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    By Andre Austin

    A fictionalize summary of Louis E. 1X
    A speech in Detroit in 20012
    On Salvation day February 23

    Before the play begins teenagers in the Muslim Movement perform a step show. It was bad everybody floated on their feet like Ali in the ring and chanted with songs. The brothers moves were precise and on point better than any American military drill put in effect.

    Louis comes out flanked by female security guards from which he copied from a Libya president in Africa.

    Louis X: Yes brother I’m back to where it all began in the city of Detroit in the 1930’s where the tribe of Shabazz from a city in Pakistan our leader hit Elijah Poole with lightning of wisdom.

    The audience: “That’s right” “teach brother minister” and “Listen”.

    Louis X. You know they are calling me the merchant of hate. That’s not very nice but I will take it and turn it into a very great compliment. I will turn the tables on all you shysters who twist my words for their evil purpose. Just like Shakespeare in his masterpiece work The Merchant of Venice. In that play the moneylender Shylock took Antonio to debtors court and tried to take him for all he had because Antonio wanted the prize of Shylock daughter Jessica. And when the smoke cleared up Antonio, the Christian walked out of that courtroom having the deed, the lien and the rights to all of Shylocks property. You see Shylock had Antonio by the testicles but he got too greedy. Shylock wanted his flesh and blood but couldn’t have both. The Jews of today want my flesh and blood to drip in the streets of Chicago, but they can only character assassinate me for now. The FOI and almighty Allah protects my life. Our modern day prize isn’t Jessica its economic independence.

    Audience: Stands up saying “that’s right” and “make it plan”. As they stand up the FOI who were sitting in chairs stands up also.

    Louis X: Rise up Detroit. We can’t rise when black educators flunk 75% of black males from high school. We must awake from our sleep get educated then get busy in economic development of our community. I want to be like David Rubenstein who created the largest private global investment firm called The Carlyle Group. This is how the whites rule, they unite together in economic partnership. We blacks don’t even want to buy a sandwich from each other. The Jews hate me so they stopped Johnson who owned Jet & Ebony from distributing my hygienic materials called Power. But the Jews treated me like they did the jazz singer Billie Holiday back in the 1930’s and would not let her advertise for soap on the radio commercials because they had the stereotype when we were butt naked in the slave ships coming her to work for free. And you have a Museum in Detroit that documents these slaves who are clothed now but they should be naked like they were original were and not painted grey but black so that we can identify with them. The Vatican has their naked penis of David. Read in the bible and Babylonian Talmud how the Jews put a hex on us to be butt naked and slaves. And now in 2012 we still live with the legacy because every time you think of a Blackman and woman, your subconscious mind comes up with an elongated penis and a big Hottentots backside that our woman like Erykah badu and trina display for free on the international stage. Badu knows better because I allowed her to sing/speak at the MMM. And now our leaders our Mayors are going Buck wild at the Moonewgeian Mansion.

    What is wrong with you Blackman? Why are you still sleep. Its time for the Papa grizzly bear you wake you up out of that funky bed of immorality to the king, prince and queen that you are. We are going to be different than The Carlyle Group because they are made men just like the mafia and cartel they are. We are the created men and woman who are in the light of God’s image. We will trade and buy and sell with each other and not exploit each other. Just look at yourselves running into the shop of Les Gold who owns Hardcore Pawnshop. Elijah Muhammad taught us to trade with ourselves. So why not loan each other money. Do you want some power that will last, at last, forever?

    Audience: Yes we do brother minister.

    Louis X: then stand up and take this pledge:

    We will be just like the Jews, the original black Jews and become an almighty economic super, power house, subtracting any unrighteous deeds. Are you ready to become an International Blackman.

    Audience: “Yes sirrrrr“.

    Louis X: Do you want some power?

    Audience “Yes sirrrr”

    Louis X: power will never come to you until you stop eating that tough leather called collard greens. it’s a weed. And speaking of weed you need to get off the reefer too. This isn’t Friday and reefer doesn’t stimulate our minds. If it did reefer would have gotten us out of hell a long time ago with all that reefer we smoke.

    Audience: laughing (LOL) Someone in the audience shouts out that its no longer called reefer but indo, chronic, Mary Jane etc.

    Louis X I don’t give a dammmn what you call. You know what I’m talking about. America both black and white made Escobar the 7th richest man in the world until the Colombia military took him down. That money from drugs could have put all the unemployed people back to work. You dope dealers I’m warning you. You riding around in Cadillac’s but don’t even own a book.

    Listen, we have to clean ourselves up just like Malcolm did. Malcolm was a heavy drug addict, a thief who broke into houses, a steer or a pimp and mistreated woman. Read his autobiography how he regretted mistreating a black woman who later became a lesbian. How he and shorty (Malcolm Jarvis) helped run the numbers. They were there in Harlem when Bumpy Johnson, Dutch Shultz, and the Madame were all on top before Malcolm went to prison. Prisons are not the same now, they check the library books very carefully after Malcolm ran amuck in the library.

    Lincoln once said in his quest for the presidency that blacks would never be able to free themselves and be like rebel Toussaint from Haiti because we didn’t have a mass communication network and we snitch out on each other. Well now we have the internet, Youtube, web cast and cell phones and the revolution, I’m sorry Gill Scott heron, will be televised. Gill a brilliant poet. And I hope he recovers from the HIV the government spread out like they did drugs in the black community.

    We can’t have a Black dynasty like the Egyptian empire who had about 30 of them lasting between 3100BC to 30BC with HIV and you marrying some girl out of a bar or crack house. Back in the Victorian period they had arranged marriage where economic powerhouse families made alliances with marriages. Menes from Upper Egypt married Neit from Lower Egypt to bring their country together. Now you got some churches in the black community who refuse to marry unless they both go to the same church. Lets unite and stop coming up with a fantasy that you have to agree 100% with each other. The entertainment world they unite sometimes. We have Rev Run’s daughter Angel, who is taking the path of the young woman Mary and making Bow Wow come to her correctly on a high note. Can you dig it?

    The Blackman will rise again and take his rightful place on the earth. We just have to keep our eyes on the prize, not Jessica but economic independence with a spiritual foundation that reject white crazy philosophers like Ayn Rand who calls capitalism a virtue of selfishness. We must watch out for Hollywood too. They are eating up our entertainment businesses like BET and Motown. When you watch their movies look for who Rises and who Falls. I want to thank the audience for digging deep in your pocket and donating to the work of the NOI. Some of our captains are passing buckets down the pews right right. Please show us some love. I greet you in the greeting words of peace: As-Salaam-Alaikum


    At the end of the speech Louis X opened up for some brief Q & A.

    Stanley Crouch: Are you helping to stop any future book burnings of the Koran?

    Louis X: Yes I did and I will. You do not want a religious war to come into existence. If I could stop anyone from burning the Koran by getting on my knees and kissing their foot I would to save the lives of millions.

    Crouch: Is Yacub and Willie Lynch still standing in your lectures.

    Louis X: Yes. Yacub Jewish name is Jacob. White genes can’t produce a black baby. So you have the created and the made. Only Black genes can produce a white baby. Two black Nigerians in London proved that a couple of months ago. Willie Lynch is fiction but so what a white man could have said similar things in his speech. Just look at what Lincoln said about our unity and what Hoover of the FBI said about our unity concerning a black messiah. J. Edgar Hoover could have wrote what Willie Lynch said in all of his secret memos. We have blacks in Hollywood divided against each other. Look at spike lee calling Tyler Perry a coon and buffoon show. I say we need both them brothers on the stage. The world is a stage you have a entry from the womb and exit out of the tomb and in between time we play many character roles of development. Spike and Tyler are the moon and sun we need both of these lights so that we can appreciate the stars in the sky and down on the earth. They are just different lights and bait to get at the minds of black folk.

    Seth Bernal: I’m from the Jewish press. Would you like to make peace with the Jews once and for all?

    Louis X: The Jews should want to make peace with the 1.2 Billion Muslims around the world. We can come together. I know the Jews would like to sell their products to a potential 1 billion customers like America buy, sell and trade with China 1 billion people. Economic exchange away from exploitation helps to heal religious and racial healing. Just look at the city of Atlanta they are too busy to hate. Now I quote here what Mark twain said in 1898 Concerning The Jews: “The basis of successful business is honesty; a business cannot thrive where the parties to it cannot trust each other. In the matter of numbers of the Jew counts for little in the overwhelming population of New York; but that his honesty counts for much is guaranteed by the fact that the immense wholesale business houses of Broadway, from the Battery to Union Square, is substantially in his hands“.

    Twain could have wrote this in 2012. Now to reduce tension one ethic group can’t dominate the other. One can’t be the horse and the other the rider because they are not equal. I recall MLK saying: “We have to put the horse (power) before the cart programs”. And he also said he didn’t want to get integrated out of power either.

    Paris Perez Hilltop: The gay community see you Mr. X as a threat. One of you inner circle advisors Khalid Muhammad said he was going to kill **** and lesbians and pull the dress up from the Pope.

    Louis X: Well that was in the late 1990’s and Khalid died almost ten years ago. I kicked him out of the NOI and he went on to found The New Black Panther Party. Now I don’t intend to lift up the Pope’s Mithraism robe literally. I’ve played music with Bobby Jones gospel and sister Ava is ministering to the black gay Mecca in Atlanta, GA.We are not responsible for the criminal acts the white man got us into. When you think of a black woman your subconciouness mind thinks of a naked behind. We didn’t do that. But we perpetuate this with Garcelle Beauvais naked bootie on the cover of Playboy. The Jews wrote they would make us the butt of their jokes and put us to shame in their bible. The Koran does say the Jews “Changed the words from their right places” (5:14) and as a consequence the New testament too go twisted up in this web and that’s why the Koran came into existence. The NOI allowed Malcolm in. We knew he engaged in bi-sexual acts but he was on drugs, he had lost his culture, religion, his name and almost his mind but we reformed him and turned him into the created man that he was. Gay people are humans too. Bayard Rustin save Martin Luther King from humiliation when his Nobel peace prize entourage got caught with white prostitutes in Norway. Rustin also helped King with Gandhi and the 1963 march on Washington that Beck and palin tried to usurp.

    Hilltop: Did you have anything to do with Malcolm X’s death. Black people did kill him.

    Louis X: Skin color doesn’t make one a brother. Dick Gregory gave a lecture in the late 1990’s, I think its on Youtube, exposing the fact that some black people in Kings inner circle helped white people to kill him. Malcolm would have been alive today if he would have submitted to Elijah’s orders of not making mockery of Kennedy’s death. The blacks who killed him represented the FBI, CIA and drug cartels who wanted to keep blacks on dope and asleep. But now king and X are seeds and every generation must grow from them, from their root to the tree branch.

    Andrew Austan: I met a Jewish girl at the laundry mat. Would it be cool if I dated her? Also I looked into my great uncle’s genealogies after reading Volume 2 of The Secret relationship Between Blacks and Jews. His grandparents last name was Nix, they were Mulatto and buried together in Perry County, Tenn. in 1916 in the white section. I guess they allowed them in because they were half white looking. Sim was the name of his grandfather which is a Jewish name. It was a hell of a coincidence I met Simone in the laundry mat. I called her on the phone and said I know few whites name simone. She didn’t want to tell me she was Jewish she wanted me to figure it out. She then said her father would have named her Rubin if she would have been a boy. I then asked if she was Jewish and she said yes. What do you think about interracial marriage?

    Louis X. W. Fard Muhammad the founder of the NOI was half black and white. He could have walked the streets with former president Dwight Eisenhower whose mother was an octoroon. He felt sympathy for blacks and sent troops to little Rock Arkansas and came up with the first Civil Rights bill all in 1957. Now Sim or Simon means Black. Did Jacob have a son that name? Didn’t Aaron have a grandson name phinehas meaning Nubian or Black. Moses first name was osarseph, meaning son of Osiris. And didn’t the enemies of Egypt from lower Egypt worship Seth and drove the Jews out of Egypt. The original children of Israel were Black Egyptians followers of Pharaoh Akhenaton until Jesus got us back to Amen. Volume 3 is coming soon and yes 75% of Jews owned slaves. Until we have collative justice here in America and in the world true love can’t grow properly. We have to be honest and truthful with each other. We are destroying ourselves all for the selfish love of money. We must be more merchants of love and not hate. The Jews were upset with Jesus for turning over their tables of commerce inside the temple. Hostility built up and the Romans who were down with Mithra hung him up butt naked on a cross and killed him. Some of our spirits are caught up in the third heaven or rapture of love waiting on his kingdom of government to come down like a stream of justice. Hot stream of justice like a lake of fire.

    The time is short and I must be leaving. I thank you for all of your interesting questions.
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