African American History Culture : THE MEANING OF THE WORD HIPHOP

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    In KRS-ONES 2007 album titled Hiphop Lives, which was produced by Marley Marl, the 1st track which is also the album title explores the origin and etymology of the word Hiphop, which here is defined as a creative force and collective conciousness.

    The lyrics which express acronyms for the letters that form the word H.I.P.H.O.P. mean so much to Hiphop Kulture.

    “Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People

    We are unique and unequal."

    “Holy Integrated People Having Omni Present Power

    The watchman is in the tower."

    As the song goes, “Hip means to know it’s a form of intelligence.” The expression Hip comes from the Ancient African word "Hipi" which indeed means to know or be aware, which is included in the masterful Gospel of Hiphop, which cites additional sources to be verified for anyone seeking truth for themselves.

    Hop actually comes from the Aboriginal English "Hopi" which is defined as good or peaceable.

    Therefore, Hiphop itself is an intelligent awareness that is good and peaceable.

    Even further the words Hipi and Hopi expresses the original union of African and Native Culture.

    With regard to nature Hip is a seed pod of a rose bush, and Hop is a vine having flower clusters, which expresses for Hiphop Kulture the, “seed of a new vine.”

    This is so amazing to me because if you are Hiphop then you can find yourself in any and everything. My name "Lauren" actually comes from the male "Lawrence" which comes from the Laurel tree, which is a tree that blooms in spring, which contains beautiful violet or purple flowers, that when fully bloomed have a very intricate color scheme inside, which definately describe myself and KRS, who's name is indeed Lawrence. Purple in Hiphop means "spirit", and violet means "beauty", and no one in my world has a more beautiful spirit then KRS-ONE.

    As the song states, “run and tell all your friends an ancient civilization has been born again, IT’S A FACT." Even deeper Hiphop is the re-birth, the transformation and the historical proof of OUR Kulture through our actual existence as Hiphop on this planet as a culture, a nation and a tribe UNITED RIGHT NOW.

    Culture actually comes from Cultura meaning to care for and cultivate. The “URE” on the end or rather the suffix means the result of action, the same as when an ING is added to a verb.

    To wait is defined as – to stay in one place. In all reality by definition WAITING is the act of staying in one place aka doing nothing.

    Hiphop is not “waiting” for GOD. We are gods and goddesses, and GOD for us is always RIGHT NOW.

    Hiphop is not “waiting” for validation. We exist as a united, conscious nation RIGHT NOW.

    Hiphop is not waiting for someone to tell us who we are. WE ARE.

    Hiphop is a timeless, ageless, formless, collective consciousness for ALL who seek to unite with the Divine Mind, GOD Willing.

    We are Hiphop!
    I am Hiphop!

    The blessing is that I have the right to be exactly what I AM, and we are our own answer to oppression. You give us oppression, and GOD gave us Hiphop, and knowledge of ourselves, and awareness of just who we are.

    There is a free library for any who wish to explore the above information further.