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    By Andre Austin

    Back in the 1970’s the CIA/FBI had one thousand assets in the American media. The press can’t interview or mention the name of anybody they want to. They have a list of names that are on the blacklist. This blacklist can only be mentioned by name in conjunction with a criminal conviction or of its attempted achievement. Western Democracy is a fraud and a farce. What media they don’t control they will destroy.

    The news media is in a love affair with the Clintons in part because Uncle Bill signed legislation that eventually led up to six media outlets owning 90% of the media which is an enemy to democracy. We really don’t have black media anymore (radio, magazines, TV stations), what we have is white ownership selling us black orientated entertainment; a big difference.

    Obama’s mother and grandfather were CIA assets so he was promoted by them CIA/Media went hand and hand in their support for symbolism without substance to the black community. The subliminal message was sent that in order to elect the first black president he can’t be raised and brought up by any black people publicly. But he did have his real father, Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii offering him drinks while listening to his dirty limericks and helping him write his poem “Pop”.

    The media has reduced the Presidential election to an alpha male boasting and bragging about trying/or attempting to get into the “P” department. All men yearn to be allowed an invitation into the “Pannie” department, a word made famous by a Chris Rock comedy flick. We all dream about the pannies come tumbling down for the lumber Jacks; again I stress by invitation only. I don’t know if Trump was talking about an invite or a hostile take-over!But he did say they “liked” it. Will wait for them to come out. But lets take Barack Obama’s conversation with a dude name Ray, who helped Obama get into Black parties in his book Dreams From my Father p.73:

    “ He {Ray}, stuffed a hand, keeping our minds on fistful of fries into his mouth. ‘it ain’t just me, by the way. I don’t see you doing any better in the Booty department’.

    Because I’m shy, I thought to myself; but I would never admit that to him. Ray pressed the advantage.

    ‘So what happens when we go out to a party with some sisters, huh? What happens? I tell you what happens. Blam! They on us like there’s no tomorrow. High school chicks, university chicks-it don’t matter. They acting sweet, all smiles. Sure you can have my number, baby. Bet.”

    It’s unclear if Obama scored or not but I take him up that he was shy to females. Its strange that the only people who are saying they had sex with Obama are men. And some of them were bumped off in Chicago on the eve of him becoming president. Trump may have been successful in getting into the P-department and Obama, well, in other areas where the sun never shines but sometimes allows a rainbow in.

    The media is just on some hum-bug of Tomfoolery, keeping our minds on sex insteal of correspondence and memo’s on WikiLeaks. They are looking for ratings to rise off of Bill Clinton chasing after a Blue dress, MLK’s obsession with a red dress, Trump’s go for blood panty raiding, while ignoring Obama’s chasing after the rainbow.

    When are we going to get back to the days when we kept things on a High note. But its compelling when having to deal with supply and demand. Like Obama said “Like sex or violence on TV, black rage always found a ready market” p. 203

    Andre Austin is the author of three books: