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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When I share information with Black people and whom ever else reading that which I share, I am not expressing an opinion or is making an assertion that can not be supported with Empirical Divine Reasoning, meaning that the rationale is supportive of the fact and is evidence based upon experience, past and present, taking no thought for tomorrow, because such Mind Play, is based upon belief, Faith, Hope and wishful Wanting, a Mind approach that demonstrate mental immaturity by the use of that process we refer to as the Mind.

    I have clearly demonstrated that I do not share information just for the sake of trying to win you over to a position I am sharing with you, nor am I out to become clannish buddies with you, such weaken the Mind in being able to objectively and subjectively critique the buddy and member of the Clan, a type of relationship that will agree with each other even when the evident of Fact does not support the claim being made by the buddy and/ or member of the Clan or Tribe.

    So when I share with you, it is not in an attempt to get you to agree with that which I am sharing, my only desire, is for you to independently Think about that which I share with you and reach your own Sovereign conclusion, having only that to influence you, to be nothing but Profound Reasoning and Corresponding Logic, about the Matter under your Mind investigation.

    Now, I have said that to share this with you about Black so call Afrikan People, a People whom I Love very dearly, not with Sensual Emotion but with my Mind Knowledge, which allow me to Know who we Black so call People are.

    Black People suffer from a Mental immaturity because we do not have the Mind discipline to know what is to be important and significant in our Lives today, we are so easily led to be delusional about the events of happening in our Lives, we no longer has the Mental discipline of how to assign what is to be most important in our Lives to us and then go into action to cause those important things that do not harm our lives but to become a part of our Life Happening, peacefully.

    For instant, Here we Black folks are, all wrapped up in somebody else method of Believing, so much to the level that we do not know how to organize and sequence our Mind action, so that it will serve to the greater good of our Lives and not somebody else Life, we in the House of Rome, asking question why it is that we use the term Black, Afrikan, why we spell Afrika with a K and not a C, we making believing statement that Black so call Afrikan people have never been united and respectful toward each other, we choose somebody else account and Theory concerning a God somebody else created to be worshiped and obeyed, using the assertion of a doctrine that lead you to believe that God is a so call Man, sitting in Heaven sending out Commands to you Black People, you who love to question that we have been conditioned to believe the moment we believe we are beginning to recalibrate our method of believing and I say, believing is being used in the midst of all of our questions and assertions about why we are doing the things we are doing, questions that should be so easily answered and understood by us black so call Afrikans, yet they are not, and it is all because of our Mental immaturity we now function with, in our lives today, oh yes, Black Lives.

    Beloved, here is our situation in the world today, which is that we do not have anything to refer to as being our very own today, nothing, not even our Lives and the proof of that which I share is the very fact and evidence of the condition our Lives are being Lived today, we functioning under an immature Mind.

    We here in America are not in control nor do we have authority over anything about ourselves in America, so that is why we use the term Black to identify ourselves, have we forgotten so quickly that Boy, Girl, Niggxx, Negro, Colored, Afrikan and Black to name a few of the adjectives we have been known by and the creator of those Terms are the same that coin the term Black and that it is an International use of a term to identify a People who do not know who in the Hell we are ?

    No, No, tell me how foolish we will verify ourselves to be, by addressing ourselves as something that we choose to be, but are not in a position to control and enforcement such usage of self identification.

    Tell me, has Black Folks forgotten that the environment we now live in, we Black Folks have no say so over what is to be the accepted Living and Cultural standard for us and our way of Life to be, here in America, regardless of how we pretend to be so traditional Cultural Afrikan ?

    We Black Folks are no more than pawns in the game of white America and we will remain to be as such, and with our approval, as long as we function with a immature Mind, which prevents us from having a desire to be free from America Environment and the other Worlds Environment as well, they being the Worlds with a history of abusing and oppressing Black People, Worlds that have erased the Divine Mind of a People who now do not know whom we Black folks are and we have no desire to recreate the type of Environment we are Genetically accustom to, all because we have no idea of what a Divine Spiritual Retreat really entails and as long as we run from such a need of our action, we will continue to suffer under the delusion that a Immature Mind is what's best Manifest to be for our Life way of Living.

    The action that are now going on, not just in South Afrika, that type of spirit now being displayed by Black folks in South Afrika, that is nothing new, why are you so call Afrikans pretending that you are so amazed and bewildered over such action, you know as well as I do that such a Spirit the South Afrikan Element of self destruction is displaying, is the Modus Operandi of Afrikan People locked in their Tribal immature Mind today, how hypocritical delusional Black so call Afrikans are today, always focusing in on things that serve as a distraction from us focusing in on what we need to be focusing in on, which caused us to be acting as we are today and we need to desire an action capable of Reuniting the Black Nation and Reclaiming that Land referred to as Afrika, it being without its phony boundary Lines of division.

    Look at Afrika today, look at those People who do not know whom we are today, is that not a recipe for disaster for Afrika and Afrikan People, A People operating with an immature Mind today ?

    When ever and wherever you find Black so call Afrikan People who justify our division and make claim that is our Natural Dynamics that describe our Relationship with each other and if that is not a people functioning under a Immature Mind, then I do not know no other way to describe a People whom I know was once a People that functioned with a Divine Mind and Lived a Life of Divinity, in Harmony, order, and Balance, now those same people are telling me that our present Spirit which we now express toward each other is our Normal way of Life, in confrontational division ?

    No ! No ! beloved, in no way you can get me to participate in such an immature way of believing, not when I have been allowed to reclaim my Divine Mind and now can See you as you should be, in Life today, and that is wearing your Divine Mind and enjoying the Unity of Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People, in our own independent environment, referring not to each other as foreigners based on some phony Line drawn by a People who have designed the action you now see going on in South Afrika, as well as all over Afrika.

    I Come And I Share, You either Will Accept Or Reject That Which Is Divinely True, I Will continue to Remain Obedient To Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, They Whom have taught me Where Black Folks Come From And Whom We Divinely Are, In this Physical Universe, And you Have The audacity To Turn A Deft ear To that which Has been Shared With you In Term Of What you Black People Need To Do, Whose first step Is Realizing Your Need For A Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, In Order To Begin To Reclaim Your Divine Mind, Not For My sake, But for The Sake Of A mental Immature Divided Black So Call Afrikan Nation ?

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism