Black Spirituality Religion : The Manifestation of the Divine

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    The Manifestation of the Divine

    Since words are but manifestations of objects, concepts, and truths, the sufi feels that by continuous and complete attention to the meaning and reality of his remembrance of God, he becomes the true manifestation of that remembrance. That is to say, with continuous, selfless remembrance a Divine Attribute comes to predominate in the being of the sufi.

    The sufis consider that there is a particular Divine Attribute which dominates the being of every prophet and saint, such that they can be said to be the incarnation of that attribute. For example, sufis feel that Moses is the manifestation of the transcendent aspect of Reality, because of his ability to speak with God without an intermediary. In the Qur'an, the Lord said to Moses, "Do not fear, because you are transcendent." Jesus is the manifestation of prophethood. While an infant he cried, "God gave me the book and placed me as a prophet."

    All of the prophets are manifestations of the Divine Unity and Perfection, but Mohammed is its supreme manifestation. His name is the most exalted of the Divine Names, containing all the Names within it. Thus, Mohammed is the spiritual incarnation and manifestation of all of God's Names. Mohammed himself said, "What God first created was my Light."

    In addition, each prophet is the manifestation of one of the Divine Attributes, and all of the Attributes are contained in the most exalted Name. Also, Mohammed is the manifestation of the Great Name. So, due to the fact that his manifestation is inclusive of all the Names, he hierarchically comes before all other created things, and for the same reason said, "I was a prophet while Adam was still between water and earth."