Black Poetry : The Many Ways

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    See if one can determine which style is which...


    1. Classic (Prose) - Jazz
    2. Transformative - Blues
    3. Rhythmic - Synthesized

    Here are the pieces:

    I can see forever in your eyes, but all lies
    beyond the veil I see no tears, love rears its ugly head
    instead of on the bed, you want me six feet under
    dead for you to plunder and take all of me
    my soul can't breathe until you leave me a-lonely
    can't live without you but I can't love you cause I hate you
    put you on the ocean front knowing you like the great view
    but not satisfied and mad at what you have
    not even happy to just get half
    Call tryone and begone
    Tell Martha not to weep and Mary not to moan
    I'm not coming back the weather has changed
    Those pretty brown eyes just stare at me strange
    No more breakin my heart
    No longer til death do us part
    Cause we are done and through
    no more me and you
    And don't follow me home, I know how you do
    That girl was poison , Crazy is as crazy can be
    You say don't say goodbye, well how about a "Dum Dum Diddy"


    I hold close the ear of mine love
    entering my life with the sounds of soothing water
    when it does well within these walls to let it flow
    no level compares to a nature that has yet formed
    the senses are aware to make use of this moment
    hoping the next second will continue
    eyes open mouth closed hands roaming nose prone
    to smell all of that which is now


    We know the time is right
    to bring the beat and bring the bite
    Sampling the old and new to watch as you chew
    I know this is something that's long overdue
    An eargasm of soul and a oralgasm of fire
    Burning from the inside out like a missing desire
    Never realizing how free this feels you can't stop the rhythm
    Something has come over everyone yet no one knows what bit them

    Not in the order of styles listed
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    Pondering through it all listen for the sound
    let me feel it another day then my answer I will display