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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance. This writing is a solicitation for consensus with The community of Islaam, every Muslim, male or female, scholar or heuristic, learned or worshipper, or he or she whose lifestyle is an inculcation of all of these titles of education, that is a reader of Al Qur'aan.
Personally I have read many scholars who have attempted to interpret the meaning and others who have simply said, 'Allaah Knows Best'. Even those who have attempted to interpret the meaning finally rested upon 'Allaah Knows Best'. I state as much on the outset. There is a Name of Allaah which is transliterated as " Al Aliymu/ Al Aleemu", which means 'The Knower'. I begin in this attribute. Please allow me to also state that I seek refuge in Allaah from Shirk, Bid'A, Riyaa'a and all those things which provoke the wrath of Allaah and the displeasure of Allaah and the displeasure of the ummah.
Rasulullaahi stated: When Allaah is pleased with the slave Allaah summons Jibraa'iyl to The Veil and says: O Jibraa'iyl(SAW), I am pleased with 'so-and-so' therefore be pleased with him. Jibraa'iyl (SAW) then flies to the angel who is the announcer of the heavens and says to the angel: Allaah is pleased with 'so-and-so', therefore be pleased with him. The angel then announces " Allaah is pleased with 'so-and-so', so be pleased with him". All of the inhabitants of the heavens here him and they become aware of so-and-so's name and that Allaah is pleased. That pleasure then descends into the hearts and minds of the people of earth and it reaches 'so-and-so'.
The same is true with one earning the displeasure of Allaah. To begin:
If there is one thing that I hate in this world, above all other things, is the English translation of The Holy Bible. Even in the English translation one can discover many, many, contradictions. The contradictions are evidence of inept scholarship; a scholarship that has been protected for nearly 2000 years by The Vatican Catholic church, All Christian-Judeo religions and every seminary in existence that is based on and devoted to The Bible.
Even the 'Rule of thumb' so called facts of The Bible are false, such as: The Bible was written in Hebrew. This is false. The Prophet Muwsaa (Moses) wrote His conversations with Allaah in Hebrew. which is why it was titled " Tawraah". They misspell words to hide their origins and resume. So they spell it in transliteration as "Torah" which cannot be traced to its source. The word 'Torah' is a gross mis-transliteration. A transliteration is ' writing the sound of a word with the alphabet of another language. As you see, there is a 'w' in The word 'Tawraah'. But in Christian-Judeo religions it is spelled without a 'w': Torah.
The European tongue is heavy and lazy when it comes to the languages of The African continent (yes, Saudi Arabia, The Middle East is apart of The African continent before Rome carved it up and distributed it amongst its European nations). However, The Holy Scriptures are full of written Guidance and information of earth, lands and its peoples and their purpose. So they 'had' to learn the scriptures that claim to have come from this 'Unseen God' .
There were not 1 but at least 9 Councils of Nicaea. The first occurred in 325 AD. The last occurred in England, which produced The King James VERSION of The Holy Bible. Notice the funny spelling of the word " Nicaea"? Whereas those learned in Latin may know how to pronounce it, only those learned in Aramaic or Arabic can know what it means. The word is properly pronounced " Niqaaq". They hide the 'Q' and other letters by creating diphthongs. A diphthong is '2 or 3 letters used to substitute a consonant. The European tongue is challenged to pronounce the letter 'Q' in Arabic and Aramaic. They find its articulation quite difficult and unnecessary. The word 'Nicaea' or in its original Aramaic form 'Niqaaq' literally means 'The croaking of a frog'. A town, which became a province of Rome, was named such because the people there believed that frogs only croaked to warn that a demon has just emerged from the pond. It so happened that African peoples learned in The original language of The Bible were sequestered by the Roman clergy to help Rome translate Hebrew and Aramaic into Latin and Greek. The council of Nicaea. Ironically a fitting name. There intent was not to teach the world but kidnap the world and hold it as ransom to Allaah.
But more than this, I have been able to read The Holy Bible in its original language, which is Aramaic. So beyond the obvious contradictory nature of the English translation I can truly see the evil and willful attempt to conceal the truth of The Most High, as well as Europes' intention to totally own the mentality of any who would learn about The Most High from the English translation. The Words and the arrangement of Those words of The Speech of Allaah are not the same as the languages of man and the syntax of his languages.
To my Muslim brothers and sisters. Do you see in Qur'aan How Allaah mentions That HE gave The Prophet King Dawuwd (SAW) The Zabuwr? European scholarship identifies the Zabuwr as The Psalms as is in The Bible. This is not so. The Zabuwr is only the 119th chapter of The Psalms.
The 119th chapter happens to be the largest chapter in The Holy Bible, and wouldn't you know, it is directly in the Bible of The Bible. The amount of verse from Genesis to it and the amount of verses from it to Revelation are equal. Here is the kicker.
The entire 119th chapter has 176 verses. The verses are broken up into 8ths. Each 8th, every 8 verses is titled by a Huruwf. In other words, if you turn to the 119th chapter you will see that the letter "Alif/Aliyf" is written after it in English. After every 8 verses there is an Aramaic letter. But in The original Aramaic Bible, The letter is written at the head of each set of 8 verses. Please look in a Bible and see for yourself. The letters are written at the end of each set of 8 verses - which is in keeping with the behavior of Shaytaanir Rajiym- in English. But in the original language, Aramaic, they are at the Beginning. In an English language Bible you will see 'aleph'. Christian-Judeo scholarship teaches that these are Greek letters. No. They are Greek transliterations of the original Aramaic and they are false transliterations so as to hide proper pronunciation and the ability to trace the resume of the letters.
Reading The Bible in its original script is quite different than the corrupt English translation. Muslims have pointed out the contradictions of The Bible, such as Imaam Ahmad Deedat and countless others. He is dead now but his scholarship remains. However I submit to you that The Bible in its original script deserves a read if a Muslim were minded to increase in knowledge, in Taqwaa and comprehending The Histories of Islaam. The first time Islaam is mentioned is In The Bible, Genesis chapter 28:14. A Vision that Allaah revealed to The Prophet Yaquwb (SAW-Jacob) the grandson of The Prophet Ibrahiym (SAW). Both of them Great Grandfathers of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted loved Dawuwd/David. Allaah loved David because David Loved Allaah with his heart and his intellect. If you read the 119th chapter you will see it. My studies have revealed that William Shakespeare, The European poet/writer, used these writings to learn from and produced his own body of work. The word 'Zabuwr' means 'to scold'. Its meaning is wide and broad but for this writing I'd like to point out that David would scold himself, scold his soul in the refuge of Allaah. Scold does not necessarily mean what it does in the English language. When a Muslim is performing WuDu, he/she is scolding his spirit, correcting it, purifying it, reconciling it to Allaah by exiting the world. This is the best meaning of scold that I can deliver. English is the foulest language on earth in comprehending The Speech of Allaah and The speech of The Prophets of Allaah. According to The hadith(s) of Muhammad (SAW) he learned much about Dawuwd/David(SAW) his brother and fellow Prophet.
Even reading the 119th chapter of Psalms in English one can discern that it reads a little different than the rest of the entire Bible. It is a pouring out of a soil to The Creator with a sense of Allaah's history, Allaah's blessing, Allaahs' Guidance, Allaah's love and most of all one can detect the abject reverence and fear of Allaah in The Prophet Dawuwd's words. If a Muslim never reads anything but The Holy Qur'aan he/she will not lack in achieving Nearness to Allaah, Inshaa'Allaah. Attaching files onto this page has been most difficult. When I can I will attach photos of The original Aramaic script of The Holy Bible. The Name 'Aramaic' comes from The son of The prophet Noah. The way they spoke Arabic after the flood became the dialect known as Aramaic. Both 'languages' share the same script and alphabet. The Prophet Muwsaa (SAW) spoke Aramaic. He wrote the Tawraah in Hebrew; which properly transliterated is said " Ibraan ". No there is no "H" in the original word 'Hebrew'. Just as there is no "J" in the original pronunciation of Jehovah. Nor a "V". The hide and they lie. Period. And suffer due to a lack of knowledge. To you be peace and those you love be peace. Please feel free to correct or critique.

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