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    The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer /Lord of The universe The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
    Reading is the only activity on earth wherein one collects and deposits simultaneously and can Observe oneself while doing it. Reading is the simultaneous occurrence of collecting and depositing knowledge AND totally observant all the while. when you read, you are collecting the letters from the page, decoding their meaning, cognizing their content and all THAT are also depositing your stored knowledge into the collected knowledge, examining assigning... and are able to scale it all against your conscious attention and deposit all of that into your voice, and not without emotional content either. Reading is powerful. Look at the distance between collecting information and reassembling it for speech and actually depositing it in your voice and delivered with all the expression you wish to give it. Look at the distance between the time spent in performing this mental operation. it is happening much faster than can be measured
    Reading is The Souls' pre-occupation with a thing. The listening of hearing, is reading. The looking of vision, is the act of reading. If I write something on a piece of paper and I hand it to you and then I say " Read whats in your hands " . If you open the paper and begin to read what I wrote, you have not listened to the question. If you were listening you would say to " Read what's in your hands ".. A piece of paper is in my hands. Then I would say, " Now read whats' on the paper ". Reading the soul accessing the environment, information, through one or more of the senses of the body. Reading is the ATTENTION of the soul through the senses of the body. not even the attention one pays in sex comes close to achieving the level of Attention Reading requires. During sex , one definitely collects and deposits, in the pursuit of pleasure, however the "observer" in you is most definitely more concerned with either the collection of what brings/causes pleasure or the depositing of the same.
    Reading is a solitary, intimate happening. Occurring in and from the memory in simultaneous time. The Holy Qur'aan says " Dhikr Allaah " .
    The Word "Qur'aan" itself means, The "TWO" Reading. Not 'readings', as in the adding the letter 's' to the word reading. The "TWO" reading are One self and Allaah The Glorified The Exalted.
    Recall what The Prophet Muhammad said about 'Niyyaat', Intentions. And recall This:
    " Worship Allaahu as though you see HIM. and if you do not see HIM, know that HE SEES you."
    The word for 'see' in this hadiyth comes from the word " Raa ". The word "Raa" specifically means "mental vision" which is The Imagination. The word for physical eyeball vision is " basra " from The attribute of Allaahu Al Basiyru ". yes, The same " Raa" that historians find in ancient Egypt.
    The word simply is The mental vision of The Pituitary gland. NOT THE PINEAL. The word "imagination" comes from the word 'magu' which is the greek word for magnet... which of course was pilfered from the ancient most word for magnet, MaghNaaTiys and also tawSiyl Kahraba..see the word 'tawsiyl' ?? it denotes 'electricity' but its literal meaning is Connection. This is the root word in the word for worship to Allaahu, Salaah. The connection to Allaah through the 'dhikr' of HIS Kitaab. inside of The Kitaab, Scripture, is The Qur'aan. The Qur'aan is reached by Reading it/Reciting it, through the nasal chamber. The following is the citation of the hadiyth that I am declaring has been incorrectly translated and that the faulty and erroneous translation covers and hides the most important 'thing' The Prophet Muhammad has ever said about The Holy Qur'aan. And Most Certainly Allaahu knows Best what has been said about HIS Qur'aan.:
    "...Sa'ad ibne Abi Waqqas said that he heard Rasulullaahi saying: Indeed this Qur'aan has been revealed to create a deep grief and restlessness. so when you recite it, weep and if you cannot, weep anyway. and recite it with a pleasing voice, as one who does not recite it with a pleasing voice is not from us".. The word for 'pleasing voice' is the arabic word which, " to speak through the nose, to purposely channel the voice through the nasal passage.
    The word "niyyaat" means intent. but The Huruwf of the arabiyyaah carries meaning also. The "N" in the word Niyaat comes from the huruwf " Noon/also spelled Nuwn " This letter all by itself means " Light " no matter what word you may find it in. The "Y" in the word Niyyaat means, Certainty (yaaqiyn) which comes from the arabiyyah huruwf, "Yaa". Each huruwf (letter) of the arabiyyah (arabic) has a phonetic meaning in its isolated form and retains the meaning albeit attached to a word.
    The performance of WuDu is the evidence of Niyaat. To purposely sniff water through the nose in order to worship Allaah is a very serious thing. the act prepares the body to transform, literally, into a portal and veritable vortex of electromagnetic emotion. The "e" in the word emotion stands for energy. To move As/In a body of Energy. A body of Light. The Holy Qur'aan is "The Opening". Is it not mentioned how very much The Prophet Muhammad performed Salaat? Every wonder why? He was interfacing with The Light. literally. By way of The Holy Qur'aan, The Speech of Allaah. I ask you brothers and sisters to read this verse from Qur'aan 25:30. I seek refuge in Allah from falling under the shadow of this ayaah. Please feel free and obligated to correct anything herein that requires it. Even spelling. email is: [email protected] As Salaamu Alaykum