Black Short Stories : The Malice Of A Local Police Department

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    By Andre Austi

    Note: This revised letter is mainly due to your response of denial of the truthfulness of my charges. You showed no contrition so I find it necessary to progress on.Also let me point out that I’m writing purely on Ms. McNeil fate. Marilyn’s sister Angela was a former girlfriend of mine and we did live together. But that relationship has nothing to do with my complaint because Angela has moved back to Alabama last year. It seemed interesting that one of your first response to this letter was that you felt it was going to hurt Shirley Williams run for county Commissioner. That’s funny because this letter has nothing to do with Shirley its only about her mother,Birdias -the older. If you were more about the business of having your personal life in order instead of yourself this letter wouldn’t be in print. But I know you had women arguing about you at the NAACP office. And I think it would be safe to say that wise and careful men would often hide and keep away their women when Tyrone was running about in the office. Your not slick Tyrone I knew everything you were doing, everythang! And now it’s time to even up this settling of scores.

    It's my pleasure to broadcast a complaint, and I send it to you Tyrone Wilson the former head of the Jackson Branch NAACP.I’m sending this letter which’s designed to correct you as a brother, teach you as my senior, and to scold you as a reckless man on the wrong track. Before I get it on with the narration of the facts of my complaint, I think a compliment ought to precede a complaint when it’s possible because it softens resentment and I would cherish an answer to my charges.

    First of all let me say this is my opinion of the facts in which I see them. My evidence is based on but not limited to newspaper clipings, word of mouth, documents, letters, interviews, poems and personal experience.

    Eventhough the very nature of this complaint deals intimately with newspapers, no media shall be involved because this I consider an internal "Family" dispute.

    Tyrone you have done a good job in Jackson as head of the NAACP. The fact that the business community conspired to rid you of Jackson through their economic retaliation was sufficient evidence to me that you were doing your job. I’m aware that you are denying the circumstances of why you left JCC. My evidence of this is based on Riggs statement in 1998. According to Rod Riggs, who’s now a board member of JCC, said in a restaurant that Wilson was 1st a “……” ,unsavory comment, and 2nd that you were fired or forced to resign your job.My opinion isn’t the same for the current people who have took both of your jobs as Minority Affairs Director, or head of the NAACP.The current Client-President of the NAACP (Fairley).Yes I said client. A client is a person or group who is acting on the behalf of others i.e., (White corporations and the Military, Media & Police), while appearing to be for the poor and oppressed. The government and corporations do not want to deal equally with its former subjects and slaves so they boost up clients and puppets to act on their behalf by scripted performances and puppeteered responses to make things appear to be what its not. I’m glad you weren’t a puppet Tyrone. Your style was superb. I characterize it as confrontional, withdrawal and engagement. The Cit Pat tried to picture you as only being confrontational. It’s too bad that as Press & Publicity I didn’t do enough of my job of offsetting this falsification. It’s clear to me that the white community is happy they found (Fairley) an acceptable, non-heroic and less-threatening like Wilson. You see many people find it hard to figure out that the real evil of racism lies not so much in the color of skin,male over female, or income but in the relationship that a Black person like Wilson or group like the NAACP sustains to the dominant white group. If he/she is for accommodation ,subordinate and dependent, and don’t complain or agitate too much, cooperation may be endured; if he/she rejects those personality traits, then his/her presence is insufferable and all efforts are done to isolate and ousts that person by any means available. And it makes all the difference between a white person or group treatment between a W.E.B Dubois vs. a Booker T. Washington or writing a $ 500.00 dollar check verus a five thousand dollar check to the NAACP freedom fund banquet, which evidence bore out by a letter to the editor by Rev.Combs, chairman of the Freedom fund banquet. You will have to admit some undermining is going on when a person donates less to one person than to another. Why is our people so desperate to be accepted and successful on white peoples terms that we will say or do anything ,even if it puts ourselves down and delay true freedom in the process? Kweisi Mfume,president and CEO of the National NAACP stated that: “They can’t throw a donation our way and assume that’s going to buy us off…”-EBONY MAGAZINE April 2000 issue.But that’s not entirely true Mr. Mfume. I don’t think Mr. Mfume can speak on behalf of all the local NAACP presidents thoughout the cities in the United States of America.

    But it now appears Tyrone you are going to be viewed as an outsider and renegade factionalist with your concerned citizens group. But your winning some battles with the police blocking Black community streets and support of Black teachers (Mrs. Pitts). I hope the concerned Citizens group could expand with more members. It appears that only dissidence; cheerleaders and malcontents are the only ones under the spell of your charm. Don’t be about the business of grandstanding, if you are doing that; just be about the business of resolving conflicts in the most efficient fashion.


    What’s the relevancy of the newspaper? Well for one you used them to launch an attack at Ms. McNeil. I know you are aware that the media, the police and big businesses groups are the main problems to oppressed people. When the white community hates a person the media moves in first to get the public against them. After ill feelings have been set in the police and business community arrange their elaborate plots against them. Then the court executes punishments that the government have made laws into. The whole system is set up where the above mentioned organizations act in harmony with eachother where conspiracies are seldom needed but eachone unconsciously and consciously complements the other. For example: The Cit Pat is Republican and is for big business. So when Tyrone attacks businesses for racial discrimination the cit pat runs to their defense and starts to run stories against you. The Business community unites and reduces their donations by 500 % ,(the % given is a figure of speech), until a new president is elected. Then the business community makes calls and letters to Jackson Community College complaining that Tyrone is doing NAACP business while on the job. What happens next? Tyrone Wilson no longer is working and finds himself moving to Atlanta only to come back for a second attack. The Cit Pat also publishes harmful stories of me the day before election time, giving no time to defend myself. The Police also start their games by coming on my property illegal to arrest a person days before Marilyn Election. As a matter of fact I got pulled over through October –November of 1999 3 or 4 times, Which’s their modus operation during an election cycle. They did they same thing when a court Judge told me I had to get paperwork for my car. The very next day the police mysteriously pulled me over. I also attended a court hearing for two individuals who I felt were being treated harshly.Two days latter they stopped me and gave me some tickets.Is there a connection? Now I see why officers are afraid to complain.If you complain or oppose anything that they do they will get you back. And the cit Pat had their nerves to dismiss anonymous letters from the police officers where blacks and women are leaving or being fired at alarming rates. But like I said the media & police are together. When McNeil was interviewed they asked her relationship with the police. The Cit Pat thinks the 1st ward main job is to keep the peace between blacks and the police and to rubber stamp the majority of white council members actions. (And the other ward leaders are to help bring business to Jackson) The south side of Jackson isn’t a Police province or zone, but that’s the way they want it. The south side being the poorest should be an economic zone. I feel like my neighborhood is under seize by the police. You see Tyrone the Police, business and media always come at you when the timing is right, or when you’re at your weakest crucial moment. But I know their style and most importantly I know how they think. If only they knew I would like to be their friends but their actions against me make it hard. When they (the police) make a slip I’m going to contact the FBI and the Attorney General. Now let me explain to you another style of the Press.The Jackson Citizen Patriot (Cit Pat) are also masters at the style of trickery by the powerful images and magical use of their camera and pictures. Now we all know that the Cit Pat is a Republican newspaper. And 99 % of Black folks are Democrats. The Cit Pat are also friends of the chief of police because the chief hates and harass any officer who he thinks is friends with democratic Mayor Griffin.The Police chief main supporters from the council are Repulicians,Greer,Ludwig and Dupis who are against the Mayor concerning police reform. Breeding and Colleen Everett are democrats who supports Mayor Griffin on issues about the police being investigated. In order to get the Black community support the Cit Pat feed spurious information into the peoples eyes. They put pictures of Black folk in their newspaper to make it seem they are on good terms with us but they oppose every measure to see our collective unity to build a Black economic empire. I hate them with all the passion in my heart when they take pictures of our 3 and 4-year-old boys and girls giving the false impression that they care for our youth. They say things on paper they do not want to come into reality for no one but themselves. They are content to only see us as their subjects (employees). We came over here from Africa to work free for them. So they don’t mind giving us a few crumbs. But any attempts for blacks to have power, they meet with vicious slander. This is why they attacked me we I ran for office. I wasn’t going to be for the status quota. They knew I was going to use any political position I was to obtain to unite as many Black people I could to plan on becoming independent economic kings. My plans of action are to be strictly educational and economic. No thoughts of military action. How can you build a civilization when you’re at War? I also watched how the Jackson Citizen Patriot pulled the rug up under Wilson. The first step the Cit Pat took ,before JCC got rid of him, was to make Wilson misunderstood by his own followers in the NAACP and abroad. That first step was to propagandize against him. Use their machinery that shapes and molds public opinion. Use it against Tyrone who was a freedom fighter. The Cit Pat made the people think he’s not fighting for freedom, that he was fighting for something inimical to the good interest of his own people. And then, when you have the people thinking the way you forced them to think, made them believe, then you can deal with that freedom fighter anyway you want, and there will be no out cry from the public. In fact, the people will give the media and the government credit for getting rid of a menace to the public. In order to beat the news media at their own game. You beat them by getting your side of the story first to the public and repeat it as often as you can afford to. The Black Panther Party had a plan for dealing with the powers that be. I spoke face to face with a former Black Panther who was an assistant to the Minister of Information. His job was to go door to door in the white community teaching people about the Panther party to offset almost daily negative
    Stories published in the Press. The Black Panthers felt that the race problem in America was an economic one. The felt that the only way to go after the corporate monsters was to attack the police & media who defended their actions and policies. The Panthers quickly found out that the oppression of blacks wasn’t only for racist reasons but because it is also economically profitable. Their next aim was to make racism non-profitable.


    It would be unfair for me to talk about the white paper without talking about the Black one too. The Blazer news mistreated Ms. McNeil too. During the election the Blazer hired Ms. McNeil. Almost at the same time Ron Davis hired me to write on political topics. But I told him I would do it for free. I thanked him for allowing me to write a weekly front-page column for a month. Ms. NcNeil was forced to quit working for the newspaper because they held back money that was due to her. McNeil has two kids to take care of and needed reliable funds. You put her in an emergency situation where she needed money to pay very important bills. The minute after she quit, my column was pulled which was favorable to her. Then two streams of letters appeared by Rev Crane and Mr. Fowler attacking me and McNeil. It was purely malice to allow Crane to base his letter on a letter that was written by my former Boss (Director of Prisons, Mr. McGinus) stating he fired me from my job. My job was a private matter and you violated my privacy Blazer News. Then oddly an add appeared for Breeding with the same style I typed up for Ms.McNeil flyer.Do I smell espionage or trade (campaign) secrets being passed or and plarisim of information that got lost, opened or intercepted. It seems odd to me. I know that Breeding told a Blazer news reporter that he wouldn’t interview with her because he didn’t have to “cater to the community”. After talking with Ms. McNeil concerning this letter she expressed to me that Rev. Crane letter also contributed to her leaving the Blazer after they said it was “news worthy” to her face.Mr. Davis told me in an e-mail that he thought Rev. Crane letter was bad. The malice of the Blazer news was nothing more or less than the Jackson Citizen Patriot.


    Now back to the original reason I write is to express my disgust at the manner in which you treated Ms. Marilyn McNeil. While Ms. McNeil was running for 1st Lady of the1st ward ,slander was published in the Jackson Citizen Patriot by you Mr. Wilson under the name of one Birdias Williams Sr –The older.I do not fault her she was mislead by you. You probably appealed to her because I got into an argument with her at the 1998-freedom fund banquet. I wrote her an apology but it appears she hasn’t over come it. I only wrote her an apology because Ms. McNeil, during the first stages of her political campaign wanted me to run it. I apologized for Ms. McNeil sake so she wouldn’t get flack from them on the account of me. I had to say something I didn’t mean to say. And that’s the business of political expediency. You know the political games we all play? But I still have much love and devotion for Birdias Williams JR-the younger, her grand daughter. I even wrote her a hand written four- page letter offering help and sympathy that she not go to jail, for the trial by jury convicting her of a felony. I was troubled and upset that Ms. McNeil for a letter to the judge on “Poochie’s” behalf. Ms. McNeil is a kind person to write a letter of support after her grandmother in concert with Wilson wrote such a terrible thing. Another reason I felt Birdias-the older didn’t write this letter was because of her physical condition. Ms.Williams can barely breathe and walks with a cane. And authorities are considering placing her in a nursing home.

    Do you know that three distinguished persons came to the conclusion independently, of speculating that you (Tyrone) were the real culprit and author of that senseless vicious attack in the press. By your style of writing and past modus of operation we concluded it was you who did this dirty work and then hid like a scared Kit Kat behind someone else’s name. I speculate that you attacked her in order to keep your ego puffed up and not becoming deflated. I know that you were upset at Ms. McNeil because she elected not to have your company when she interviewed with the Jackson Cit Pat Editorial board. What a shameless deed. Ms. McNeil went alone because she wanted everybody to know that she was independent of anyone, anybody and anything. But this did not work because the Editors asked and wanted to know her relationship with Tyrone Wilson.You had nothing to do with the election but your came came up. This proves that the Cit Pat didn't endorse her because she had too many ties to you. If you look back at all the newspapers endorsements you will find that they said something negative about everybody they didn't endorse except for Marilyn. As a matter of fact they called her a "Peacemaker". But the Cit Pat endorsements are worthless. Allow me to explain: Two years ago when Breeding ran against Mr. Brown, the Cit Pat endorced Mike Brown who had no political experience. But this year they named Breeding as of one the 30 most important, influential figures in Jackson County. Why wasn’t Breeding the 30 most influential when he ran against Brown but was transformed into something else when he ran against McNeil ?.So I guess his influence wasn’t important enough to get their endorsement two years ago against Brown who had no political experience at the time and was revealed that he rarely voted? You can’t take their opinion worth more than a bucket of spit. They did the same thing to Mayor Griffin. When he first ran they didn’t endorce, but the second time they endorsed him, but the third time they told everybody not to vote for him because top elected Republican wanted Smith to win. Now that’s a lot of flip-flopping. It’s plain to me that the cit pat has many Machiavellian pretexts for endorsements. Their endorsements are not based on the best qualified, but the newspapers own direct and indirect economic and political concerns. The Cit Pat sets down a frightening pragmatic, calculating formula for political endorcements. And its all about acquiring and maintaing the status quota. Do I need to give anymore evidence that the Newspaper Company clearly has hidden reasons why they endorse candidates? The evidence is based on their switching alliances with candidates. And eventhough the Cit Pat has a written message on the top of their building that states in part that: “He who molds public opinion goes deeper than he who enacts statutes. With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right…” By accident I came across an old dusty 1974 Thorndike/ Barnhart Intermediate dictionary. They gave a definition of the word malice and they quoted President Lincoln saying: “With malice toward none, with charity for all”. Evidently they got this line from Lincoln.Too bad they refuse to stay true to what Lincoln said on paper and what’s chiseled in stone. They fail everyday to live up to their very own words they use. If they lived up to just half of that statement they would truly be a model newspaper. But they continue on with the fabrications of their data with an admixture of genuinely true, but innocuous material i.e. pictures of black kids. Instead of them quoting Lincoln they should quote lord Mansfield who stated in 1774: “ Whatever a man publishes he publishes at his peril”. The cit Pat doesn’t have the right to misinform,defame,scandalise,and exploit through damaging innuendo,all in the name of the “free flow of criticism and debate’-and ,of course ,selling newspapers.The Cit Pat are also against Democrats and anyone trying to bring democracy back from the rich corporations they support; who have bribed our elected leaders for the love of money. And you know all of this is true. The Cit Pat is nothing but mythmakers. I remember you stating a couple of years ago Tyrone that: “The Citizen Patriot is not a friend to the Black community either the NAACP”. Breeding also had some harsh words against the Cit Pat. When the Cit Pat didn’t endorce his first run for office Breeding said they wanted an “Uncle Tom” City council person.Now, with all of this said, how could you help them with your letter you sent against Marliyn when you know they are our avowed enemies? I know why, because you were mad at Marilyn. The letter obviously was a benefit to Breeding. But why would you help Breeding who had the Constitution concerning residency requirements rules changed that lead to your removal as President of the NAACP. And the Williams family are no friends to Mr. Breeding either. It’s clear now, their motives of origin were that of MALICE.


    In the letter you wrote to the cit pat disguised as Ms. Williams Sr you said that Ms McNeil wasn't no Corretta Scott King. She never said she was a King but I said that she wanted to walk in her footprints along with other black female leaders of the past & present. What's your grip with that? Then you attacked me because I criticized Carl Breeding, a man you fear like a child to a parent. It's not “dirty politics” to pay back those who have done you wrong with the truth after you have helped them. I'm not going to tolerate that B.S from him or you or anybody else. I will straighten you all out because the die has been cast and no one who has done me wrong will escape my wrath.

    You have broken McNeil’s and my trust. McNeil may not admit it but I will. This trust I had for you have turned into betrayal. Tyrone you have went from sugar to ****. To betray is to declare or to expose to an enemy by trearchy or disloyalty. Due to circumstances that took place I would bet you E-mailed my proposed flyers and endorsement letters of Ms. McNeil to the newspaper and to Carl Breeding. I shall not get into the evidence I have. But this fits your modus of operation and character.


    Why did you act with all of this malice towards peoples who have cared about you? In case you do not know what malice is I shall careful define the term for you. Black president of America Minister Louis Farrakhan had a profound view on the subject of malice and disloyalty. I changed some things around to make it directly relevant to this story. Before I quote Farrakhan, I would like to quote Niccolo Machiavelli as it pertains to loyalty. My alliegence to Tyrone Wilson has been reversed on the advice of Machiavelli who said:“A prudent Prince neither can nor ought to keep his word (Loyalty) when to keep it is hurtful to him and the causes which led him to pledge it are removed. If all men were good,this would not be good advice,but since they are dishonest and do not keep faith with you,you,in return,need not keep faith with them…”-The Prince. Farrakhan views on malice and disloyalty are as follows:

    # 1. Malice is the actions of ill will committed against others. Malice involves but is not limited to clandestine work, sabotage, diversions, disinformation, circulation of propaganda, creating confusion, false letters, spying, espionage, two-facing and double crossing. And every one of these activities you have committed against McNeil and I. But Malice also includes disloyalty too.

    # 2. To be disloyal you were unfaithful in guarding or maintaing anyone’s love, trust and devotion are other crimes you committed. You were disloyal because you disappointed the hopes and aspirations and expectations of those around you. You were once put in confidence of us only to betray a secret that was revealed with the conscious desire to harm with malice something one would preferable conceal.

    # 3. Betray is when one loves and put full confidence and trust in an individual through programs like the NAACP and then one finds out that his or her confidence, loyalty and trust is now misplaced. The final effect of this crates a breech and a great divide that appears no one can bridge back together. Your attack on Ms. McNeil in the paper will not go unchallenged and it serves as a sign of a narrative made in malice rather than open and honest intent.

    It's not an honest minded writer who uses other people’s names to use fierce nouns and verbs and adjectives in a letter that was produced out of a trivial personal dispute? Your letter showed signs of yourself slipping down lower than low. It's a striking mark of Judas & Brutus selling unfriendly written & oral accounts of misinterpretations that were applied while knowing the truth. There is no dispute about what you did and why you did


    it. Your motives are clear; anyone giving for the worse interpreting of another man's writings show ill will and malice on your part. Your desperate need for unjustly revenge was a shabby motive constructed against Ms. McNeil who wanted to do a good deed of being in public service to the people. And if your insinuations leads on to inappropriate suspicions about her good deeds interned in the future, you would be guilty of a flagrant sin which’s subject to review on Judgement Day.

    Your persuasions was fearsome to behold especially when it is a part of a style that’s so charming and effective to conceal your true motives. The malice of Carl Breeding is certainly less shafting and gentle than Tyrone Wilson. Breeding takes the better holds and bites deeper than Saber Tooth Tigers , which are now extinct like you all should be.This essay is a list of the characteristics of malice and disloyalty of people with power and influence. I could go on for days describing their malice, but I think you guys got the message and these are sufficient enough unless your retarded !

    Tyrone & others I know what you did, why you did it and some day somebody is going to do it to you. As you are aware that the Bible says that if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. And the same thing can be applied to those who practice malice!

    A Solution
    I would advise you to write an apology to Ms. McNeil so that all of this mess can be cleared up.And I would admonish all the powers that be in Jackson county to cease their malice too. I have a line items of ideas the Cit Pat should take note on:

    1. Why is the Cit Pat,a supposedly reputable newspaper consistently gets its facts wrong when dealing with people or groups they disagree with.
    2. Routinely fails to verify and investagate the authenticity of its sources.
    3. Displays a persistent inability to balance the evidence;and routinely fails to publish the defense of those it targets for exposure and damns by innuendo.
    4. Makes habitual inconsistency of reliance on rumours and leaked documents .
    5. Does the Cit Pat have the capacity to ask itself these questons below:
    6. A-Do we have the capacity to interrogate itself?
    7. Does our newspaper have sufficient and diverse intellectual resources

    We need a press that is trustworthy;that deepens public knowledge,enrishes social insight,nutures a vigorous and courageous atmosphere of public discussion and above all ,respects its public.
    I talked to Ms. McNeil for a third time after the first version came out. She told me that the Williams family are now claiming that Rev Crane wrote the letter for Birdias. Its hard for me to understand why they would allow a white person to come in between key players in an organization that’s set up to help black people who are the victims of economic and political racism. Besides it was only two years ago Rev. crane wrote nasty letters in the press against Tyrone. And Tyrone wrote an NAACP article X complaint up against him for filing a false police report to obtain a bogus personal protection order. Why would Tyrone and the Williams family associate with a Rev who got his degree through a mail order program and who pleaded guilty to a 12th District Judge of beating up his wife.

    Note: The reason I wrote 3 version of this expose were due to my dissatisfaction that I was using the most powerful words, explanations, examples, deductive logic to explain my case. I didn’t want people to walk away from these pages unconvinced so I apologize for producing some many versions of the same story. My mind is constantly at work with new and better ideas and I just couldn’t resist leaving you hanging without them. Plus, due to the responses and reactions to my political writings ,I had to as a matter of fairness of a balanced story include different takes and interpretations.

    Andre Austin

    Date March 2000
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    u took it to the limit here very well done sir.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this is my first time reading you..i think
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    this was so good, i dont even know what to say right now. im speechless. ok, this might b a dumb question, but was this a true story, or based off of true events? very well done n scary at the same time,sounds like somethin that goes on in politics everyday. much love :)