Brother AACOOLDRE : The Mason & the Layman

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    The Mason and the Layman

    It’s time for me the layman to give the so called master mason the 3rd degree.

    Layman: now I question you mason as to why you insist that the pyramid with the eye (sun) on top is the capstone of Horus aka Jesus. We all know Jesus is the head cornerstone not capstone.

    Mason: Well my little grasshopper as the story unfolds peter the rock is an Egyptian deity who is stripped naked turned upside down and is the new substitute for the foundation of Jesus church. So he is the head cornerstone and was called Satan by Jesus and is to be behind Jesus at all times. Of course this is all allegorical and symbolic.

    Layman: So if we go back to creation when the eastern star of Sirius rises the Nile waters also rise and causes Isis to give birth under the water of the Nile. The flood from the black mud causes a mass of soil/mud/clay to form in the shape of a mountain/pyramid and horus the sun rises to the top.

    Mason: Yes Adam (Atum/Sun) is born the same way and this is creation, baptism and salvation. You see Jesus will save like Noah with a flood and he saves you from a housetop or mountain/pyramid with you holding a lamp or candle on top of it all.

    Layman: so why is the church talking about masons being gay?

    Mason: they don’t want young people to be interested in their organization. There are more **** in the church than at the lodge. Now don’t get me wrong there are good masons and bad masons. There is evil and good and both combined in all groups.

    Layman: So the most powerful thing a person can do is know truth from falsehood.

    Mason: yes you must know right from wrong light from darkness know the correct light from false light know who’s the real morning star and who is the pretender.

    Layman: So once you know the real light has not fallen you can look above and not at the bottom.

    Mason: so when will you be a mason

    Layman: don’t need to be a mason to know the truth and that’s some square biz.