gives you a feeling of community involvement and duty.

So, in retrospect, Jesus Christ, took away your illusion of suffering.
And guess what, you are your Jesus Christ. That is your own subconscious Avatar trying to wake you up to the truth of your own being. You are not one separate speck of nothing floating around space and time, alone and detached from the source of life. You are in fact, like all of us, a replica of that source, positioned at a different angle of experience- so that a perspective on wholeness can be established.

The Church and the Military uses the same tactics. The Schools, the Government all of these systems train and program our minds in the illusion of separation.

People who are unified, who work and think as a community, make more money and get more things done than those who do not. The gas and electric companies charge every house an individual rate, even if all those homes share the same connection. But to us, this makes sense. Because we are trained that way. But if people approached the gas and electric companies as a community of houses that all share the same connection, their bills would have to be cheaper.

Inde Thinkers stay broke, and continue to suffer because they live in separation. Why haven't we figured this out yet? Why are people still running around trying to get things done- by themselves? Why are we watching 12 -15 year old Mothers pushing strollers expecting that child to grow up "OK" - why do these things make sense to us?

Why is there such a thing as a "self-made" millionaire? Is there such a thing as people who buy from themselves? If I could write a book, print and publish a million books myself, and buy all those books myself, then yes - I am a self-made millionaire. There is no such thing. Its an illusion.

So no wonder we think we can do everything on our own. Oprah is not an Inde Woman. That is also an illusion. But yet the same so-called "self-made" Millionaire- will come back to the Ghetto of Black America to speak. And when asked, why don't you help train some of the youth in what you know. Why don't you help small black businesses in the communities where you yourself were raised up. He/She will say - "well I did on my own, and by myself, anyone who wants be rich can do it on their own too."

This is another clear example of Black folks with money and no sense. Because wealth building even in the White Communities, is handed over and taught. Italians, Jews and Arabs - teach their own, and hand down businesses and opportunities to their own. There is no such thing as, I did it all by myself. B.S. No one has ever succeeded on this planet by themselves. Ever.

Even when an African successfully outruns and Lion and jumps into a tree, it is because he Grandfather outran a Lion first.

Suffering is the result of separation.


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