Black Poetry : The Meld


Aug 16, 2019
Who Gave you permission to capture my heart, when did you sneak in and become my best friend.
When did you blast past the walls and play in the halls of my love, when did you appear in here and push aside fears, I am so unclear
I didn’t’ see you enter so how did you get in past everything that had ever been to take hold of my reluctance to accept another soul
What road where you walking when you peered at me, a ship lost alone in a sea of misery where loneness was the only companion to me. I am so unsure of the journey that is you, as you approach my resolve and demolished my reality that the twain wasn’t the only way for two to be free.
Today I question my thoughts of who I’d be because I never pictured you standing with me, so where did you come from, what storm blew you in, and what took you so long to find me my friend, I was taken off guard by all we would be because I didn’t understand freedom until I felt you standing beside me. Standing alone is a prison itself. One can’t understand freedom until two minds with God’s help meld, taking a journey unique by design, created by the image God our spirits intertwine, now I see you looking at me and realize I was born the moment I could see, I see a future eyes open to us, and I am grateful for the moment that you found me my love…

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