The Front Porch : the means must justify the ends too

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    the most intelligent and respectful thing we can do here is to also tell the truth to the mainstays of black lives matters in general and their young supporters in particular

    first of all

    quit acting as though we're all just victims

    second of all

    also do check those celebrities etc who just consider you a means to advance the agendas ad nauseam

    third of all

    do find out how past generation's of black activists created and helped to maintain grassroots social and political movements

    you already got it backwards if you just choose to believe everybody else needs to change etc

    and that you also already have all of the answers

    nobody ever claimed that before

    as regards who we give props to back when

    or in the present

    and not your right to lead the rest of us by default

    please don't just doom your new movements by presuming or assuming that much

    if you can and do truly heed my advice

    that will also also lead to your young supporters true rights of passage into adulthood

    only folks actions make a difference

    that is what always backs our claims etc