Black Poetry : The Matrix

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    The Matrix

    Feel extreme hatred so I teamed with Matrix in search

    Of Neyo and Fishburne had to twist and turn so much

    Of my life around battles with agents rattled and flagrant

    I’m not very soft they wanna carry off my pride and fragrant

    In the matrix its hard to trust I regard with disgust but when

    In I could fly high across the sky and battle Smith and win

    But the game remain fixed in a certain state and it’s hurting

    My fate must see the oracle she knows the outcome flirting

    With death not cool it’s a hot rule to be level with Morpheus

    This is sick religion gonna stick to my decision be cautious

    Fight a lot shell shock well stock with guns for protection

    Matrix is a world of it’s own all the girls unknown rejection

    Not an option, a clear atmosphere in here it squash the soft

    Can’t wash off its grips I make legit trips through it never boss

    The outcome no doubt some computer wiz has cerated a loop

    Hole dedicated as a troop bold to win at any cost mancipated recruit

    I was home and all it all started with a phone call from Morpheus

    That morning gave me stats and warning said listen follow the white

    Dove confused over the news after he hung up that night got an invite

    To a party four folks at my door spoke “lets go grab a beer” I have

    No fear at that time but this could lead to other things that no lab

    Could fix the facts are clever one girl in black leather a white dove

    On her arm went to the club her charm could lead to a love alarm hugs

    And kisses await the romance was tight we danced through the night

    I guess it was computer love
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    yep must be.....great write